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A Culture Book for our New Teammates

We make culture a visible priority across the Command. In fact, we take deliberate steps to attract teammates for their personality, passion, and commitment to the team, as much as we do technical skills and competence. This includes modifying our advertisements on CMS-ID for Sailors and USAJOBS for civilians. Our hiring panel is focused on choosing the right teammates rather than mere employees to do a job. We take pride in this proactive approach to shaping our team and our command culture over merely reactive approaches.

In an effort to give you a glimps into the culture we are shaping, and help fuel the continued evolution across our team, we offer our New Teammate Handbook. This handbook was developed by our current teammates with future teammates in mind as we attract smart creatives to our team.

 (*The eBook was created in collaboration with NCDOC and Gapingvoid. Posting the Command Handbook on our site does not mean endorsement or advertisement of the company.)


Core Competencies

We believe in developing and strengthening our core competencies - critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collective ownership - across our military and civilian teammates. We also acknowledge we are a team of warfighting geeks who make it a point to read, watch/listen, and play while at and away from work. Below we recommend some books from our Book Abstract series, some of our favorite TED talks, and some video games that we hope will stretch your mind, motivate and inspire you, as well as develop valuable skills.