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NAVIFOR Mission:
We generate, directly and through our leadership of the Information Warfare (IW) Enterprise, agile and technically superior manned, trained, equipped, and certified combat ready IW FORCES to ensure our Navy will decisively DETER, COMPETE, and WIN.

Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command (COMNAVNETWARCOM) has multiple duties as the Naval operational agent for Space: the Navy Functional Component for Space to US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM); the Navy Space Type Commander (TYCOM) responsible for manning, training and equipping the fleet for space; the Navy Space Cadre Functional Authority responsible for developing, training, and tracking a cadre of Navy personnel with an expertise in space systems; and the Naval Space Campaign lead for US Fleet Forces Command (USFFC). NETWARCOM also supports a Space Watch Cell which maintains and disseminates space situational awareness and produces a space effects package for fleet users.