NETWARCOM - Our History

Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) is the Navy's type commander for Information Operations, Intelligence, Networks and Space.  NETWARCOM is charged with operating a secure and interoperable naval network that enables effects-based operations and innovation.  As the Navy's fighting force in the cyberspace domain it is Navy's central authority for the delivery of cyber forces and capabilities to warfighters and is the commander of Navy's service cryptologic element (SCE). 

In 2002, some 23 organizations from several commands, including the former Naval Space Command, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command, Fleet Information Warfare Center, and Navy Component Task Force - Computer Network Defense were brought together to form Naval Network Warfare Command, emphasizing the organization's focus on the operation and defense of the Navy’s networks.

In 2005, with the alignment of Naval Security Group, NETWARCOM brought the former Naval Security Group Activities (NSGAs) under its umbrella and the mission of the command fundamentally changed, making it the Navy’s lead for Information Operations, as well as Networks and Space.  

The assumption, alignment and integration of Fleet Intelligence Type Commander duties, responsibilities and functions at NETWARCOM in 2008 began a measured and evolutionary process to improve integrated Fleet Intelligence and ISR readiness.  This alignment provides a single Fleet champion for ISR and positions Fleet Intelligence for better and timelier support to fleet operations.

The operation and defense of the Navy's networks are critical, but the command’s mission is more than that - it is about delivering cyber forces and capabilities to the warfighter that enable them to execute operations, accomplish their mission and truly deliver the effects to achieve "Decision Superiority."