A Buon Giorno!

As the Command Sponsorship Coordinator here at NCTS, I welcome you to Sicilia.  If you have not already been contacted by your sponsor, please contact me via E-mail.  Please include your current address and phone number and I will ensure that you are contacted ASAP.  My preferred method of communication is via email. Please see my contact information below.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all about your relocation to Sigonella, Sicily.

If you are on accompanied orders and are travelling with your family, please be sure to inform your sponsor to ensure proper preparations are made prior to your arrival (i.e, childcare and temporary lodging for you and your family).  Also, all personnel arriving, not holding an active duty identification card are required to obtain a Sojourners Permit.  This Process requires four passport sized photos for each family member.  As there are limited photo facilities here, it would be easier and less time consuming if you arrive with these photos ready to go.

On another note, I recommend that all personnel of driving age familiarize themselves with a standard (stick shift) transmission vehicle as there are not many automatic vehicles available. Driving in Sicily can prove to be a bit different than driving in the U.S and may be stressful to some.  That being said, it may prove easier for you and or your dependents to learn in a known environment.

Finally, it is recommended that everyone coming to NCTS Sicily obtain a tourist passport.  This will make travel throughout Europe much easier.  Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to direct them to your sponsor or myself. We look forward to you joining to our team. WELCOME ABOARD!


Contact Information:

Command Sponsor Coordinator:
Comm:  011-39-095-86-1025
DSN:   314-624-1025

Email:  SI.NCTS.SPONSOR@eu.navy.mil

Assistant Command Sponsor Coordinator:
Comm:  011-39-095-86-6239
DSN:   314-624-6239

Email:  SI.NCTS.SPONSOR@eu.navy.mil