“Welcome Aboard!”


Congratulations on your orders to  NIOD GROTON,  home of the finest Sailors in the fleet.  


Checking In


Personnel with orders should be in constant contact with their command-assigned sponsor. If you have not received a Welcome Aboard package from your sponsor, please give the Command Career Counselor a telephone call at (860) 694-1961 or email him at NIODGTN_NWLN_COMMAND_CAREER_COUNSELOR@navy.mil.  You and your sponsor should coordinate any necessary travel arrangements to get here safe and sound.


Once in the Groton area, report to the Submarine Base New London. If you arrive during normal working hours (0700-1530), report to the NIOD Groton Quarterdeck in person with your orders. If you arrive after hours, please telephone the NIOD Groton POOW at (860) 625-1994 and leave your arrival information to include Name, Rate, the date, and your arrival time.

The next business day, you will report to the command at 0700.


If you are a new check-in and you have not yet received a command sponsor, please email us at



                                                                                 Please refer to the Commander's Guidance here:
                                                                                                    Commander's Guidance

                                                                     Please refer to the Officer in Charge Sponsorship Letter here:

                                                                                           Officer in Charge Sponsorship Letter


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