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NCTS Sicily: Who We Are & What We Do
From Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy, Public Affairs
From Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station’s (NCTS) first presence in Sicily 50 years ago, to today’s initiatives in the Mediterranean, information and communications serve as critical enablers, with a distinct ability to determine the victor in any conflict.
Reliable communications warn allied nations of the adversary’s presence, possible invasion, and intercepting intelligence turns the tide of battle. NCTS Sicily serves the 6th Fleet Area of Operations by ensuring each and every warfighter has access to reliable, secure communications. The command’s main site in Sigonella, Sicily, supports rebroadcasting vital messages to nuclear missile deterrent forces across the Europe and African theatres. This means that the Sailors, host nation civilians, and U.S. civilians work 24/7 to guarantee that critical messages make it to the warfighter without interruption or delay.
NCTS Sicily operates and maintains all internet services provided for Naval Air Station Sigonella. Loss of such communication connections is detrimental to the warfighter’ planning and operations, and the NCTS team at the Local Network Service Center (LNSC) work to make sure any downtime is resolved as quickly as possible.
LCDR James Scianna, executive officer for NCTS Sicily, said, “We’re not the people you call when things run smoothly. When your internet works and you have access to critical communications, most folks don’t know who NCTS is. But the second the internet is down, or your boss cannot reach her boss on VTC, we’re the people on speed dial.”
Perhaps the most commonly used support system is housed at the Technical Support Communications (TSCOMM) site where NCTS Sicily personnel provide U.S., NATO, allied air strike, anti-submarine, surface fleet, search and rescue, and ballistic missile defense forces with multiple lines of data and communication across various spectrums. With missions constantly being underway and ever-changing, the NCTS Sicily personnel of TSCOMM work closely with U.S. fleets, squadrons, and mobile units to make sure they have access to the valuable warfighting communications tools they need to successfully complete their corresponding missions.
NCTS Sicily is also responsible for one of the key Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) antenna arrays that deliver worldwide coverage for our ground troops in multiple areas of responsibility with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) at a moment’s notice. This means that ground troops in various parts of the Middle East and Africa are able to call in support equipment, emergency evacuations, or tactical strikes with high precision, ensuring greater mission success.
NCTS Sicily remains the ever-vigilant watch stander dedicated to ensuring mission success across the Mediterranean and North African areas of responsibility. One of only three NCTS sites both Europe and Africa, NCTS Sicily provides reliable and secure air and surface communications for U.S, NATO, and Allied forces. For more information, visit,, or