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Required Information

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Student_DOD ID (If you do not have a DOD ID an EWTGLANT representative will contact you via telephone)



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Scheduling Process

  1. Annual course schedules for each fiscal year are developed by EWTGLANT. An annual training plan is then published, reflecting all known requirements for the fiscal year. Quarterly updates are provided via message, four to six weeks prior to the quarter concerned. Established courses of instruction are published within the Catalog of Naval Training (CANTRAC) and our website. Additionally, schedules are advertised in Navy Integrated Training Resources Administration System (NITRAS) and the USMC TECOM Integrated Management Systems (TIMS).
  2. Commands should submit requests for additional training requirements which develop as early as possible, preferably 60 days in advance to permit schedule processing and support.



Requesting Quotas

  1. GENERAL. Commands should submit requests for a resident course or special course (one tailored to fit specific requirements) via unit’s cognizant chain of command. Commands must ensure that all trainees meet the course prerequisites prior to requesting quotas.
  2. OBTAINING QUOTAS. Commands may request quotas via e-mail, fax, official correspondence, or message. For information, contact Student Management/Quota Control Division at or call DSN 253-4504/4505 or commercial (757) 462-4504/4505.
    1. For course quotas controlled by other headquarters, address correspondence to the command indicated in the course description. Include the Commanding Officer, EWTGLANT (N31 as an information addressee).
    2. When providing nominations to Marine Corps Schools through the Marine Corps TECOM Integrated Management Systems (TIMS) systems, ensure the SSN of nominee is submitted 45 days prior to the class convening date.
    3. At a minimum, the following information must be provided on all quota requests (regardless of the means of the quota request): Course, convening date, rate/rank, name, social security number, Unit Identification Code (UIC) or Reporting Unit Code (RUC), unit’s message PLAD, point of contact phone and fax numbers.
    4. Address message requests to EWTGLANT NORFOLK VA// and include appropriate commander(s) as information addressees.
    5. Address requests submitted by letter to:
      Commanding Officer
      Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic (DOTA)
      1575 Gator Boulevard
      Virginia Beach,VA 23459-2740.
    6. Requests may be faxed to DSN 253-7343 or commercial (757) 462-7343.
    7. Requests made via e-mail:
    8. To contact the EWTGLANT Student Management Administrator , Ms. Sally J. Thompson, between the hours of 0600 and 1430, M-F, please call the Virginia Relay Operator (VRO) at 1 (800) 828-1140 and ask the VRO to dial (757) 462-8320. Assisted by the VRO, you can exchange information with Ms. Thompson or leave messages.



Request MTT

Requesting Mobile Training Teams (MTT's)

  1. EWTGLANT provides a variety of MTT’s, as specified in the course descriptions. These MTT’s may be tailored to support both enlisted and officer target populations and can meet specific requirements (as in the case of deploying units) or provide basic instruction in areas which are considered deficient.When requesting a tailored MTT, commands should be specific as to what areas of instruction are required.
  2. Commands requesting MTT’s should ensure that a suitable classroom is available. The classroom should have adequate space, lighting and desks (tables are preferred) to accommodate the desired number of students. Some lessons have electrical requirements to support computers/electronic equipment. Supported units are also required to provide projectors and viewing screens. Once a MTT is approved, direct liaison with the specific instructional section is required to determine requirements.
  3. Course length will vary based on instruction requirements and are normally one to five days. Two-day MTT’s can be structured to support Reserve weekend training. All MTTs should consider one-day set-up prior to course administration.
  4. MTT’s are scheduled based on instructor availability. Requests to support unforeseen requirements should be submitted as soon as practical, preferably 60 days in advance. Commands desiring to request a MTT should do so via message addressed to EWTGLANT NORFOLK VA//. The message should include the following information:
    1. Who is to be trained (skill, experience, rank/grade).
    2. What course of instruction is required.
    3. The primary and alternate dates the MTT is requested.
    4. Where the MTT will be conducted.
    5. Point of contact with telephone numbers.
  5. Reserve units submit annual requirements to the appropriate headquarters for consolidation and submission to EWTGLANT. The DSN number for the EWTGLANT Reserve Support Office is 253-3480/7345. For further information concerning MTT’S, contact the EWTGLANT Director of Operations and Training, Department Student Management Branch at DSN 253-4504/4505 or commercial (757) 462-4504/4505.