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Our Mission

"To conduct training and instruction in the doctrine, tactics, and techniques of Naval expeditionary warfare, with a focus on amphibious operations, in order to support operational commanders in maintaining forces ready to project military power from the sea."


Commanding Officer

Col John B. Barranco, USMC


Executive Officer

CAPT Todd Lewis , USN


Sergeant Major

SgtMaj Daniel Wilson, USMC


Senior Enlisted Advisor

GMCS Raymond Jack, USN


Parent Command / ISIC:


Suicide Prevention

NCIS Tipline


Attack from the Sea

Attack from the Sea

World-Class Expeditionary Warrior Training


Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Atlantic (EWTGLANT) stands ready to assist you in achieving your highest Fleet Readiness Training Plan, Pre-deployment Training Program, and other training needs for your staff, their Marines, and the crews of all ships.




Course Feedback

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Course Catalog


Click here to find our course catalog, course brochure and explore the courses that we have to offer at EWTGLANT. All courses are open to Active Duty Military, Reserve, and Government Civilians. Courses required by SURFLANT include:

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Hard copies of the course catalog are available for Military Organizations only. Please contact the Director Operations and Training (DOT) to request a hard copy.



Command Capabilities

Training Focus



EWTGLANT has a number of training devices to support its rigorous training programs. The LCAC Full Motion Trainer is an essential preparatory step to crews flying an actual mission. Click the links below to learn more about some of our facilities and training devices.