CWA-66 Ombudsman


      The U.S. Navy recognizes that families are as much of an integral part of the success of our mission as the Sailors themselves. The Ombudsman helps to ensure that your Navy experience is a positive one. CWA-66 has appointed Mrs. Jessica Sells and Mrs. Lillie Kunz as our Command Ombudsman. You can contact them by email at or by telephone at 240-572-1230.


      If you are not familiar with the Ombudsman program, the Ombudsman is here to be your voice to the command. The Ombudsman is also there for the Commanding Officer to relay information back to the families. The Ombudsman program belongs to the command and is shaped by the CO's perception of the needs of CWA-66 families. The Ombudsman is a voluntary representative of the command, appointed by the Commanding Officer and is also able to connect with local resources and help in emergency situations.