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  Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX / Task Force 1060

Command Philosophy
MISSION: Deliver Information Warfare capabilities to the Fleet. Provide and deploy trained Sailors, expertise, and equipment to support Signals Intelligence and Cyberspace operations for Naval and Joint Forces.
Expectations and Guiding Principles
With excellence as our standard, we will be ready to accomplish our mission at all times. We will maintain a professional and positive command climate in which we seek out and value the diversity of every individual's experience and contributions, treat everyone equally with dignity and respect, give each person the opportunity to succeed, trust and rely upon our Shipmates’ strengths and abilities, and take care of each other. The following principles will guide us in all that we do. Living up to them every day will ensure mission success, improve ourselves, and make our command the best it can be.
1) INTEGRITY: This one trait encompasses our Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Above all else, we will strive to always do the right thing – both individually and as a team. When we consistently choose the “hard right” over the “easy wrong,” we will never compromise our integrity. We will look out for one another and intervene whenever we see a Shipmate in need or heading toward rocky waters. We will take responsibility for our actions (and non-actions) and hold each other accountable if we fall short.
2) TEAMWORK: Our team is comprised of an extremely talented group of Active and Reserve Sailors, Government Civilians, and Contractors. We are all Shipmates, and we will favor the words “We” and “Us” over “I,” “You,” “Me,” and “They.” We will honor and build up our Shipmates through our words and deeds. We will communicate effectively up, down, and across the chain of command. Working as a team, we will accomplish far more than the sum of our individual efforts. We must value team success over personal glory. As CAPT Joseph Rochefort said: "We can accomplish anything, provided no one cares who gets the credit."
3) OWNERSHIP: We are ALL empowered and expected to take ownership. We will own our mission results; we will own our assigned duties and responsibilities; we will own the actions of ourselves and our teams; and we will own our personal conduct. As co-owners of our command and mission, we will lean forward and foster innovation and creativity to improve our readiness and effectiveness. We will embrace our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Ownership begins with PRIDE in serving our Nation and Navy; PRIDE in the oaths to which we have voluntarily sworn; PRIDE in our command; PRIDE in our Shipmates; and PRIDE in ourselves. We will live our Oaths – We will live our Creed!