Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX is a tenant of the Fort Meade Garrison, which is located midway between Baltimore, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Annapolis. The command is under the area coordination of Commandant, Naval District Washington (NDW). CWG-6, formerly known as Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Maryland, enjoyed its 50-year birthday on July 17th, 2010.

The command's primary mission is to conduct information operations and to provide cryptologic and related intelligence information to the fleet, joint and national commanders as well as administrative and personnel support to Department of the Navy members assigned to the Fort Meade area.

Predominately a cryptologic command, additional personnel assigned include billets for Navy Counselor, Legalman, Master-At-Arms, Aviation Storekeeper, Aerographer’s Mate, Hospital Corpsman, Mess Management Specialist, Storekeeper, Information Technology Specialist, Damage Controlman, Electronic Technician, Gas Turbine System Mechanical, Religious Program Specialist, and Mass Communication Specialist.

NIOC Maryland was awarded the Navy Retention Excellence Award, also known as the "Golden Anchor," for 2009. The annual award recognizes commands that meet or exceed retention goals for the year. For 2009, the goals were as follows: 48 percent retention for personnel with up to six years of active service (Zone A), 58 percent for personnel between six and 10 years active service (Zone B), and 82 percent for personnel with more than 10 years of active service (Zone C), while maintaining an attrition rate of less than 6.2 percent.