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The Naval Oceanography Operations Command


 The Naval Oceanography Operations Command





Welcome to The Naval Oceanography Operations Command    


The Naval Oceanography Operations Command (NOOC) is an Echelon IV command reporting to Commander, Naval Meteorology & Oceanography Command. NOOC is the operational arm of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography, overseeing seven subordinate commands, including more than 1,100 Sailors, ranging from anti-submarine warfare commands in Mississippi and Japan, to meteorology support in San Diego and Norfolk. The NOOC is accountable for the execution of operational support to the fleet, aligned through nine warfare areas.

The NOOC vision is to be identified by the Naval warfighter as the sole source for global oceanographic, riverine, and atmospheric knowledge. With 24/7 reachback to production centers, and a small military footprint forward, NOOC provides an asymmetric warfighting advantage by exploiting the current and future state of the environment.


NOOC commands include: 




  • Naval Oceanography ASW Center, Yokosuka       
  • Naval Oceanography ASW Center, Stennis                     
  • Naval Oceanography Mine Warfare Center                      
  • Naval Oceanography Special Warfare Center              
  • Fleet Weather Center, Norfolk
  • Fleet Weather Center, San Diego
  • Joint Typhoon Warning Center



 NOOC directorates include: 
  • Undersea Warfare                                                   
  • Aviation Forecasting
  • Maritime Forecasting                                                          
  • Mine Warfare
  • Expeditionary Warfare                                            
  • Precise Time and Astrometry
  • Navigation                                                                 
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance





Identified by the Naval warfighter as the sole source for global oceanographic, riverine, and atmospheric knowledge.




Provide strategic, operational and tactical oceanographic, riverine and atmospheric decision superiority to U.S. and coalition forces.

Command of the Operational Directorates for the Naval Oceanography enterprise (NOe).

Enhance the Naval warfighter’s competitive advantage by providing expertise across the oceanographic, riverine and atmospheric domains.


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