Naval Oceanographic Office

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Challenging and Exciting Careers

NAVOCEANO scientists and engineers work in fields that apply physical and optical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics, ocean acoustics, hydrography and bathymetry.


Scientists with degrees in oceanography are an important part of the workforce, but an even larger number of NAVOCEANO’s scientific and technical employees come from across the spectrum of academic backgrounds at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, including:

  • Earth sciences such as geology, geophysics and meteorology
  • Basic sciences of physics, chemistry and biology
  • Mathematics, engineering, remote sensing, geomatics and computer science


Every NAVOCEANO employee contributes skills and expertise that are essential in providing military customers with superior oceanographic products and services.


As a NAVOCEANO employee, you may travel aboard a fleet of seven multipurpose oceanographic survey vessels, and see foreign ports around the world while collecting data to provide oceanographic products and services to the Department of Defense.


Student Programs

The Pathways program allows college students to gain on-the-job training. Experience gained is related to your academic field of study in areas such as oceanography, geophysics, physical science, mathematics, computer science and engineering.


To Apply

Visit to check for vacancies at NAVOCEANO.