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Welcome Aboard and congratulations on your orders to the Navy's finest carrier strike group!  Upon receipt of your orders, please contact us so we can get you in touch with our chain of command.  Below is information that will help make your PCS to CCSG-10 an easy one.


When you receive orders to CCSG-10, you will be assigned a sponsor to acquaint you with the command and the Hampton Roads area; contact us so we can get you in touch with the right people.  Your first few weeks may seem overwhelming.  Your sponsor is there to answer your questions and help you settle into staff life.  Also, your local Fleet and Family Support Center relocation program manager can help.


If you need to have personal belongings shipped to the command, contact your Personal Property Transportation Office shortly after receiving your orders.  They can provide information on entitlements, modes of transportation and other valuable information.  You can also visit to help plan your move.


If you need to activate a power of attorney regarding any aspect of your move, especially if you will be absent for an extended period of time, contact a judge advocate general or your legal assistance office.  CCSG-10’s legal department can also help you with such matters when you have reached the command.


                                                                                     For directions and information on where and when to report, call (757) 353-8034.

Mailing address is:




NORFOLK VA 23511-3232 


- If you have a spouse, their questions can be answered by our Command Ombudsman.


For information on the cities, neighborhoods, and places that make up Hampton Roads, visit or the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce at  


For your electrical needs, contact:


Dominion Virginia Power

P.O. Box 26543

Richmond, Va. 23290



For your cable television needs:


Cox Cable


For natural gas service, contact:


Virginia Natural Gas

3719 East Va. Beach Blvd.

Norfolk, Va. 23502




For public utilities and water service, contact your city’s public works center:


Norfolk Department of Utilities

P.O. Box 1080

Norfolk, Va. 23501



City of Chesapeake

P.O. Box 75225

Chesapeake, Va. 23328



City of Portsmouth

801 Crawford Street

Portsmouth, Va. 23456



City of Virginia Beach

Municipal Center

Virginia Beach, Va. 23456



City of Newport News

P.O. Box 979

Newport News, Va. 23607



City of Hampton




Vehicles registered in Virginia or other states that require safety inspections must display their current inspection stickers.  Vehicles registered in states not requiring safety inspections must have evidence of being inspected by an authorized Virginia state inspection agent.  Safety inspections are required annually and cost around $10.


For services requiring a visit to the department of motor vehicles, DMV hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday.


Housing Information: 


You can visit to help in locating and acquiring suitable housing. 


For renting or home purchases you may want to try or 


Housing Welcome Center

Navy Public Works Center

7924 114th St.

Norfolk, Va. 23505




Housing Welcome Center

Navy Security Group Activity Northwest

1320 Northwest Blvd., Suite 100

Chesapeake, Va. 23322



Housing Welcome Center

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

845 Sterling Cook St.

Portsmouth, Va. 23708

757.953.5404, 800.628.7510, DSN 565.2832


Portsmouth Housing Office

Norfolk Naval Shipyard

129 ½ Morning Side Dr.

Portsmouth, Va. 23702



Housing Welcome Center

Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek

2100 Independence Blvd.

Virginia Beach, Va. 23455

757.462.7448, DSN 253.7448


Housing Welcome Center

Naval Air Station Oceana

1201 Paul Jones Circle

Virginia Beach, Va. 23460

757.433.2195, DSN 462.7448


Family Housing

Naval Weapons Station Code 095

1970 Von Stubbing Dr.

Yorktown, Va. 23603

757.847.7800, 800.704.5488



Hampton Roads is divided up into two physically and psychologically different places:  the peninsula and the south side.  The peninsula contains Hampton, Newport News and Poquoson.  The south side contains Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Portsmouth.


The two are connected by the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (I-64) on the east and the newer and bigger Monitor/Merrimack Bridge Tunnel (I-664) on the west.  Both are two lanes each way.  An accident in one will force traffic over to the other and cause backups for miles.  In the past, this has effectively cut off the two sides from each other.


Traffic on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel will back up for just about any reason with waits of up to an hour to get to the tunnel entrance.  Huge signs up and down I-64 warn motorists how long the wait is (as if they have a choice).  Traffic in the Monitor/Merrimack tends to flow better, but that’s because it’s away from I-64, the main artery.  There is a way to get from I-664 to I-64 and that’s through the Downtown Tunnel (I-264).  But this option clogs up fast during rush hours.


Sailors from our attached units, and the surrounding others, settle just about everywhere.  Those that don’t want to go home and feel like they’re still in the Navy choose Suffolk, Portsmouth and points on the peninsula.  Peninsula Sailors that need to get to Naval Station Norfolk must take I-64, as that is their only option.  


Sailors in Suffolk or Portsmouth must take the Downtown Tunnel eastbound, then go north on I-64 to get to the base.  The only time these Sailors get a break is if their ship is undergoing an overhaul at Norfolk Naval Shipyards in Portsmouth.  Then everyone else has a long commute.


The vast majority of Sailors settle on the south side where all the Navy bases are.  Sailors who live in Virginia Beach, for example, have several alternate routes should I-64 or I-264 become jammed.  Wherever you decide to “hang your hat” is pretty much up to you.  Just keep in mind that you’re going to encounter traffic no matter where you go in the Hampton Roads area...


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