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FCC/C10F IG Hotline

U. S. Fleet Cyber Command Inspector General

 Toll-free Hotline: (888) 280-3987

The purpose of the Hotline Program is to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and inefficiencies in the operation of the Navy.  To be effective, the program requires all personnel to be vigilant against the possibility of illegal or improper acts, and to report to the chain of command, or an IG, any improprieties in this regard.

We encourage you to submit allegation(s) in writing in one of the following ways: e-mail, fax or by letter.  Our experience has shown that written complaints are more organized, provide more details, and are less emotional. We will evaluate your complaint and request more information, if necessary. Keep in mind, if we conduct an investigation, you will be interviewed and you will be able to provide additional information and documents at that time.

The IG investigates matters involving:

. Abuse of Authority/Position
. Bribes/Kickbacks/Acceptance of Gratuities
. Conflicts of Interest
. Ethics Violations
. False Official Statements/Claims
. Fraud/Travel Fraud (TDY and TAD) 
. Gifts (Improper receipt or giving)
. Improper Referral for Mental Health Evaluations
. Mismanagement/Organization Oversight (Significant Cases)
. Misuse of Official Time, Gov't Property, Position and Public Office
. Political Activities
. Procurement Issues
. Purchase Card/Travel Card Abuse
. Reprisal (Military Whistleblower Protection)
. Systemic Problems
. Time and Attendance (Significant Violations)
. Waste (Gross)

The Inspector General reserves the right to decline to investigate any matter brought to our attention.

You should first attempt to resolve problems using the chain of command and other local resources.  If, these attempts fail, however, you may follow the 4-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure outlined in the document below (new NAVINSGEN IG HOTLINES Policy HERE):

Please download the document in MS Word format HERE or Adobe format HERE.

Please download the "fillable" FCC/C10F Hotline Complaint Form in Adobe pdf format HERE.

(If you cannot open this "fillable" form for any reason, right-click on the link, left-click "Save Target As..." and save the form on your desk top.  You will then be able to open the form, fill it in and save it.  Afterwards, attach it to an email and send to

ADVISORY:The email address you provide as part of the above solicitation is not maintained in any Privacy Act system of records. The information provided will only be used to respond to such inquiries and will be destroyed after a response has been forwarded to that email address.


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