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Navy Uniform Regulations
Summary of Changes

Summary of Changes contain revisions to NAVPERS 15665I, Navy Uniform Regulations.  These revisions
incorporate policy established via NAVADMIN or other directive, correct noted policy discrepancies, or provide
updated verbiage to clarify uniform or grooming policies.

To view and download each Summary of Change, click the hyperlinks below.


Summary of Change Date
Primary Changes or Uniform Items Updated
18 December 2020 FY-21 Uniform Requirements and Clothing Monetary Allowance (CMA); Shirt, White, Formal Wing Collar (Male Officer); Single Breasted All Weather Coat.
16 December 2020 Removal of the Reefer from Officer and Chief Petty Officer Summer Whites and removal of the Peacoat from Enlisted (E1-E6) Service Dress Whites.
30 November 2020​ Implementation of NAVADMIN 292/20, optional wear of the Cold Weather Parka (CWP) black slip-on rank insignia on the NWU Type III parka, black fleece liner and NWU Type III shirt for E4 through O10.
​10 July 2020 Revised occasion for wear of NWU Type III and Flight Suit in the National Capital Region IAW Commandant, Naval District Washington Instruction 1020.5Z of 26 June 20.
7 July 2020 Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Leather Jacket, authorization, manner and occasion for wear.
2 June 2020​ Chapter 3 uniform component verbiage and component illustrations (Outergarments).
16 April 2020 Administrative edits to Chapters 2, 3, 6, and 7.  Navy personnel assigned to U.S. Marine Corps grooming standards.  Service and Service Dress uniform policy verbiage and component illustrations updates.  Wear of hosiery with skirts and female dress and formal shoes.  Wear of uniform articles with civilian clothing.  Grooming standards for Sailors serving the Marine Corps.  Cold Weather Parka wear with Dinner Dress and Ceremonial uniforms for E1-E6 personnel.
Discontinued authorized wear of the female E1-E6 service dress blue coat and associated components.
Discontinued authorized wear of the female officer/CPO Service Dress White coat with lapels.
Gold Star Lapel Button/Next of Kin Lapel Button; Black Neck Gaiter; optional PRT swimwear; Acoustic Technician Chief Warrant Officer insignia; USN Ceremonial Guard Cold Weather Cap; USN Ceremonial Guard anodized medals (Chaplains); Unit Identification Marks (UIMs) purchasing information.
FY-20 Uniform Requirements and Clothing Monetary Allowance (CMA); Knit Watch Cap; Earmuffs.
Removal of references to Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type I.
Retail Services Specialist (RS) and Torpedoman’s Mate (TM) rating; NWU Type III wear in National Capital Region (NCR).
FY-19 Clothing Monetary Allowance (CMA) update; All-Weather Coat, Peacoat, Reefer changed to optional items; Female Officer/CPO Combination Cover (Bucket Cover); Navy Fitness Suit; Female Service Khaki Overblouse; NWU Type III Shoulder Patches; Maternity uniforms.
Female Hair (Ponytails); Dress Shoes; PTU Sweat Suit; NWU O6 (CAPT) colored insignia; NWU Type III Identification Markings; Enlisted Service Stripes (hash marks); Command Senior Enlisted Identification Badge; Joint/Unified Identification Badges.
Male Grooming Standards and Personal Appearance (facial hair); Religious Dress and Apparel.
Addition of OPTU and associated components; Awards – Combat “C” and Remote “R” Devices.
Grooming Standards for Sailors assigned to the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC); Fingernails; Jewelry, Rings, Wristwatches/Bracelets; Female Service Khaki Overblouse change from optional to basic uniform component; Command Ball Cap; Command/Pride undershirts; Command at Sea, Command Ashore/Project Manager Breast Insignia (post-tour).
NWU Type III Shoulder Patch; All-Weather Coat.
Tattoos; Relax Fit Jacket (Eisenhower); Joint/Unified Identification Badges; Female optional Identification Badge manner of wear; Naval Reserve Merchant Marine insignia; Female Grooming Standards (hair).
Mockneck; E1-E6 Service Dress Blue Trousers; E1-E6 Dinner Dress, Ceremonial, Service Dress White; E1-E6 Female Dinner Dress, Ceremonial, Service Dress Blue Jumper uniform; Cold Weather Parka.
Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) Insignia; V-Neck Sweater; NWU commuting; Submarine Sweater; NWU Type II updates; NWU Type III change from organizational to standard working uniform ashore; Joint/Unified Identification Badges; Navy Coveralls; Undershirts; Female optional Identification Badge manner of wear.
U.S. Navy Band uniforms.
E1-E6 Service Dress Blue Jumper; NWU Type III change from organizational to standard working uniform ashore.
Headgear (Officer, CPO), Combination Cap.
Officer Headgear; CPO Headgear.
Navy Security Force Identification Badges.
Boat Cloak; Cape (females); Khaki Windbreaker; Relax Fit Jacket (Eisenhower); Tiara; Beret; Overshoes; Ball Cap.
NWU Type II/Type III updates; NWU Identification Markings; Breast Insignia (SWCC, IDW/IW); Wear of male uniform items by female Sailors; Chapter 3 Footnote revisions.
Tattoos; Ball Cap; NWU Eight Point Cap.
Safety Boots; Renumbering of various uniform articles.
Female Handbags.
Identification Markings (Nametape, U.S. NAVY tape); Navy Coveralls designated dirty work uniform; Knit Watch Cap; All-Weather Coat; Boat Cloak; Cape (females); Khaki Windbreaker; Tiara; Beret; Overshoes.
Sailors assigned to Army units.
Navy Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon; Command at Sea/Command Ashore/Project Manager Insignia wear by Flag Officers; Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) uniforms.
Civilian bags; Relax Fit Jacket (Eisenhower); Parka and Black Fleece Liner; Gloves (Black, White).
Working Khakis; Winter Working Blue; Utilities; Summer White (E1-E6); Tropical White.


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