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  • NAVADMIN 366/11 -- NWU Expanded Wear Update
  • NAVADMIN 260/11 -- Revised Handbag, Nuclear Security (NWS) Breast insignia, Service Dress Khaki update
  • NAVADMIN 259/11 -- NWU I, II and III, CUU
  • NAVADMIN 238/11 -- Minimalist Footwear
  • NAVADMIN 081/11 -- Navy Uniform Update - NWU Update
  • NAVADMIN 075/11 -- Uniform Board Update - Update to NAVADMIN 070/11
  • NAVADMIN 070/11 -- Uniform Board Update - CPO Cutlass Design, Portable Communication Devices, Khaki Overblouse 
  • NAVADMIN 025/11 -- Uniform Board Update -CNO Approved Uniform Policy Changes
  • NAVADMIN 358/10 -- Navy Working Uniform One-Time Targeted Clothing Replacement Allowance
  • NAVADMIN 299/10 -- Navy Uniform Update - Navy Working Uniforms (NWU)
  • NAVADMIN 118/10 -- CPO Cutlass, Post Tour Command Senior Enlisted Leader Identification Badge, Navy and Command Ball Caps, Navy Blue Coverall, Blue "T" Shirt, Backpacks, Service Garrison Cap Occasion for Wear
  • NAVADMIN 116/10 -- Special Uniform Situations for Navy Personnel Assigned to and Serving with an Army Unit
  • NAVADMIN 058/10 -- Information Dominance Corps Warfare Insignia
  • NAVADMIN 042/10 -- Special Uniform Situations for Navy Personnel Assigned to and Serving with an Army Unit
  • NAVADMIN 020/10 -- Service Dress Khaki
  • NAVADMIN 015/10 -- NWU T-Shirt
  • NAVADMIN 304/09 -- Cosmetic Policy Update
  • NAVADMIN 271/09 -- Report of the 30 July 2009 Navy Uniform Board, Naval Aircrew (NAC) Designation, Removal of limit for 1 Warfare insignia in a category, Navy Cosmetics Policy, US AFRICOM Staff Identification Badge, Aviation Flight Deck Boots
  • NAVADMIN 188/09 -- Navy Uniform Update [Revised NWU/CUU Occasion for Wear Policy]
  • NAVADMIN 186/09 -- Navy Uniform Update [SU Rollout Availability, Gen 2 PTU, NWU QA ICO Buttons & Boots]
  • NAVADMIN 149/09 -- Report of the 26 March 2009 Navy Uniform Board and Uniform Updates.  Service Khaki Maternity Blouse, USAF Space Badge, High Performance PTU, PTU Fitness Suit, NUB Membership update, NWU Availability/Wear
  • NAVADMIN 051/09 -- Report of the [13 Nov 08] Navy Uniform Board and Uniform Updates.  NSA/CSS Service Badge, PAMO Designation Insignia, Revised Phased Availability for E1-E6 SU.
  • NAVADMIN 343/08 -- Fleet Rollout of the new Navy Working Uniform (NWU).
  • NAVADMIN 312/08 -- Fleet Distribution of the E1-E6 Service Uniform (SU) and Report of the 12 Aug 08 Navy Uniform Board.  Command Ball Cap and Navy Sweat Suit authorized with PTU, Female Hair in PTU, Wear Test of Digital Desert/Woodland Working Uniform.
  • NAVADMIN 193/08 -- Report and Convening of the [10 Mar 08] Navy Uniform Board.  CUU Optional Uniform Components
  • NAVADMIN 191/08 -- Physical Training Uniform (PTU) Manner of Wear.
  • NAVADMIN 190/08 -- Fleet Rollout and Manner of Wear of the new E-1 to E-6 Service Uniform (SU).
  • NAVADMIN 094/08 -- Navy-wide distribution plan for the new Physical Training Uniform (PTU).
  • NAVADMIN 004/08 -- Revised implementation plan for the new Navy Working Uniform (NWU), E6 and below Service Uniform (SU), and Physical Training Uniform (PTU).
  • NAVADMIN 311/07 -- FY08 Annual Clothing Replacement Allowance for E1-E9.
  • NAVADMIN 310/07 -- Task Force Uniform is disestablished.  New Navy Uniform Board is implemented.
  • NAVADMIN 217/07 -- Chief of Naval Operations approved Navy Physical Training Uniform (PTU) for all Sailors E-1 through O-10.
  • NAVADMIN 038/07 -- Reiterates Navy policies regarding the wearing of Navy Camouflage Utility Uniforms and special uniform situations for Navy personnel assigned to and serving with an Army unit.
  • NAVADMIN 351/06  -- Announces the implementation plan for the new E-1 through O-10 Navy Working Uniform and the E-1 through E-6 year round Service Uniform.
  • NAVADMIN 274/06  -- Announces revised policy for the wear of the Command Senior Enlisted Leader Identification Badge.
  • NAVADMIN 165/06 -- Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) 
  • NAVADMIN 110/06 -- Amplifies the Navy's Personal Appearance Policy with regards to tattoos, body art, brands, mutilations and dental ornamentation.    
  • NAVADMIN 070/06  -- Announces the approval of the new Navy Working Uniform and Service Uniform concepts. 
  • NAVADMIN 197/05 -- Announces TFU fleet-wide survey and revised Navy Uniform Regulations chapter three.
  • NAVADMIN 156/05--Civilian Clothing Reimbursement Procedures for Sailors injured/in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • NAVADMIN 209/04 -- Announces TFU wear test and Navy uniform changes.  
  • NAVADMIN 021/03 -- Establishment of the Tattoo Policy for Navy Personnel and Clarification of Personal Appearance Policy with Regards to Mutilation and Dental Ornamentation.
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