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Offender Management Forms and Policies

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Pre-Trial Prisoner Forms for Confinement

Confinement Order (DD 2707)



Post-Trial Prisoner Forms for Confinement

Confinement Order (DD 2707)


Charge Sheet (DD 458)


Victim/Witness Certification/Election Form (DD 2704)


Result of Trail (DD 2707-1)


Offender Management Policies

Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Policy Letters


Establishment of a Sentence Computation Review Boards (SCRB), 22 Mar 2011.



Navy Prisoner Uniform & H&C Requirements, 18 Mar 2010.


Ex Post Facto GCT Management, 9 Feb 2010.


Prisoner Uniform & H&C Requirement, 4 Feb 2010.


Transfer Criteria for Women Prisoners, 4 Feb 2010.


NPC Memo to NAMARA, 11 Jan 2010.


NPC Ltr - Release to Supervision CORMIS Entry, 2 Dec 2009.


Automated DR and DR Log Review Process, 14 Oct 2009.


NPC Ltr - Release of Prisoners to Supervision, 2 Oct 2009.




USACIL DNA Mouth Swab Kit, 18 Sep 2009.


AET Badge-Credentials, 16 Sep 2009.


BUPERS Ltr of Sep 09 - RCN, 14 Sep 2009.


Mixed Gender Prisoner Management and Supervision, 27 Aug 2009.


Sighting and Documenting the sighting of Suicide Risk Prisoners, 9 Jul 2009.


Use of Law Enforcement Personnel as Prisoner Escorts, 6 Jul 2009.


Expended Use of CORMIS, 6 Jul 2009.


Confinement Facility Offenses, 1 Jun 2009.


Forfeiture of Abatements for Revocation of Supervised Release, 14 Apr 2009.


Unarmed Self-Defense Corrections Training, 5 Jan 2009.


Discontinued Use of DSSD, 7 Jan 2009.


Movement of Uniform for Members under Custody, 12 Jun 2008.


Clarification to Pre and Post Trial Prisoner Uniform, 29 Feb 2008.


Discontinued Used of H&C percentage as Disciplinary or Management Action June 2006.


Waiver Request for Installation Custody Eligibility, 03 Mar 2006.


Implementation of the Defense Incident-Based Reporting System for Corrections, 23 Sep 2005.


Prisoner Grooming Standards Within Navy Shore Brigs, 03 Mar 2005.


Incentive Program Guidelines, 31 Jan 2005.


Sentence Computation ICO Summary Courts-Martials, 04 Jan 2005.


Recovery of Uniform Items Upon Release from a Navy Confinement Facility or Transient Personnel Unit from Enlisted Members Awarded a Punitive Discharge or Adverse Separation, 08 Sep 2004.


Temporary UCMJ Confinement of Females in Navy Confinement Facilities not Designated with a Female Confinement Capability, 01 Sep 2004.


Policy on Retention and Disposition of Prisoner Files and Records Upon Release to Parole and Mandatory Supervised Release, 30 Jun 2004.


Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR), 02 Jul 2003.


Procedures for Voluntary Forfeiture of Good Conduct Time (GCT) to Complete Offense Specific Treatment or for Other Good Cause, 06 Jun 2003.


Deletion of Confinement on Bread and Water or Diminished Rations as a Punishment Imposable by a Court-Martial, 16 Aug 2002.


Policy on Classification and Use of Navy Confinement Facilities, 07 Dec 2001.


Operational Priorities for Navy Brigs, 19 Apr 2000.
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