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Escort /Chaser Training

2018 Brig Chaser/Escort Class Schedule and Requirements

1.  POC: Training Staff, NAVCONBRIG Miramar, San Diego CA 92145 TEL: 858-577-7171 or DSN: 267-7171

2.  Commands must have qualified escorts to move both pre-trial and post-trial prisoners to and from the Brig.  To be qualified, personnel must meet screening criteria, attend a one-day Brig Escort Chaser Class and pass a written proficiency test.  Successful completion will result in the issuance of an Escort Identification Card (NAVPERS 1640/18).  The certification is good for one year.

3.  Exemptions: Army/Marine Corps Military Police, Air Force Security Police, Navy Master-At-Arms and formal NEC/MOS school-trained corrections personnel may be exempt from attending the class, but must meet the screening criteria listed in paragraph (6) below.

4.  Brig Escort Chaser Classes are normally scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month.  Reservations are not required nor taken; personnel are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until the class is full (up to 60 attendees max).  The class begins promptly at 0730 and early arrival (NLT 0700) is highly encouraged to obtain an available seat.  Class duration is 0730-1600. Attendees who show up after the class has begun shall be turned away. The scheduled class dates in 2018 include the following:

16 JAN 2018
20 FEB 2018
20 MAR 2018
17 APR 2018
15 MAY 2018
19 JUN 2018
17 JUL 2018
21 AUG 2018
18 SEP 2018
16 OCT 2018
20 NOV 2018
DEC 2018 (no class)

5.  Screening: 

a. Escorts shall be carefully selected for maturity and the ability to handle emergencies.

b. Requesting activities shall provide their own escorts for trial, administrative, legal, and any other appointments for pre-trial prisoners. 

c.  Commands with frequent prisoner movements shall provide a pool of escorts and each trip shall include at least one escort who has traversed the same route in similar transportation.

d.  In all cases, at least one escort will be of the same gender as the prisoner. 

e.  When transporting an officer prisoner, at least one escort will be an officer of equal or higher rank than the officer prisoner.

f.  Escorts will not be required or authorized to carry nightsticks or other weapons. 

g.  Maximum and Medium-In (MDI) prisoners must be escorted by at least two escorts.  Maximum and Medium-In (MDI) prisoners shall wear restraints at all times while outside the security perimeter of the Brig.

h.  A military judge (but never a lawyer) may direct that restraints be removed from a prisoner in a courtroom if, in the judge’s opinion, such restraint is not necessary. Restraints must remain on until removal is directed by the judge.

6.  The following are eligibility requirements for personnel attending NAVCONBRIG Miramar Escort Chaser Class:

      a.  Must be E-4 or above with at least 24 months of active service (after completion of recruit training), regardless of service branch. 

      b.  Must be mature, emotionally stable, and able to handle emergencies.

      c.  Have no neuropsychiatric disorders, or recorded history of alcohol abuse, or in-service drug use. 

      d.  Have no record of conviction by courts-martial or Non-Judicial Punishment in the past 36 months.

      e.  Have no record of civil court conviction, (except misdemeanor traffic violations). 

      f.  Have no physical disabilities or disfigurements.

      g.  Be within service branch body composition standards, and passed most recent service PRT/PFT. 

      h.  No prior removal/revocation of escort status.

      i.  Not identified as a witness or victim in a prisoner’s courts-martial related to the escort detail. 

      j.  Not have failed during last two prior attempts to pass the escort written proficiency test.

      k.  Screened for eligibility by a command representative of grade E-7 or above. 

7.  Approved personnel must bring proof of screening to the class.  The required form is available via the link titled “Chaser Screening Form” on the brig’s website:

If internet access is not available, the Brig Training Office can fax the form. Call (858) 577-7171 or DSN 267-7171 to request.

8.  All commands are invited to send personnel to the training.  The class begins promptly at 0730 and sometimes fills early.  If a significant number of personnel need to be trained, an extra class may possibly be arranged depending on brig instructor availability.

9.  All Chaser/Escort students must park in the large East parking lot. 

10.  Re-certification may be provided without re-attending the standardized course if all of the following conditions are met:

a.  The service member has previously attended the standardized course. 

b.  Certification is still current (not expired)

c.  Standards of conduct and use of force are reviewed and acknowledged 

d.  The service member successfully completes the written proficiency test again

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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