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  • Maintains institution administrative records.
  • Performs military and civilian personnel functions.
  • Perform headquarters clerical functions.
  • Prepares institution reports.
  • Supervises and manages ADP/IT functions including liaison with NMCI.
  • Operate telephone switchboard (CO's Secretary).


 Provides medical, counseling, crisis intervention services, and psychological treatment services.

  • Medical - Provides medical and dental services.
  • Social Services - Provides social work services, substance abuse counseling and treatment and sex offender education.
  • Psychological Services - Provides psychological  testing, treatment and violent offender treatment; provides psychological and sexual abuse treatment; provides substance abuse counseling and treatment; provides social work services.


  • Formulate/review/execute OMN&N and OPN budgets.
  • Prepare POM, financial plan and answer data calls.
  • Monitor/track budget commitments, obligations and expenditures.
  • Establish, monitor and track reimbursable account.
  • Serve as Management Control Program coordinator for the command.

In addition, when required, along with the Supply Officer, and based on the functional area involved, provide internal review/audit capability of operations within the brig. Coordinates for outside audits of brig activities, as required.


 Develops and maintains prisoner records (CORMIS and portions of the brig jacket), legal services, supervises the DNA Reporting Program, manages local parole & clemency actions, and supervises Mandatory Supervised release (MSR).

  • Community Notification - Manages the brigs Victim/Witness Program and provides Sex Offender Notification upon release of sex offenders.
  • Parole, Clemency & MSR Division - Provides technical assistance and management of the Review Board, which provides professional level evaluation of a prisoner/detainee's suitability for release and subsequent return to military duty or civilian community. Acts as direct liaison with all services' clemency and parole boards. Manages the Mandatory Supervised Release Program.
  • Legal Office - Legal advisor to the Command/Executive Officer requarding staff and prisoner matters within the corrections environment. Provides legal assistance to staff and prisoners, acts as the focal point to investigate most Congressional responses and DoD/DoN IGs. Focal point for annual VITA tax assistance to staff.
  • Prisoner Records Branch - Focal point for all prisoner records information. Maintains half of prisoner records (Court, Discipline, Personal) and the CORMIS database. Computes prisoner release dates; processes records for transfer of prisoners; performs data processing functions related to prisoner data; manages appellate leave; initiates prisoner transfer actions; prepares prisoner reports; replies to prisoner data inquiries from authorized agencies.


 Operates housing units and supervises brig educational, recreational programs, and overall religious programs supervision.

  • Unit management - Operates housing units; classifies prisoners for custody levels and program needs; assists prisoners in developing and monitors prisoner's personal performance plans; counsels prisoners; coordinates pre-release actions for prisoners returning to active duty; resolves prisoner problems at the lowest possible level; and provides barber services to prisoners. In addition, Case Managers/Counselors maintain a portion of the official brig jacket.
  • Educational Services - Provides prisoner training (vocational, education and life skills), operates the prisoner library; operates the Apprenticeship Program; operates the Computer Lab.
  • Recreational Services - Supervises the prisoner recreation program.


 The brig is tasked with providing a climate conductive to positive change with programs tailored to meet the needs of prisoners. The following are some of the programs available.

Required Programs -

  • Reception and Orientation
  • Navy exchange Purchases
  • Evaluation and Classification
  • Work assignment
  • Basic education if testing below 10.5 grade level
  • Pre-release
  • Physical Training
  • Substance Abuse Education (if chemical abuse was offense related)
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Entrance and exit physical evaluations
  • Specific orders from the court for special programs such as alcohol or drug therapy, restitution, ect...
  • Sexual offender education program, if determined necessary
  • Violent offender education, if determined necessary
  • Victim impact
  • Life Skills

Optional Programs -

  • Legal Counseling
  • Vocational Training
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Psychological Services
  • Library Services
  • Athletic and recreational activity
  • Educational programs (beyond basic education)
  • Religious services and programs
  • Programs conducted by volunteers
  • Social service relief and counseling for your family
  • Red Cross assistance
  • Treatment Programs.

Prisoner Program Plan -

Each will have an individual plan that will be followed during the entire period of confinement at this facility. The basics of the plan will be developed by each prisoner during the orientation phase with the assistance of a counselor or case manager. It will be designed to ensure that all needs, as determined by the needs assessment and personal interview, are addressed. It will provide direction to obtain all possible benefit from the confinement time. Individual progress will be monitors by the housing unit staff and will be one of the determining factors in awarding additional incentives under the brig Incentive Program. Progress in program goals will also provide valuable information and insight at unit boards that will consider each for clemency/parole recommendation, custody changes, ect. It should be noted the the recommended areas are not the only programs one may participate in. Prisoners are encouraged to take advantage of any available program that may benefit them.


 Manages overall operations and security for the facility. Provides policy for the control center, screens and issues visitors passes, supervises MAX/DSEQ cellblock; manages and schedules government vehicles. Maintains Command Operations Calendar. Responsible for the safety and security of prisoners and staff working with prisoners. Provides oversight to the Command Duty Officer; supervises Watch Section Supervisors; and provides resolution venue for prisoner supervision issues; suppresses disturbances; and executes emergency bills.

  • Watch Sections - Supervises operation of the Security Watch Sections to include daily Watch Post operations, shift scheduling, qualification training, personnel management of Watch Staff, responding to operational issues arising from prisoner interaction with Watch members, and provides training and supervision to Watch Sections on revised policy and procedures. Provides perimeter patrol and supervises movement of prisoners within and outside the brig.
  • Receiving & Release - Processes reception and release of prisoners; provides secure storage of prisoners personal property; coordinates transfer of prisoners to the Disciplinary Barracks; coordinates prisoner transfers with the US Marshal Service. Supervises the Pre-Release Coordinator who coordinates prisoner release processing.
  • Armory/Locks - Monitors, repairs and controls facility locks and keys; maintains and operates the armory.
  • Special Housing Unit (SHU) - Operates the SHU in accordance with Commander Fleet Forces command (CFFC) and applicable SECNAV instructions.


The Supply Department is responsible for operation of supply functions, galley operations and postal activities.

Support - Orders, receives, stores, issues supplies; maintains prisoner funds & valuables; provides prisoner health and comfort issues and accounts; manages the civilian contractors; oversees operation of the branch NEX Store; operates the warehouse; provides prisoner clothing, bedding and linens; maintains accurate and timely requisition records; maintains accurate inventory records; and provides centralized administrative supplies.

Galley - Our galley is staffed by a team of the Navy's top notch Culinary Specialists. All are also active members of the American Culinary federation (ACF) with chef Kimberly Brock who provides quarterly onsite training. We provide and average of 540 nutritional meals for prisoners and staff. Out prisoners are trained in every facet of the Culinary Arts field and sanitation principles. We also offer U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeships for Cook, Baker, Vegetable preparation and Housekeeping.

Postal - Provide postal services to the command and prisoners. Postal Office is first line of defense to prevent contraband from entering the Brig and arguably the #1 source of morale building for staff and prisoners alike.




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