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Updated, New, and Cancelled Articles

Navy Personnel Command > Reference Library > MILPERSMAN > Updated, New, and Cancelled Articles
Article Number

 Article Title

Change Summary Effective Date
1000-070 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​17-Oct-18
1050-320 ​Request Appellate Leave ​CH-65 ​02-Oct-18
​1050-415 ​Parental Leave Program ​CH-65


1050-420 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​08-Nov-18
1050-430 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​08-Nov-18
1050-435 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​08-Nov-18
1160-050 ​Voluntary or Involuntary Extension of Enlisted Personnel Beyond Expiration of Enlistment, Fulfillment of Service Obligation, or Expiration of Tour of Active Service ​CH-65 ​05-Oct-18
​1212-020 ​Redesignation Procedures for Limited Duty Officers (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) Within Their Respective Community ​CH-65 ​12-Oct-18
1300-090 ​Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy - Overview ​CH-65 ​02-Nov-18
1300-308 ​Overseas Tour Lengths and Types ​CH-65 ​26-Nov-18
1300-700 ​Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) ​CH-65 ​05-Nov-18
1301-206 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​20-Oct-18
1301-239 ​Officer Special Assignments - Public Affairs Officer (PAO) Milestone and Command Screening Qualification and Assignment or Declination ​CH-65 ​19-Nov-18
1301-802 ​Command Policies and Procedures - Specific Policies Related to Command ​CH-65 ​11-Nov-18
1306-425 ​Assignment to Commander, Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet - Navy Data Center Billets ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
1306-616 ​Ineligible Students Received by Training Activity ​CH-65 ​31-Oct-18
​1306-941 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​21-Nov-18
1306-959 ​Afloat Training Groups (ATGS) ​CH-65 ​27-Sep-18
​1306-971 ​Navy Military Training Instructor Duty ​CH-65 ​31-Oct-18
1306-1700 ​Availability Processing - General Information ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1702 ​Availability Processing - Report Submissions ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1704 ​Availability Processing - Data Item Descriptions an Remarks for Report Submissions ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
1306-1705 ​Availability Processing - Tracking Orders Status and Tracer Actions After Report Submission ​CH-65 ​09-Nov-18
1306-1706 ​Availability Processing - Changes and Deletions After Initial Report Submission ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
1306-1707 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1710 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1711 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1712 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1713 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1714 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
1306-1715 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​07-Nov-18
1306-1716 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​09-Nov-18
1306-1717 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
1321-105 ​Active Component (AC), Indefinite Recall Program for Reserve Component (RC) Officers CH-65


1401-020 ​Advancement Exam readiness Review (AERR) ​CH-65 ​05-Nov-18
1440-020 ​Conversion to the Navy Counselor (NC) Rating (Less Career Recruiter Force (CRF)) ​CH-65 ​08-Nov-18
1610-015 ​Documentation on Fitness Reports and Performance Evaluations for Failure to Maintain Deployability or Individual Medical Readiness ​CH-65 ​01-Oct-18
1611-010 ​Officer Performance ​CH-65 ​14-Nov-18
1730-020 ​Immunization Exemptions For Religious Benefits ​CH-65 ​05-Nov-18
1810-020 ​Submission of Application for Voluntary Retirement from Active Duty (Officer) ​CH-65 ​21-Nov-18
1810-080 ​Enrollment in the Blended retirement System ​CH-65 ​15-Nov-18
​1900-120 ​Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government - Medical Conditions Not Amounting to a Disability ​CH-65 ​09-Nov-18
1910-120 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​09-Nov-18
1910-122 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​09-Nov-18
1910-184 ​Disposition of Enlisted Personnel Accepted for Appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, Air Force Academy, or Coast Guard Academy ​CH-65 ​23-Oct-18
​6320-010 ​Cancelled ​CH-65


7220-170 ​Cancelled ​CH-65 ​31-Oct-18
​7220-340 ​Lump-Sum Payment for Accrued Leave ​CH-65 ​25-Sep-18



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