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Updated, New, and Cancelled Articles

Navy Personnel Command > Reference Library > MILPERSMAN > Updated, New, and Cancelled Articles
Article Number

 Article Title

Change Summary Effective Date
1001-260 ​Targeted Re-Entry Program ​CH-64 ​21-Aug-18
1050-320 ​Request Appellate Leave ​CH-65 ​02-Oct-18
​1100-011 ​First Enlistments and the Military Service Obligation ​CH-64 ​29-Aug-18
1133-061 ​Prior Service Re-Enlistment Eligibility - Reserve (PRISE-R) Program ​CH-64 ​17-Aug-18
1160-050 ​Voluntary or Involuntary Extension of Enlisted Personnel Beyond Expiration of Enlistment, Fulfillment of Service Obligation, or Expiration of Tour of Active Service ​CH-65 ​05-Oct-18
1200-040 Craftmaster Insignia ​CH-64 ​2-Aug-18
1210-220 ​Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Officer - Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) ​CH-64 ​2-Aug-18
1210-260 Aviation Operations Officers and Non-Aeronautically Designated Officers and Enlisted Assigned Duty Involving Flying CH-64 ​​02-Aug-18
​1212-020 ​Redesignation Procedures for Limited Duty Officers (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) Within Their Respective Community ​CH-65 ​12-Oct-18
1220-020 Naval Aircrew Warfare Specialist (NAWS) Designation CH-64 02-Aug-18
1220-030 ​Parachutist Designation and Duty ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1220-100 Navy Diver (ND) Rating CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1220-102 ​Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) Diver Program ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
​1220-200 ​Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Rating ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1220-260 ​Diving Requalification ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1220-280 ​Demolition Requalification ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
​1220-300 ​Special Warfare Operator (SO) Rating ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1300-025 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​13-Aug-18
​1300-027 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​13-Aug-18
1300-028 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​13-Aug-18
1300-1306 ​Active Duty Pregnancy Policy and Placement Procedures ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1301-228 ​Officer Special Assignments - Officers Not in Compliance with Physical Readiness Standards ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1301-237 ​Officer Special Assignments - Information Warfare Community (IWC) Officer Selection and Assignment to    O-4 Milestone and Leadership, and O-5 and O-6 Milestone and Command Billets ​CH-64 ​13-Aug-18
1301-807 ​Cancelled
1301-822 ​Cancelled
​1306-602 ​Class "A" and Service School Requirements ​CH-64 ​03-Sep-18
1306-604 ​Active Obligated Service (OBLISERV) for Service Schools ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-606 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​29-Jun-18
1306-608 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​03-Sep-18
1306-907 ​Navy Ceremonial Guard ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1306-912 ​Seabee Underwater Construction Technician (UCT) Program ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-916 ​Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Intern ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-917 ​Navy Command Climate Specialist (CCS) ​CH-64 ​15-Sep-18
1306-931 ​Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center (NACIC) ​CH-64 ​28-Jul-18
1306-949 ​Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-957 ​Naval Nuclear Power Program Training Activities ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-968 ​Camp David (Naval Support Facility, Thurmont MD) ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1306-982 ​Assignment of Nuclear Trained Master Chief Petty Officers (MCPOS) as Reactor Department Master Chief (RDMC)/Engineering Department Master Chief (EDMC) in CVN 65. ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-986 ​Qualification for Assignment to Naval Special Warfare Support Activity Duty ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-990 ​Defense Courier Duty ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1306-993 ​Harbor Patrol Unit (HPU) Level II Coxswain (NEC 853A) - Master-at-Arms ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18
1306-994 ​3-M System Coordinator at Sea and Shore ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1430-020 ​Advancement After Reduction In Rate ​CH-64 ​03-Sep-18
1610-015 ​Documentation on Fitness Reports and Performance Evaluations for Failure to Maintain Deployability or Individual Medical Readiness ​CH-65 ​01-Oct-18
1741-020 ​Government Life Insurance ​CH-64 ​28-Jul-18
1810-082 ​Lump-Sum Payment of the Retirement Annuity for Service Members Enrolled in the Blended Retirement System ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
​1910-050 ​Enlisted Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) - Reserve Requirements and Obligations ​CH-64 ​24-Aug-18
1910-106 ​Separation in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial ​CH-64 ​23-Sep-18
5760-010 ​Navy Spouse Organizations and Activities ​CH-64 ​23-Sep-18
7220-110 ​Special Pay for Duty Subject to Imminent Danger/Hostile Fire ​CH-64 ​23-Aug-18
7220-150 ​Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) - Specialized Terms ​CH-64 ​27-Aug-18
​7220-170 ​Cancelled ​CH-64 ​23-Aug-18
7220-410 ​Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay Compensation ​CH-64 ​02-Aug-18



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