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1900 - 1999 Separation
1900 General
1900-010 Cancelled
1900-020  Convenience of the Government- Separation Based on Conscientious Objection (Enlisted and Officers) PERS-832/ PERS-834/ PERS-913
1900-030  Separation of Enlisted or Officer Personnel by Reason of Convenience of the Government – Surviving Family Member PERS-832/ PERS-834/ PERS-911/ PERS-913
1900-040  Transfer to the Retired List, Retired Reserve, or the Fleet Reserve in a Restricted Status PERS-832/ PERS-834/ PERS-913
1900-120 ​Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government - Medical Conditions Not Amounting to a Disability

PERS-832/ PERS-834/ PERS-913

1900-808  Physical Examination for Separation PERS-832
1910 Enlisted
1910 Cancelled  
1910-010  Enlisted Administrative Separation (ADSEP) Policy and General Information PERS-832
1910-050 Enlisted Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) - Reserve Requirements and Obligations OPNAV (N13)
1910-100  Reasons for Separation PERS-832
1910-101 Suspended
1910-102 Separation by Reason of Changes in Service Obligation (Active Duty and Inactive Navy Reservists) PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-104  Separation by Reason of Expiration of Active Obligation Service (EAOS) PERS-832
1910-106  Separation in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-108 Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government –  Early Release to Further Education           

PERS-832/ PERS-913

1910-110 Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government – Dependency or Hardship PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-112  Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government - Pregnancy PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-118  Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government – When a Reservist Becomes a Minister PERS-913/ PERS-911
1910-120 Cancelled
1910-122  Cancelled
1910-124 Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government – Parenthood (Failure to Maintain Current Family Care Plan) PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-125 Failure to Complete Initial Skills Training Pipeline OPNAV (N132)
1910-126  Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government – Review Action PERS-832
1910-127  Separation by Reason of Convenience of the Government – Being an Alien PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-128 Separation by Reason of Defective Enlistments and Inductions – Minor PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-130  Separation by Reason of Defective Enlistments and Inductions – Erroneous Enlistment PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-132  Separation by Reason of Defective Enlistments and Inductions – Defective Enlistments PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-133 Failure to Complete Change of Rating (Conversion) Process PERS-832
1910-134  Separations by Reason of Defective Enlistments and Inductions – Fraudulent Entry Into Naval Service PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-136  Separation From the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) PERS-832
1910-138  Separation by Reason of Misconduct – Minor Disciplinary Infractions PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-140  Separation by Reason of Misconduct – Pattern of Misconduct PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-142  Separation by Reason of Misconduct – Commission of a Serious Offense PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-144  Separation by Reason of Misconduct – Civilian Conviction PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-146  Separation by Reason of Misconduct – Drug Abuse PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-148  Cancelled
1910-150 ​Cancelled
1910-152 Separation by Reason of Alcohol Rehabilitation Failure PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-154  Separation by Reason of Entry Level Performance and Conduct PERS-832
1910-156  Separation by Reason of Unsatisfactory Performance PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-158  Separation by Reason of Unsatisfactory Participation in  the Ready Reserve PERS-913
1910-160  Separation by Reason of Supremacist or Extremist Conduct PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-162  Separation by Reason of Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Rehabilitation Failure PERS-83CC
1910-164  Separation by Reason of Best Interest of the Service (BIOTS) PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-166  Administrative Action for Fleet Reserve/Retired Reserve Eligible Personnel PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-168  Separation by Reason of Physical Disability PERS-83
1910-170  Cancelled
​1910-180 ​Cancelled
1910-182  Disposition of Personnel Disenrolled from a Navy Officer Candidate Program NSTC
1910-184  Disposition of Enlisted Personnel Accepted for Appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, the Air Force Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy PERS-832
1910-186  Disposition of Enlisted Personnel Disenrolled from the Military Academy, the Air Force Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy PERS-832
1910-200  Cancelled
1910-202  Counseling and Rehabilitation PERS-832
1910-204 Cancelled
1910-206  Temporary Duty (TEMDU) Transfer for Separation Processing PERS-832
1910-208  Administrative Separation (ADSEP) Processing for Members Beyond Expiration of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) or Expiration of obligated Service (EOS) PERS-832/ PERS-913
1910-210  Processing for all Reasons PERS-832
1910-212  Factors Considered in Retention or Separation PERS-832
1910-214  Adverse Matter From a Prior Enlistment PERS-832
1910-216  Members Awaiting Medical Board Action PERS-832
1910-218  Members Assigned to Limited Duty (LIMDU) PERS-832
1910-220  Limitations on Separation Actions PERS-832
1910-222  Suspension of Separation PERS-832
1910-224  Action During the Period of Suspension PERS-832
1910-226  Conditional Waivers PERS-832
1910-228  Uniforms and Pay Upon Separation PERS-832
1910-230  Discharge in Absentia PERS-832
1910-232  Pre-Separation Treatment for Drug/Alcohol Dependent Personnel PERS-832
1910-233  Mandatory Separation Processing PERS-832          PERS-913
1910-300  Guidelines on Characterization of Service PERS-832
1910-302  General Considerations on Characterization of Service PERS-832
1910-304  Description of Characterization of Service PERS-832
1910-306  Limitations on Characterization of Service PERS-832
1910-308  Entry Level and Uncharacterized Separations PERS-832
1910-400  Cancelled
1910-402  Administrative Board and Notification Procedures PERS-832          PERS-913
1910-404  Cancelled
1910-406  Consultation with Counsel Prior to Electing Rights PERS-832
1910-408  Response Time to Notice PERS-832
1910-410  When a Member is Processed for Multiple Reasons PERS-832
1910-412  How to Prepare a Sworn Affidavit of Service by Mail PERS-832
1910-414  Actions of the Commanding Officer PERS-832
1910-500  Guidelines on Conducting an Administrative Board PERS-832
1910-502  Administrative Board Composition PERS-832
1910-504  Right to Counsel PERS-832
1910-506  Senior Member of Board PERS-832
1910-508  Witnesses at Administrative Board PERS-832
1910-510  Presentation of Evidence PERS-832
1910-512  Rights of the Respondent PERS-832
1910-514  What is binding on Administrative Boards PERS-832
1910-516  Record of Proceedings for Administrative Separation (ADSEP) Boards PERS-832
1910-518  Findings and Recommendations PERS-832
1910-600  Forwarding Cases to the Separation Authority (SA) PERS-832
1910-700  Separation Authority PERS-4832
1910-702  General Guidance for Separation Authorities (SA) PERS-832
1910-704  Determining Separation Authority PERS-832
​1910-706 ​Cancelled
1910-708  Separation Authority Action When Using Notification Procedures or Administrative Board is Waived PERS-832
1910-710  Procedures When an Administrative Separation Board was Held PERS-832
1910-712  General Court Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA)  Letter and Message Formats for Directing Administrative Separation (ADSEP) PERS-832
1910-800  Actions Which Effect the Separation PERS-832
1910-802  Pre-separation Interview of Enlisted Personnel PERS-832
1910-804  Information to be Provided Upon Separation Regarding Claims for Compensation, Pension, or Hospitalization to  be Filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) PERS-832
1910-806  Acknowledgment of Service Upon Separation PERS-832
1910-808 ​Cancelled
1910-810  Issuance of Certificates, Buttons, and Pins Upon Separation PERS-832
1910-812  Place of Separation PERS-832
​1910-900 ​Cancelled
1916 Enlisted - Release From Active Duty, Reserve
1916-010  Release From Active Duty of Reserve and Retired Enlisted Personnel PERS-4913
1916-020 Cancelled
1920 Officer
1920-010  Transfer of an Officer for Administrative Separation Processing PERS-834
1920-020  Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) – Overview OPNAV (N13)/ PERS-83
1920-030  Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) – Definitions and Policy OPNAV (N13)/ PERS-83
1920-040  Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) – Eligibility Criteria and Restrictions OPNAV (N13)/ PERS-83
1920-050  Officer Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) – Reserve Requirements and Obligations OPNAV (N13)
1920-060  Involuntary Separation Pay (Non-Disability) – Pay Calculation and Payment Documentation OPNAV (N13)/ PERS-83
1920-070 Separation of Officer Personnel by Reason of   Supremacist or Extremist Conduct PERS-834
1920-080  Release of Officers from Active Duty Prior to Completion  of Minimum Required Service PERS-834F
1920-090 Release from Active Duty (RAD) Procedures  PERS-8331
1920-100  Early Release of Officers from Active Duty PERS-834
1920-110  Involuntary Release from Active Duty Orders of Ready Reserve Officers PERS-911
1920-120  Revocation of Commissions, Terminations of Appointments, and Discharge of Officers by Other Than Selection Board Action PERS-834
1920-130 Termination of Officer Status, General PERS-834
1920-140  Separation Order for Officers PERS-834
​1920-150 ​Cancelled
1920-160 Separation of Navy Reserve Officers on Inactive Duty PERS-4911
1920-170 Contingent Resignation for Acceptance to Attend     Medical Training Under the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP) or at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) PERS-834
1920-180  Separation of Officers at the Convenience of the Government on the Basis of Pregnancy/Childbirth PERS-834
1920-190  Types of Resignations by Officers PERS-834
1920-200  Officer Resignation Procedures PERS-45/ PERS-911
1920-210  Types of Discharge for Officers PERS-834
​1920-220 ​Cancelled
1920-230  Separation of Officers Under Various Statutory Provisions not Included in Other Articles PERS-834
1920-240  Release of Officers From Active Duty Prior to Completion of Minimum Service Requirement (MSR) to Participate in Activities With Potential Recruiting or    Public Affairs Benefit to the Navy OPNAV (N131/ N13) 
1920-250 ​Administrative Separation of Navy Chaplain Corps Officers Upon Loss of Professional Qualifications ​OPNAV (N097)
1920-260  Officer Unauthorized Absence (UA) PERS-834
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