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1800 - 1899 Retirement
1800 General
1800-010 General Guidelines for Conducting Ceremony for Retirement or Transfer to the Fleet Reserve PERS-835
1800-020  Effective Date of Retirement, Issuance of Retirement Orders and Authorization PERS-836/ PERS-912
1800-030  Cancelled  
1800-040  Placement on Retired List and Responsibility of the Retiree PERS-83
1800-050  Cancelled
1800-060  Authorization of Navy Reserve Retirement Point Credit for Instruction Received in Connection with Professional Conventions or Similar Meetings PERS-912
1800-070  Benefits of the Armed Forces Retirement Home (United States Naval Home and US Soldier's and Airmen's Home) PERS-62
1810 Regular Non-Disability Retirement
1810-010  Voluntary Retirement of Enlisted Personnel - 30 Years of More of Active Service PERS-836
1810-020  Submission of Application for Voluntary Retirement from Active Duty (Officer) PERS-835
1810-080 ​Enrollment in the Blended Retirement System ​OPNAV (N13)
1810-081 Continuation Pay for Members Enrolled in the Blended Retirement System OPNAV (N13)
1810-082 ​Lump-Sum Payment of the Retirement Annuity for Service Members Enrolled in the Blended Retirement System ​OPNAV (N13)
1811 Regular Non-Disability Retirement - Officer
1811-010  Retention on or Recall to Active Duty in a Retired Status PERS-8353
1820 Reserve Non-Disability Retirement
1820-010  Retirement of Members of the Fleet Reserve PERS-912
1820-020 Non-Regular Reserve Retirement Without Pay - Qualification, Procedures, Submissions, and Processing PERS-912
1820-030 Non-Regular Reserve Retirement With Pay - Qualification, Procedures, Submissions, and Processing PERS-912
1820-040 Notification of Eligibility for Non-Regular (Reserve) Retired Pay PERS-912
1820-050 Requirements for a Year of Qualifying Service Toward a Non-Regular (Reserve) Retirement PERS-912
1830 Fleet Reserve
1830-010  Members of Fleet Reserve Subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice PERS-83
1830-020  Officers Appointed from the Fleet Reserve PERS-83
1830-030  Physical Examination in Connection with Retirement, Transfers to Fleet Reserve, and as a Fleet Reservist PERS-83
1830-040  Transfer to Fleet Reserve and Release from Active Duty- 20 Years PERS-836
1830-050  Cancelled
1830-060  Travel or Residence Outside the United States by Fleet Reservists PERS-83
1830-070  Duties of Enlisted Members Transferred to the Fleet Reserve PERS-83
1850 Disability Retirement
1850-010  General Information Regarding Physical Disability Retirement PERS-83
1850-020  Action Following Approval Disability Retirement PERS-83
1850-030  Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) PERS-83
1850-040  Officers on the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) Found Physically Fit or Unfit PERS-83
NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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