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1700 - 1799 Morale and Personal Affairs
1700 General
1700-010 Political Activity of Members on Active Duty BUPERS-00J
1700-020  Participation in Civil Rights Demonstrations BUPERS-00J
1700-030  Cancelled
1710 Recreation and Social Affairs
1710-010  Navy Recreation Program Operational Policies CNIC (N25)
1730 Chaplains and Religious Affairs
1730-010  Use of Lay Leaders in Religious Services OPNAV (N097)
1730-020 Immunization Exemptions for Religious Beliefs OPNAV (N131)
1731 Chaplains and Religious Affairs - Worship
1731-010  Religious Observance OPNAV (N097)
1731-020 Cancelled
1740 Personal Affairs and Benefits
1740-010 Cancelled
1740-020  Information Concerning Pregnant Members OPNAV (N1D)/ OPNAV (N170)
1740-030  Maternity Care Available Before and After Separation OPNAV (N17)
1741 Personal Affairs and Benefits - Insurance
1741-010 Cancelled
1741-020  Government Life Insurance PERS-00C
1741-030  Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) PERS-00C
1742 Personal Affairs and Benefits - Voting
1742-010  Cancelled
1746 Personal Affairs and Benefits - Messes and Clubs
1746-010 Procedures when Government Messing is not Available OPNAV-N130
1746-020 Procedures when Authorized to Mess Separately OPNAV-N130
1746-030 Meal Passes for Enlisted Personnel OPNAV-N130
1746-040 Cancelled
1750 Dependents Aid (Assistance)
1750-010  Transportation of Student Dependents Between CONUS  and Overseas Duty Stations OPNAV-N13
1754 Dependents Aid (Assistance) - Family Support Programs
1754-010 Sea Legs CNIC (N212)
1754-020  Family Contacts and Assistance During Deployment CNIC (N215)
1754-030  Support of Family Members BUPERS-00J
1754-040 ​Military Spouse Licensure Reimbursement ​OPNAV (N17)
1770 Casualties and Survivors Benefits
1770 Cancelled
1770-010  Definitions and Acronyms PERS-00C
1770-020  Duty Status - Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN) and "Missing" Status Recommendations PERS-00C
1770-030  Personnel Casualty Report Procedures     PERS-00C
1770-040  Reporting The Death Of Non-Active Duty Sailors PERS-00C
1770-050 Cancelled
1770-060  Judge Advocate General Manual (JAGMAN) Reporting Requirements for Line of Duty (LOD) Determinations PERS-00C
1770-070  Cancelled
1770-080  Cancelled
1770-090   Reporting Requirements for Suicide Related Behaviors PERS-00C
1770-100  Reporting Requirements in the Event of a Naval Disaster PERS-00C
1770-110  Cancelled
1770-120  Cancelled
1770-130  Instructions Regarding Casualties During Hostilities or as   a Result of Hostile Acts Which Could Result in an International Incident PERS-00C
1770-140  Commanding Officer's Letter to Next of Kin PERS-00C
1770-150  Release of Casualty Information to the Media or General Public PERS-00C
1770-160  Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP) PERS-00C
1770-170  Notification of Next of Kin In Case of Death, Missing, or “Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown” (DUSTWUN) Casualties PERS-00C
1770-180  Notification of Next of Kin Depending Upon Location of Casualty PERS-00C
1770-190 Cancelled
1770-200  Disposition of Mail and Personal Effects  PERS-00C
1770-210  Manual for Escorts of Deceased Naval Personnel PERS-00C
1770-220 Cancelled
1770-230  Wounded, Ill, and Injured Sailors:  Casualty Reporting, Notification, and Bedside Travel PERS-00C
1770-240 Cancelled
1770-250  Cancelled
1770-260  Civilian Employee Casualty Reporting, Notification, and Assistance PERS-00C
1770-270  Funeral Travel PERS-00C
1770-271  Memorial Service Travel PERS-00C
1770-275  Presentation of Burial Flags PERS-00C
1770-280  Death Gratuity PERS-00C
1780-010​ ​Cancelled
NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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