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1300 - 1399 Assignment and Distribution 
1300 General
1300-010 Flag Level Review Concerning Personnel Assignment PERS-451
1300-020 Cancelled
1300-025  Cancelled
1300-027  Cancelled
1300-028   Cancelled
1300-030 Cancelled
1300-035 ​Assignments Outside the Department of Defense (DoD) ​PERS-441       PERS-4010F OPNAV (N123)
1300-040 Cancelled
1300-050  Cancelled
1300-060  Administration of Naval Members Performing Duty with Army, Air Force  or Coast Guard  PERS-451
1300-070 Administration of Army and Air Force Members Performing Duty with     the Navy OPNAV (N13F)
1300-080 Cancelled
1300-081  Interservice Transfer of an Officer Out of the Navy PERS-834
1300-082 Interservice Transfer of an Officer Into the Navy PERS-803                 PERS-911
1300-090 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – Overview OPNAV (N13)
1300-100 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – General and Specific Policies OPNAV (N13)
1300-110 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – Determining Effective Date of PCS Orders (Article currently under revision) OPNAV (N13)
1300-120  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – Issuing   Change of Home Port Certificates OPNAV (N13)



Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – General Reimbursement Rules for POC Travel OPNAV (N13)
1300-140  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Entitlement Policy – Policies for Unique Categories of Travel/Relocation Entitlements OPNAV (N13)
1300-150  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations Overview OPNAV (N130E)
1300-160  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations – Applicability and Definition OPNAV (N130E)
1300-170  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations – Criteria and Status OPNAV (N130E)
1300-180  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations –  Status Change, Prohibitions, and Dependent Entry Approval OPNAV (N130E)
1300-190  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations – Policies on Transportation at Government Expense OPNAV (N130E)
1300-200  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations – Policies on Overseas Station Allowances OPNAV (N130E)
1300-210  Command Sponsorship of Dependents at Overseas Duty Stations – Policies on Non-Command-Sponsored Dependents OPNAV (N130E)
1300-300  Overseas/Remote Service General Information PERS-451
1300-302  Suitability and Selection for Overseas Service PERS-451
1300-304  Suitability for Overseas Assignment Screening and Reporting PERS-451
1300-306  Overseas Screening Deficiency Reports and Early Return Request PERS-451 
1300-308  Overseas Tour Lengths and Types PERS-451
1300-310  Overseas Extensions PERS-451
1300-312  Units Transitioning to Overseas Locations PERS-451
1300-314  Diego Garcia Assignments PERS-451
1300-316  Dependent Entry Approval Information PERS-451
1300-318 Screening Procedures for Global Support Assignment (GSA), Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA), Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM), and Reserve Component (RC) Mobilization Assignments PERS-4G
1300-319 Redeployment/Demobilization Screening Procedures for Global Support Assignment (GSA), Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA), Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM), and Reserve Component (RC) Mobilization Assignments PERS-4G
1300-320 Nuclear Weapons (NW) Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Preliminary Suitability Screening SSP (SP31)
1300-400  Dislocation Allowance (DLA) and Secretary of the Navy Finds (SECNAVFIND) PERS-451
1300-500  Reassignments for Humanitarian Reasons (HUMS) PERS-40HH
1300-600  Twilight Tours PERS-40
1300-700  Exceptional Family Member (EFMP) Program PERS-456
1300-800 Transfer of Personnel to Operational Duty (Operational Screening) PERS-40BB        PERS-451
1300-801 Cancelled
1300-802 Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command (NAVEXINTCOM) PERS-408
1300-803 Coastal Riverine Force (CRF) PERS-40             PERS-41
1300-804 Assignment to Coastal Riverine Force (CRF) Training Evaluation Unit (TEU) PERS-40            PERS-41
1300-996 ​Assignment to Naval Criminal Investigative Service ​PERS-405
1300-1000  Military Couple and Single Parent Assignment Policy PERS-451
1300-1100  Immediate Family Member Assignment or Reassignment Policy PERS-451
1300-1200  Safety Transfers PERS-454          
1300-1205 ​Expedited Transfers ​PERS-454
1300-1300 Assignment of Personnel with Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) PERS-454
1300-1306 Active Duty Pregnancy Policy and Placement Procedures PERS-454
1301 General - Officer
1301-010  Transfer of an Officer for Medical Treatment PERS-83
1301-020 Cancelled
1301-030 Cancelled
1301-100  Officer Distribution – Overview PERS-451
1301-102  Officer Distribution – Process PERS-451
1301-104  Officer Distribution – General Tour Lengths and  Rotations OPNAV (N131)
1301-106  Officer Distribution – Time on Station (TOS) OPNAV (N131)
1301-108  Officer Distribution – Retainability OPNAV (N131)
1301-110  Officer Distribution – Prescribed Sea Tour (PST) and Recommended Shore Tour Lengths OPNAV (N131)
1301-112  Officer Distribution – Command Tour Lengths OPNAV (N131)
1301-114  Officer Distribution –Assignment to/from Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) PERS-45
1301-116  Officer Distribution – U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Air Force Academy Instructor Tour Lengths OPNAV (N131)
1301-118  Officer Distribution – Major Defense Acquisition Position Tour Lengths OPNAV (N131)
1301-120  Officer Distribution – Joint Duty Assignment Tour Lengths (O-6 and Below) PERS-450
1301-122  Officer Distribution – Transfer of Officers to Operational Duty (Operational Screening) PERS-451            BUMED-M3M125
1301-200  Officer Special Assignments OPNAV (N131)
1301-201  Officer Special Assignments – Ensign “Stash” Assignments OPNAV (N131)
1301-202  Officer Special Assignments – Nominative Billets/Nomination of Officers PERS-441
1301-203  Officer Special Assignments – Aide Assignments PERS-44ES
1301-204  Cancelled
1301-205  Officer Special Assignments – U.S. Naval Academy PERS-440
1301-206  Cancelled
1301-207  Officer Special Assignments – Defense Attache’ Service (DAS):   Attache' Assignments PERS-474B
1301-208  Officer Special Assignments – Navy Recruiting  Command PERS-440A
1301-209  Officer Special Assignments – Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) PERS-440A
1301-210  Officer Special Assignments – Recruit Training  Command (NAVCRUITRACOM) PERS-444C
1301-211  Officer Special Assignments – Navy Headquarters/ Staff Level Equal Opportunity Billets OPNAV (N134E)
1301-212  Officer Special Assignments – Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron   (Blue Angels) Assignments PERS-43
1301-213  Officer Special Assignments – Reserve Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) PERS-4417
1301-214  Officer Special Assignments – Naval Leadership Instructor (Facilitator) Assignments CNL (N7)
1301-215  Officer Special Assignments – Brig and Transient Personnel Unit (TPU)/Regional Restriction Barracks (RRB) PERS-00D1
1301-216  Officer Special Assignments – Joint Duty Assignments (JDAs) PERS-450
1301-217  Officer Special Assignments – North Atlantic Treaty Organization  (NATO) Billets PERS-832
1301-218  Cancelled
1301-219  Officer Special Assignments – Limited Duty Officer  (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Assignments OPNAV (N131)
1301-220  Officer Special Assignments – Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) OPNAV (N131)
1301-221  Officer Special Assignments – Full Time Support (FTS) PERS-4417
1301-222  Officer Special Assignments – Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Department Head and Division Officer Assignments to Afloat Billets PERS-412
1301-223  Officer Special Assignments – Nuclear Qualified Surface Warfare Officers (SWOs) to Conventionally Powered Ships OPNAV (N133)
1301-224  Officer Special Assignments – Prisoners of War (POW) Reassignments OPNAV (N131)
1301-225  Officer Special Assignments – Limited Duty PERS-83
1301-226  Officer Special Assignments – Training Instructor Duty NSTC (N13)
1301-227  Officer Special Assignments – Officers Without Security Clearances PERS-834
1301-228  Officer Special Assignments – Officers not in Compliance with Physical Readiness Standards OPNAV (N170B)
1301-229  Officer Special Assignments – Naval Inspector General Assignments to Staffs of Major Commands PERS-451            NAVINSGENEA
1301-230  Officer Special Assignments – Reassignment of Disabled Officers PERS-83
1301-231  Cancelled
1301-232  Cancelled
1301-233 Specialty Career Path PERS-41
1301-234 Officer Special Assignments - Human Resources (HR) Officer Milestone and Major Command Screening and Qualification PERS-4421
1301-235  Command Policies and Procedures - Specific Policies Related to Screening Engineering Duty Officers to Command or Major Program Manager Assignments PERS-445
1301-236 Officer Special Assignments - Aviation Acquisition Corps (AC) Unrestricted Line (URL) Major Program Manager (MPM) Career Path PERS-434A
​1301-237 ​Officer Special Assignments - Information Warfare Community (IWC) Officer Selection and Assignment to O-4 Milestone and Leadership, and O-5 and O-6 Milestone and Command Billets ​PERS-47
1301-239​ ​Officer Special Assignments - Public Affairs Officer (PAO) Milestone and Command Screening Qualification and Assignment or Declination ​PERS-448
1301-400  Cancelled
1301-500  Consideration of Accessions, Interservice Transfers, and Recalls for Active Duty Promotion Section Boards OPNAV (N132D)
1301-600  Voluntary and Involuntary Recall/Mobilization of Navy Reserve Component (RC) Personnel PERS-9
1301-700  Acquisition Corps (AC) PERS-447
1301-710 Command Policies and Procedures - Active Component Chaplain Corps Officer Screening and Assignment to Commander and Captain Milestone Billets PERS-4414
1301-800  Command Policies and Procedures – Overview OPNAV (N131)
1301-802 Command Policies and Procedures - Specific Policies Related to Command OPNAV (N131)
1301-804  Officer Policies and Procedures – Command Screen Procedures OPNAV (N131)
1301-806  Command Policies and Procedures – Command Ashore OPNAV (N131)
1301-807  Cancelled
1301-808  Command Policies and Procedures – Acquisition Corps (AC) Major Assignment PERS-447
1301-809 Command Policies and Procedures - Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Assignments to Milestone Billets PERS-474
1301-810  Command Policies and Procedures – Command of Major Laboratories PERS-444E
1301-811 Cancelled
1301-812  Command Policies and Procedures – Screening for Full Time Support Command and Navy Reserve Echelon IV and V Command PERS-46
1301-814  Cancelled
​1301-815 ​Policies and Procedures-Active Component Medical Department Officer Screening and Assignment to Medical Department Career  Milestone Billets ​PERS-4415
1301-816  Command Policies and Procedures – Navy Recruiting District Executive Officer (XO) to Commanding Officer (CO) Fleet-Up Policy OPNAV (N131)
1301-818  Procedures for Officers Not Desiring Orders to   Command or Executive Officer PERS-451
1301-820  Command Policies and Procedures – Command – Executive Officer (XO) Assignment Coordination PERS-451
1301-822  Cancelled
1301-824  Command Policies and Procedures – Major Fleet Readiness Center Executive Officer (XO) to Commanding Officer (CO) Fleet Up Policy OPNAV (N131)
1301-826  Command Policies and Procedures – Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO) Shore Station Management Training PERS-440     PERS-444
1301-900  Subspecialty Management, Graduate Education, and Service Colleges PERS-45E          PERS-45J
1301-902  Selection for Fully-Funded Graduate Education PERS-440            PERS-45E
1301-904  Service Colleges OPNAV(N15) PERS-440     PERS-45J
1301-906  Navy Officer Leadership Continuum Training PERS-452           CPPD/NLEC
1301-907   ​Naval Senior Leader Legal Training                                                                 PERS-444F
1306 General - Enlisted
1306-010 Cancelled
1306-020  Assignment and Classification of Enlisted Personnel Assigned a Limited Duty Designator PERS-83
1306-100    Enlisted Distribution Management System PERS-451            PERS-4013
1306-101  Enlisted Assignment System PERS-40
1306-102  Type Duty Assignment Codes PERS-451
1306-104  Projected Rotation Date (PRD) PERS-451
1306-106  Time on Station (TOS) and Retainability Obligated Service (OBLISERV) PERS-451
1306-108 Enlisted Manning Inquiry Report (EMIR) PERS-4013
1306-110  Enlisted Duty Preference PERS-40
1306-112  NAVPERS 1306/7, Enlisted Personnel Action Request PERS-40
1306-114  Early Return for Cause (ERFC) of Enlisted Personnel PERS-40HH
1306-116  Prescribed Sea Tour (PST)/Normal Shore Tour (NST) PERS-451          PERS-40MM
1306-118  Activity Tour Upon Completion of an Overseas Department of Defense (DOD) Area Tour PERS-451
1306-120  Commanding Officer Shipboard Operational Holds (OPHOLD) PERS-4013
1306-122  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and Permanent Change of Activity (PCA) Move Determination  PERS-451
1306-124  Tour Extensions and Split Tours PERS-40
1306-125 Enlisted Record Flags PERS-40BB BUPERS-32
1306-126  First-Term Personnel Assignment Policy PERS-451
1306-128  Rotation for Construction Rating Personnel PERS-401
1306-130  Post-Confinement Assignment Procedures PERS-40
1306-132  Reassignment of Enlisted Personnel Ashore - Completion of Tour (COMPTOUR) PERS-4013
1306-134  Assignment Policy When Not in Compliance With  Physical Readiness Standards PERS-40
1306-136  Security Limitations for Surface Nuclear Powered Ships PERS-403
1306-138  Fleet Surgical Teams (FSTs) PERS-407
1306-140  Cancelled
1306-141 Voluntary Sea Duty Program PERS-4013
1306-200  Isolated Duty Tours PERS-451
1306-250  Cancelled  
1306-300  Overseas Tour Extension Incentives Program (OTEIP) PERS-40CC
1306-400  Submarine Duty PERS-403
1306-402  Qualification for Assignment to Submarine Duty PERS-403
1306-404  Request for Submarine Training and Assignment PERS-403
1306-406  Reassignment of Qualified Submariners PERS-403
1306-408  Performance Monitoring Team (PMT) PERS-403
1306-410  Chief of the Boat PERS-403
1306-412  New Construction, Overhaul (OVHL), Depot Modernization
Period (DMP), Conversion, Deactivation, or Decommissioning
1306-414  Special Procedures for Assignment of SSBN Personnel PERS-403
1306-416  Processing of Personnel Disqualified from Submarine Duty PERS-403
1306-418  Submarine NR-1 and Deep Submergence Unit (DSU) Duty PERS-403
1306-420  Assignment to Flag Writer Training for Submarine Qualified Yeoman PERS-403
1306-422  Assignment to Submarine Surveillance Equipment Program (SSEP)   Groom Teams and Support Billets PERS-403
1306-423 Assignment To Undersea Surveillance Billets PERS-403DH       PERS-406
1306-424  Physical Qualifications for Submarine Duty PERS-403
1306-425 Assignment to Commander, Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet -
Navy Data Center Billets
1306-500  Nuclear Power Training Program PERS-403
1306-502  Qualifications for Assignment to Nuclear Propulsion Program
1306-504  Requests for Assignment to Nuclear Propulsion Training PERS-403
1306-600  Service Schools PERS-4010
1306-602 Class "A" and Service School Requirements BUPERS-32
1306-604  Active Obligated Service (OBLISERV) for Service   Schools PERS-451
1306-606 Cancelled
1306-608  Cancelled
1306-610 Cancelled
1306-611 Professional Apprenticeship Career Tract (PACT)  Program BUPERS-32
1306-612  Cancelled
1306-614  Transfer Orders, Family Member Travel, Household Goods
Information, and Leave
1306-616 Ineligible Students Received by Training Activity PERS-4010S
1306-618  Class “A” School and Rating Entry Requirements BUPERS-32
1306-700  Exchanges of Duty (SWAPS) PERS-45
1306-800  Special Procedures for Units Undergoing Construction, Conversion PERS-401          PERS-402D         PERS-403           PERS-404          PERS-4010         PERS-4013     
1306-801 Enlisted Assignment Screening PERS-40BB
1306-802 Surface Ships Undergoing Construction and Conversion PERS-409        PERS-4013
1306-803  Special Procedures for Newly Established/ Recommissioned Naval Construction Force (NCF) Units PERS-401     PERS-4013
1306-804  Newly Establishing or Transitioning Aircraft Squadrons PERS-404EL     PERS-4013
1306-900 Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to Special Programs PERS-4010       PERS-409
1306-901  Navy Food Management Teams (NFTMs) PERS-402B
1306-902  Regional Maintenance Center (RMC)/Ship Repair Facility (SRF)
1306-903  Cancelled
1306-904  Brig/Transient Personnel Unit (TPU)/Transient Personnel
Detachment (TPD) Staff
1306-905  Command Career Counselor Program PERS-402B
1306-906  Naval Intelligence Support Center PERS-403          PERS-406EU
1306-907  Navy Ceremonial Guard PERS-4010F
1306-908  Cancelled
1306-909 Cancelled
1306-910 Cancelled
1306-911 Cancelled
1306-912  Seabee Underwater Construction Technician (UCT) Program PERS-401C BUPERS-329
1306-913  Flag Writer (NEC A15A) PERS-44ES1
1306-914  Military Assistance Advisory Groups (MAAGS), Military Groups,
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Commands, Joint
Staffs, Attaché (Embassy) Duty, and Similar Activities
1306-915   Professional Development Instructor (PDI)  PERS-4010D1
1306-916  Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Intern PERS-4010D1
1306-917  Navy Command Climate Specialist (CCS) PERS-4010D1
1306-918  Naval Support Unit, State Department PERS-401
1306-919  Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (NAVFLIGHTDEMRON)
(Blue Angels)
1306-920  USS Constitution PERS-4010D
1306-921 Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) PERS-4010G PERS-474B  OPNAV (N13F)
1306-922 Cancelled
1306-923  Cancelled
1306-924  Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE) Program PERS-401C       BUPERS-329
1306-925  Senior Enlisted Academies (SEAs) PERS-40G1
1306-926  Joint Staff Duty with Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) PERS-4010D
1306-927  Navy Harbor Pilot Program PERS-402B
1306-928  Navy Music Program (MU) USNB (Fleet Band Activities) 
1306-929  Navy Manpower Analysis Center (NAVMAC) PERS-40BB
1306-930  Historic Ship Nautilus (SSN 571) PERS-403C
1306-931  Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center (NACIC) PERS-4010F
1306-932  Cancelled
1306-933  Cancelled
1306-934  Nuclear Trained Personnel Assigned to Nuclear Capable
Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMA)
1306-935  Command Master Chief (CMC) Program PERS-40FF
1306-936  Advancement Examination Developer and Military Exam Leader PERS-40BB
1306-937  Culinary Specialist Executive Services Program PERS-44ES
1306-938 Cancelled
1306-939  White House Communications Agency (WHCA) PERS-4010F
1306-940  Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Training and Support Personnel PERS-402SK
1306-941  Cancelled
1306-942 USS Arizona Memorial PERS-4010D
1306-943  Mobile Environmental Teams (METs) PERS-404DH
1306-944  Naval Special Warfare Tactical Communications Commands (TACCOMM) PERS-4013
1306-945  Flag Officer (STAFF) Duty PERS-40
1306-946  Navy Tugmaster Program PERS-402B
1306-947  Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Fleet Assistance Teams PERS-402A         PERS-402B
1306-948  Commander Naval Air Forces (CNAF) Aviation Maintenance
Management Team (AMMT)
1306-949  Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) PERS-409
1306-950  Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX 1) (Nighthawks) PERS-4010F
1306-951  Cancelled
1306-952 Cancelled
1306-953  Instructor Duty PERS-40BB
1306-954 Recruit Division Commander (RDC) Duty PERS-4010D
1306-955  Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Instructor PERS-4010E3
1306-956  Naval Reserve Instructor Duty PERS-4012C
1306-957  Naval Nuclear Power Program Training Activities PERS-403
1306-958  Academic Remedial Training (ART) Instruction Duty PERS-40BB
1306-959 Afloat Training Groups (ATGs) PERS-40
1306-960  Instructor Duty at Field Medical Service Schools (FLDMEDSERVSCOLs) PERS-407
1306-961  Cryptologic Technician Interpreter (CTI) Language Instructor  Candidates PERS-408
1306-962  Instructor Duty at Naval School of Music USNB (Fleet Band Activities)
1306-963 Cancelled
1306-964  Recruiting Duty PERS-4010C
1306-965  Career Recruiter Force (CRF) PERS-4010C
1306-966  Enlisted Rating Detailer PERS-4010F
1306-967  Cancelled
1306-968  Camp David (Naval Support Facility, Thurmont, MD) PERS-4010F       Camp David
1306-969  Cancelled
1306-970  Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) PERS-40
1306-971  Navy Military Training Instructor Duty  PERS-4010D
1306-972  Patrol Coastal (PC) Crew PERS-40
1306-973  Navy Provisional Guard Battalion (CUBA) PERS-402D
1306-974 Cancelled
1306-975  Naval Special Warfare Meteorology and Oceanography Support Teams (NSW METOC) PERS-404DH
1306-976  Enlisted Musician (MU) Assignments to Navy Preferentially Staffed Bands: U.S. Navy Band, Washington DC and Naval Academy Band, Annapolis MD USNB (Fleet Band Activities)
1306-977  Cancelled
1306-978  Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) PERS-409
1306-979  Recruitment/Assignment to Commander, Naval Special Warfare Development Group (COMNAVESPECWARDEVGRU) PERS-401D COMNAVSPEC-WARDEVGRU
1306-980  Navy Interactive ON-NET (ION) Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) Operator Certification Program BUPERS-327
1306-981  Navy Interactive ON-NET (ION) Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) Trainer Certification Program PERS-408
1306-982  Assignment of Nuclear-Trained Master Chief Petty Officers (MCPO) as Reactor Department Master Chief (RDMC) PERS-403
1306-983  Medical Deep Sea Diving / Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance
Corpsman Programs
BUPERS-325       PERS-407
1306-984  Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM) Tactical Information Operations (TIO) Program PERS-408
1306-985  United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) PERS-4010G
1306-986 Qualification for Assignment to Naval Special Warfare Support Activity Duty PERS-409   
1306-987 Instructor Duty for Enlisted Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) PERS-407
1306-988 Cancelled
1306-989 Assignment to Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC)
​1306-990 ​Defense Courier Duty ​PERS-4010G
​1306-991 ​Marine Barracks Washington, DC (8th AND I) ​PERS-4010F
1306-992 Assignment to Submarine Learning Center Staff or Site Instructor Duty  PERS-403
1306-993 Harbor Patrol Unit (HPU) Level II Coxswain (NEC 853A) - Master-at-Arms PERS-405
1306-994 3M System Coordinator at Sea and Shore PERS-402
​1306-995 ​Assignment to Cryptologic Aircrew Billets ​PERS-408
1306-1000  Reenlistment Incentives PERS-40BB
​1306-1001  Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor Duty ​PERS-4010E3
1306-1002  Cancelled
1306-1004  Cancelled
1306-1006  Cancelled
Naval Information Warfare Training Groups (NIWTG) PERS-408
1306-1010  Zumwalt-Class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG 1000-Class) PERS-40
1306-1100  Personnel Reassignment/Separation Procedures Incident to Activity Deactivation PERS-402D
1306-1200  Limited Duty (LIMDU) EPMC DET TMU           
1306-1202  Limited Duty (LIMDU) Availability Procedures PERS-4013D1       PERS-4013D1L     PERS-83
1306-1204  Accountability of Personnel on Limited Duty (LIMDU) PERS-4013C
1306-1206  Limited Duty (LIMDU) Follow-Up Care PERS-4013C
1306-1208  Disposition and Accounting of Personnel Upon Completion of Limited Duty (LIMDU) EPMAC DET TMU  PERS-40BB        PERS-4821
1306-1210  Nuclear-Trained and Submarine Personnel on Limited Duty (LIMDU)  PERS-403F 
PERS-4013D PERS-4013D1 OPNAV (N133D)
1306-1400 ​Cancelled
1306-1500 Enlisted Component Change Programs and Recall of Reserve Members to Full-Time Support - Overview



1306-1501 Enlisted Active Component To Reserve Component (AC2SELRES/AC2FTS) Transition Procedures



1306-1502  Eligibility Requirements and Application Procedures for Conversion and Recall to the Full Time Support (FTS) Program PERS-913
1306-1504  Cancelled
​1306-1505 Enlisted Reserve Component to Active Component (RC2AC) Procedures​ ​BUPERS-32
1306-1600 Hospitalization of Enlisted Personnel PERS-83
1306-1700  Availability Processing – General Information PERS-40GG 
1306-1702  Availability Processing – Report Submissions PERS-40GG 
1306-1704 Availability Processing – Data Item Descriptions and Remarks for Report Submissions PERS-40GG
1306-1705 Availability Processing – Tracking Orders Status and Tracer Actions  After Report Submission PERS-40GG 
1306-1706 Availability Processing – Changes and Deletions After Initial Report Submission PERS-40GG 
1306-1707  Cancelled
1306-1708  Cancelled
1306-1709  Cancelled
1306-1710  Cancelled
1306-1711  Cancelled
1306-1712  Cancelled
1306-1713 Cancelled
1306-1714  Cancelled
1306-1715 Cancelled
1306-1716  Cancelled
1306-1717 Cancelled
1306-1718  Cancelled
1306-1800 (Article Currently Under Revision) PERS-402D  PERS-403     PERS-404
1320 Orders to Personnel
1320-010  Cancelled
1320-020  Message Orders for Inactive Duty Reserve Officers PERS-812
1320-030  Delegation of Authority to Issue Orders and Administrative Control of Orders and Travel PERS-455
1320-040  Required Signatures on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders Written in the Field PERS-451
1320-050 ​Cancelled
1320-060  Permanent Change of Station Transfer Order (PCSTO), Delivery, Interpretation, and Execution PERS-455
1320-070 ​Cancelled
1320-080  Cancelled
1320-090  Proceed Time in Execution of Orders OPNAV (N13)
1320-100  Travel Time in Execution of Permanent Change of Station Orders and Temporary Additional Duty Orders PERS-451
1320-110  Travel Time in Connection with Call to or Release from Active Duty OPNAV (N13) PERS-454
1320-120  Travel Orders for Patients and Attendants PERS-83
1320-130 ​Cancelled
1320-140  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Transfer Order Reporting Policy PERS-451
1320-150   Cancelled
1320-155 Active Duty (ACDU) Navy Definite Recall Program for Reserve Enlisted OPNAV (N13)
1320-170 Medical Examination of Fire Fighting Instructor  Personnel PERS-4415
1320-180  Cancelled
1320-190 ​Cancelled
1320-200 Temporary Duty Travel Entitlement Policy OPNAV (N130C)
1320-210 Permissive TAD Authorization for Residence Hunting OPNAV (N130E)
1320-220 Permissive Temporary Duty (PDTY) Authorization for Job/House Hunting OPNAV (N130E)
1320-300  Types of Orders PERS-451
1320-302  Cancelled
1320-304 Preparation of Permanent Change of Station Transfer Order (PCSTO) PERS-451
1320-306 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Transfer Order Delivery and Interpretation PERS-451
1320-308 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Transfer Order Execution PERS-451
1320-310 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Transfer Order Endorsements PERS-451
1320-311 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders  Modification or Cancellation PERS-451
1320-312 Order Clarification and Claims PERS-451
1320-314 Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel Orders OPNAV (N130)
1320-316 General Court-Martial Orders PERS-451   
1320-318  Cancelled
1320-320 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders to Ships Under Construction at Civilian Shipbuilding Companies  or Yards PERS-451
1320-322 Change of Homeport or Permanent Duty Station (PDS) of a Vessel,         Ship-Based or Staff, or Mobile Unit PERS-451
1320-324  Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Procedures for Forward Deployed Commands of the Military Sealift Command PERS-451    
1320-326 Personnel Support Functions for NATO Southern Region PERS-451
1321 Orders to Personnel - Officer
1321-010 ​Cancelled
1321-020 Officer Flight Orders (Non-Aeronautically Designated) PERS-435
1321-030 Officers Detailed to Recruiting Duty CNRC (N1/N4)
1321-040 Detail of Chiefs of Staff, Executive Assistants, Flag Secretaries, Flag Lieutenants, and Aides PERS-44ES
1321-050  Assignment to Duty of Limited Duty Officers OPNAV (N13)
1321-100  Orders for Officer Special Programs PERS-451
​1321-105 ​Active Component (AC), Indefinite Recall Program for Reserve Component (RC) Officers ​BUPERS-31
​1321-110 Active Component (AC), MPN-Funded, Definite Recall Program for Officers ​PERS-92
1326 Orders to Personnel - Enlisted
1326-010  Transfer of Enlisted Personnel on Bureau of Naval Personnel Orders PERS-451
1326-020  Permanent and Temporary Flight Order to Enlisted Personnel  PERS-404E
1326-021 Cancelled
1326-030 Reserve Component (RC)/Reserve Personnel, Navy (RPN) -Funded/        Definite Recall Program for Enlisted PERS-92
1331 Personnel Requests - Officer
1331-010  Officers Voluntary Extensions of Active Duty PERS-451
​1331-020 ​Cancelled
1331-030  Officer Applications for Information Warfare Duty Assignment PERS-472
1331-040 Navy Chaplain Corps (CHC) Officer Career Status N097
NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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