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1200 - 1299 Classification and Designation
1200 General
1200-010 Submarine Patrol Insignia Qualifications OPNAV (N871)
1200-020  Deep Submergence Insignia Qualifications OPNAV (N873)
1200-030  Small Craft Insignia OPNAV (N861)
1200-040  Craftmaster Insignia OPNAV (N96D2) 
1200-050  Organization of the Enlisted Classification Program OPNAV (N132G)
1200-060  Cancelled
1200-070  Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS) Insignia SSP (SP31)
1210 Officer
1210-010  Naval Aviator and Flight Officer Designations OPNAV (N13)
1210-020  Naval Astronaut Designation OPNAV (N13)
1210-030  Flight Surgeon OPNAV (N13)
1210-040  Flight Nurse Subspecialty Designation OPNAV (N13)





​1210-060 ​Cancelled
1210-070  Cancelled
1210-080  Cancelled
1210-081 ​Medical Service Corps Flight Officer Designation

OPNAV (N131)

1210-090  Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Designation OPNAV (N861C)
1210-100  Line Officer Designation: Qualified in Submarines OPNAV (N13)
1210-110  Engineering Duty Officer Designation: Qualified in   Submarines OPNAV (N13)
1210-120  Supply Corps Officer Designation: Qualified in Submarines OPNAV (N13)
1210-130  Medical Officer Designation: Qualified in Submarines OPNAV (N13)
1210-140  Diving Officer OPNAV (N13)
1210-145 Diving Chief Warrant Officer (7201)

BUPERS-319/(SEA 00C3B2)

1210-150  Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer Designation OPNAV (N861C)
1210-160  Surface Warfare Officers (SWO) (111X) Requirements for Command of Surface Ships OPNAV (N861C)
1210-170  Command at Sea Insignia: Qualifications OPNAV (N131)
1210-180  Command Ashore Insignia:  Qualifications OPNAV (N131)
1210-190  Active Duty Engineering Duty Officer (1440) Qualifications PERS-445
1210-200  Inactive Duty Engineering Duty Officer (1445) Qualifications NAVSEA (10R)/ PERS-445
1210-210  Information Warfare Officer Qualification OPNAV (N2/ N6C111)
1210-220  Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Officer - Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) OPNAV (N13)
1210-230  Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer BUPERS-3
1210-240 Flight Meteorologist Qualifications PERS-449
1210-250  Special Evaluator/Non-Aeronautically Designated Officers Assigned Duty Involving Flying PERS-472
1210-260 Aviation Operations Officers and Non-Aeronautically Designated Officers and Enlisted Assigned Duty Involving Flying OPNAV (N13)
1210-270  Officer Designation Codes OPNAV (N13)
1210-280  Designation of Limited Duty or Chief Warrant Officer as  Eligible to Succeed to Command OPNAV (N13)
1210-290 Cancelled
1210-300  Surface Warfare Medical Department Officer (SWMDO) Qualifications and Designation OPNAV (N861C)
1210-310  Navy Ocean Facilities Program (OFP) Officer  PERS-4413/ BUPERS-316E 
1210-320 Navy Expeditionary Supply Corps Officer Designation OPNAV (N95)
1212 Officer - Designator Codes
1212-010  Lateral Transfer and Change of Designator Codes of Regular and Reserve Officers PERS-801G
1212-020  Redesignation Procedures for Limited Duty Officers (LDOs)  and Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) within their Respective Community BUPERS-3
1212-030  Redesignation of Regular Permanent and Temporary Limited Duty Officers BUPERS-3
1212-040 Engineering Duty (ED) Option Program BUPERS-31
1212-050 Information Warfare Community (IWC) Option Program BUPERS-317
1212-060 Cancelled
1212-070 Cancelled
1212-080 Cancelled
1213 Officer - Qualification Codes
1213-010 Low Pressure Chamber Inside Instructor/Observer Qualifications BUMED (AERO MED)
1213-020 Suspension and Removal of Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) PERS-473C
1214 Officer - Subspecialty Codes
1214-010  Officer Subspecialty System PERS-45E
1214-020  Cancelled
1220 Enlisted
1220-010  Aircrew and Aviation Rescue Swimmer Programs BUPERS-32
1220-020 Naval Aircrew Warfare Specialist (NAWS) Designation BUPERS-323
1220-022  U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Combat Aircrew Insignia and Designation HQMC (ASM)
1220-030  Parachutist Designation and Duty OPNAV (N13)
1220-040 Submarine Qualifications Designation for Enlisted Members OPNAV (N973B)
1220-050  Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Designation OPNAV (N861C)
1220-060  Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) Designation OPNAV (N889H)
1220-061 Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS) Breast Insignia  SP (SPOOM)
1220-070 Enlisted Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warfare (EWS)  Specialist Designation OPNAV (N85)/ PERS-401DF
1220-080 Enlisted Diving Salvage Warfare (DSW) Specialist   Designation OPNAV (N85)/ PERS-401DC
1220-085 Enlisted Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Designation OPNAV (N85)/ PERS-401DE
1220-090 Enlisted Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC) Specialist Designation OPNAV (N85)/ PERS-401DI
1220-100  Navy Diver (ND) Rating BUPERS-324F/ PERS-401DH
1220-101 U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Marine Combatant Diver Breast Insignia and Designation BUPERS-325
1220-102 Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus  (SCUBA) Diver Program BUPERS-324F
1220-110 ​Cancelled
​1220-120 ​Cancelled
​1220-130 ​Cancelled
​1220-140 ​Cancelled
1220-150 Cancelled
​1220-160 ​Cancelled
​1220-170 ​Cancelled
1220-180 ​Cancelled
​1220-190 ​Cancelled
1220-200  Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Rating BUPERS-324E/ PERS-401DH
1220-210 Cancelled
​1220-220 ​Cancelled
​1220-230 ​Cancelled
​1220-231 ​Cancelled
1220-232 ​Cancelled
​1220-233 ​Cancelled
​1220-240 ​Cancelled
​1220-250 ​Cancelled
1220-260  Cancelled
1220-270 Cancelled
1220-280  Demolition Requalification OPNAV(N13)
1220-290 ​Cancelled
1220-300  Special Warfare Operator (SO) Rating BUPERS-324
1220-301 Cancelled
​1220-302 ​Cancelled
​1220-310 ​Cancelled
​1220-320 ​Cancelled
​1220-330 ​Cancelled
​1220-340 ​Cancelled
1220-350  Assault Boat Coxswain Qualifications PERS-402B
1220-360  Damage Control Scene Leader Qualifications PERS-402A
1220-370  Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare (EXW) Specialist Designation OPNAV (N85)
1220-400 Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB) Rating BUPERS-324
1220-410 SEAL/EOD/SWCC/DIVER/AIRR Physical Screening Testing Standards and Procedures BUPERS-324
1221 Enlisted - Classification Codes and Billet Descriptions
1221-010  Cancelled
1221-020 Cancelled
1221-021 Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Code Award and Removal Procedures PERS-4013
1221-030  Purpose and Scope of Navy Personnel Classification System NAVMAC     (Code 10)
1223 Enlisted - Rank, Rate, or Rating Structure
1223-010  Enlisted Pay Grades and Titles NAVMAC     (Code 10)
1223-020 Cancelled
1236 Enlisted - Testing and Interviewing
1236-010  Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) Administration and Procedures for Navy Personnel OPNAV (N132G)
1236-020  Post Accession Reclassification Program OPNAV (N13)
1236-030  Safeguarding Enlisted Classification Test Material OPNAV (N13)
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