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1000 -1099 General
1000  General (including Marine Corps Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's))
1000-010   Cancelled
1000-020 Pay & Personnel Record Maintenance Responsibilities PERS-2
1000-021 Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Program PERS-2
1000-025 Personnel Transaction Timeliness PERS-2
1000-030  Active Duty Service Date (ADSD) for Enlisted Personnel PERS-312E
1000-040  Fingerprinting PERS-842
1000-050  Fingerprinting Procedures PERS-842
1000-060  Military Personnel Social Security Number (SSN) PERS-331
1000-070  Cancelled
1000-080 Cancelled
1000-090  Race Entries on Forms, Records, and Reports OPNAV (N134E)
1000-100  Home of Record and Place from Which Ordered to Active Duty PERS-312
1000-110  Name and Address Lists of Members of the Navy and Navy Reserve BUPERS-00J
1000-120  Correction of Date of Birth PERS-331
1000-130  Name Change of Member PERS-331
1000-131 ​Member Gender Change Marker ​PERS-331
1000-140  Mailing Address of Members on Inactive Duty PERS-912/ PERS-93
1000-150  Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) PERS-31C
1000-160  Naval Discharge Review Board (NDRB) NDRB
1000-170  Sailing Diary PERS-22
1001  Reserve Policies and Programs
1001-010 Cancelled
1001-020  Full Time Support (FTS) of the Navy Reserve Officer Program PERS-92
1001-030  Civilian Employment of Inactive Duty Navy Reservists PERS-91
1001-040  Foreign Travel and Residence of Inactive Duty Navy Reservists PERS-91
1001-050  Cancelled
1001-060  Assignment of Enlisted Naval Reservists to Active Duty PERS-80C
1001-070  Inactive Duty Reservists Who are Students or Graduates   of Medical Schools or Theological Studies PERS-91
1001-080  Minimum Required Service of Naval Reserve Officers with an Initial 3 To 6 Months of Active Duty for Training in Lieu of 2 or More Years Active Duty OPNAV (N13)
1001-090  Minimum Required Active Service of Reserve Officers OPNAV (N13)
1001-100 Navy Reserve Status and Categories PERS-91

Requirements for Transfer From Selected Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve-Voluntary Training Unit to the Individual Ready Reserve-Active Status Pool, Standby Reserve-Active, or Standby Reserve-Inactive 



Screening Requirements for Individual Ready Reserve-Active Status Pool




Requirements for Transfer From Active Component to the Individual Ready Reserve-Active Status Pool, Standby Reserve-Active, or Standby Reserve-Inactive


1001-150 Navy Reserve Participation Requirements PERS-91
1001-260 Targeted Re-Entry Program PERS-97
1050  Leave and Liberty
1050-010  Leave Policy OPNAV N130
1050-020  Cancelled
1050-030  Cancelled
1050-040  Cancelled
1050-050  Hospitalization While on Leave OPNAV (N13)
1050-060  Cancelled
1050-070  Special Leave Accrual OPNAV (N130)
1050-080  Computation of Leave – Overview OPNAV (N13)
1050-081  Computation of Leave – General Instructions OPNAV (N13)
1050-082  Computation of Leave – Examples of Charging Leave, Proceed, and Travel Time OPNAV (N13)
1050-083  Computation of Leave – Example of Charging Leave   During PCS with TDY En Route OPNAV (N13)
1050-084  Computation of Leave – Example of Charging Leave    When No Travel and Proceed Time Authorized OPNAV (N13)
1050-085  Computation of Leave – Example of Charging Leave    When Unaccounted Time Exists OPNAV (N13)
1050-090  Leave: Day of Departure/Return OPNAV (N13)
1050-100  Leave: Check-in/Check-out Procedures PERS-22
1050-110  Absences Over Leave or Liberty (AOL) OPNAV (N13)
1050-120  Separation Leave OPNAV (N13)
1050-130  Emergency Leave OPNAV (N13)
1050-140  Computation of Emergency Leave Involving Government -Funded Travel OPNAV (N13)
1050-150  Leave En Route in Execution of Orders OPNAV (N13)
1050-160  Leave During Temporary Duty or Temporary Additional   Duty OPNAV (N13)
1050-170  Leave in Conjunction with Temporary Additional Duty OPNAV(N13)
1050-180  Convalescent Leave OPNAV (N13)
1050-190  Sick in Quarters (SIQ) Status OPNAV (N13)
1050-200  Rest and Recuperation on Leave Program OPNAV (N130)
1050-210  Environmental and Morale Leave (EML) OPNAV (N13)
1050-220 ​Recruiting Assistance Leave Program

​OPNAV (N13)

1050-230  Leave for Midshipmen OPNAV (N13)
1050-240 Leave for Naval Academy Midshipmen Candidates Who   Are Graduates of Naval Academy Preparatory School OPNAV (N13)
1050-250  Foreign Leave Travel PERS-451H
1050-260  Leave/Emergency Leave in the Republic of the Philippines OPNAV (N13)
1050-270  Administrative Absences OPNAV (N130)
1050-271  Post-Deployment Mobilization Respite Absence for Active Duty Personnel OPNAV (N130)
1050-272  Post-Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence for Mobilized Reserve Component Personnel OPNAV (N130)
1050-280  Definition of Liberty OPNAV (N13)
1050-290  Policy Concerning Liberty OPNAV (N13)
1050-300  Cancelled
1050-310  Appellate Leave NAMALA
1050-320  Request Appellate Leave NAMALA
1050-330  When the Convening Authority (CA) Acts NAMALA
1050-340  Mandatory Appellate Leave NAMALA
1050-350  Appellate Review NAMALA
1050-360  Procedures for Recalling a Member from Appellate Leave NAMALA
1050-370  Appellate Leave Statement of Understanding NAMALA
1050-380  Letter Format for Change of Status to Mandatory   Appellate Leave NAMALA
1050-390 Cancelled
1050-400  Accrued Leave Creditable Upon Retirement PERS-835

1050-410(Currently Under Revision - Do Not Use) 

Consecutive Overseas Tours (COT) Leave Travel Entitlement Policy OPNAV (N13)
1050-415 Parental Leave Program OPNAV (N130)
1050-420   Cancelled
1050-430     Cancelled
1050-435 Cancelled



1050-440 Administrative Absence to Obtain a Legal Marriage OPNAV (N130)
1070  Personnel Records
1070 Cancelled
1070-010  Security of Personnel Records PERS-312E
1070-020  Officer Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) PERS-313
1070-030  Creating the Officer Permanent Personnel Record PERS-313C
1070-040 Cancelled
1070-050 Cancelled
1070-060 Cancelled
1070-070 Cancelled
1070-080  Enlisted Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) PERS-313
1070-090  Creating the Enlisted Permanent Personnel Record PERS-313C
1070-100  Cancelled
1070-110  Cancelled
1070-111 Submission of Navy Standard Integrated Personnel   System (NSIPS) and Electronic Service Record (ESR) Documents to the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) PERS-313
1070-120  Cancelled
1070-130  Cancelled
1070-140  Cancelled
1070-150  Requests for Copies of the Permanent Personnel Record PERS-313C
1070-160  Cancelled
1070-170  Documents Filed in the Permanent Personnel Record PERS-313C
1070-180  Officer Photographs PERS-312E
1070-190  Signatures in Service Record PERS-313C
1070-200  Cancelled
1070-210  Correction of the Field Service Record PERS-313C
1070-220  Citizenship Entries in the Enlisted Personnel Record PERS-313
1070-230  DD4, Enlistment/Reenlistment Document – Armed Forces  of the United States PERS-313C
1070-240  NAVPERS 1070/601, Immediate Reenlistment Contract PERS-313C
1070-250  NAVPERS 1070/621, Agreement to Extend Enlistment PERS-313C
1070-260  NAVPERS 1070/622, Agreement to Recall or Extend    Active Duty PERS-313C
1070-270  NAVPERS 1070/602, Dependency Application/ Record of Emergency Data and DD93, Record of Emergency Data PERS-221
1070-280  Cancelled
1070-290  NAVPERS 1070/605, History of Assignments PERS-313C
Exhibit 1 Exhibit 1 – NAVPERS 1070/605
1070-300  NAVPERS 1070/606, Record of Unauthorized Absence PERS-312E
1070-310  NAVPERS 1070/607, Court Memorandum PERS-312E
1070-320  Administrative Remarks PERS-313C
1070-330  NAVPERS 1070/615, Record of Discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve (Inactive) PERS-913
1070-340  DD214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty PERS-312E
1070-350 Cancelled
1070-360 ​NAVPERS 1070/887 Sex Offense Accountability Record ​OPNAV (N172)
 1080  Personnel Accounting
1080-010  NAVPERS 18068F, Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower    and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards

NAVMAC  (Code 10)

1080-020  NAVPERS 15839I, Manual of Navy Officer Manpower       and Personnel Classifications NAVMAC  (Code 10)
NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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