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  Bureau of Naval Personnel Instructions    

Instruction Instruction Effective
Number Title Date
1000.22C Management of Navy Uniformed Personnel Diagnosed With Pseudofolliculitis Barbae 10/8/2019
1001.39F Administrative Procedures for Navy Reservists 9/17/2007
1001.39F CH-1   5/3/2013
1001.40B Navy Reserve Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) Program 10/25/2006
1070.27C Document Submission Guidelines for the Electronic Military Personnel Records System (EMPRS) 11/1/2010
1080.54 ​Enlisted Distribution and Verification Process 7/18/2016​​
1133.29M ​Career Recruiter Conversion Procedures ​11/13/2018
1150.1C Policies and Administrative Procedures for the Hometown Area Recruiting Program (HARP), Officer Hometown Area Recruiting Program (OHARP), Blue Jacket Hometown Area Recruiting Program (BJHARP) and Senior Minority Assistance to Recruiting Program (SEMINAR) 2/12/2009
1301.40C Format and Procedures for Validation and Distribution of the Officer Distribution Control Report 5/6/2018
1306.72H Policies and Procedures Concerning Medical Transition Company  (MTC) 12/8/2010
1306.77C Manual for the Administration of Transient Personnel Units 10/31/2012
1326.4E Administration of Enlisted Flight Orders, Career Enlisted Flyer Incentive Pay (CEFIP), and Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (HDIP) for Aerial Flight 6/3/2011
1401.4F Astronaut Candidate Selection Program 12/7/2015


(Correction made to approval date from 5/22/20 to 4/29/20)

Supplemental Guidance for U.S. Navy Selection Boards 29 Apr 2020
1430.16G Advancement Manual for Enlisted Personnel of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve 2/19/2018
1500.62D Test Pilot Schools 9/14/2018
1540.41E Qualification and Assignment of Personnel in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program 9/8/2017
1560.20E White House Fellows Program 11/21/2014
1560.21F Legislative Fellows Program 12/12/2017
1600.7 Desertion and Unauthorized Absence 6/16/2015
1610.10E Navy Performance Evaluation System 12/6/2019

1610.10E CH-1 




1640.18J U.S. Navy Designated Places of Shore Confinement 6/1/2019

1640.20B             1640.20B CH-1

Manual for the Administration and Deployment of Armed Escort Teams 



1640.21B The Military Model of Navy Corrections 11/22/2016
1640.23 Compliance With Department of Justice National Standards To Prevent, Detect, And Respond To Prison Rape Under The Prison Rape Elimination Act Navy Shore Confinement Facility 6/13/2014
1640.24 ​Limiting The Use of Restrictive Housing Within The Navy Shore Corrections System ​8/1/2016
1640.25 ​Prisoner Re-Entry Program ​3/25/2019
1640.26 ​Suicide Watch Companion Program for Military Confinement Facilities ​3/9/2019​
1650.13 ​Beneficial Suggestion Program for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​10/26/2017
1700.22D Sailor of the Year Program 8/31/2016
1710.22 Navy Flying Club (NFC) Program 6/5/2001


Supplemental Info for E-mail Submission

Standards and Procedures Governing the Accommodation of Religious Practices




Volume 1

​Identification Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their Eligible Family Members, and Other Eligible Personnel 8/4/2017​​


Vol 2

Common Access Card 5/17/201817/2018
1752.2 ​Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​9/13/2017
BUPERSNOTE  1780 Post 9/11 GI Bill 9/14/2015
1780.1A GI Bill Education Benefits Programs 10/5/2004


1900.8E CH-1


Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty (DD 214/DD214C/DD 214WS, and DD 215)





2060.1 ​Bureau of Naval Personnel Policy for Using Navy Mobile Devices (Smart Phone/Tablets) ​9/19/2017
3006.1 ​Bureau of Naval Personnel Recall and Post-Incident Accountability Procedures for Military and Civilian Personnel ​1/3/2018
F3030.2 Bureau of Naval Personnel Millington and Navy Personnel Command Continuity of Operations Plan 11/12/2015
4491.1 ​Enterprise Information Management-Service Request ​9/21/2017

Command Inspection Program for Activities Under the Command of the Chief of Naval Personnel

BUPERSNOTE 5040 ​Command Inspection Schedule for Activities Under the Functional Control of the Chief of Naval Personnel 1/22/2019​
5100.13A Bureau of Naval Personnel Occupational Safety and Health Program 7/29/2016
5200.12A Management Control Program 6/4/1992
5210.8 Implementation of the Total Record Information Management Application as the Electronic Records Management Solution within the Bureau of Naval Personnel 6/22/2011
​5211.7A ​Bureau of Naval Personnel Privacy Program and Establishment of the Bureau of Naval Personnel Privacy Cadre ​8/24/2018
BUPERSNOTE 5215 ​Cancellation of BUPERSINST 5230.8A Bureau of Naval Personnel Continuity and Contingency Planning and Sustainment Program) ​2/7/2020
BUPERSNOTE 5215 ​Cancellation of BUPERSINST 1640.22 (Naval Corrections Manual) ​2/7/2020
BUPERSNOTE 5215 ​Cancellation of BUPERSINSTs 5450.16G (Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Recruiting Command and BUPERSINST 5450.59 (Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Recruiting District ​2/2/2020
5216.6  Signing of Correspondence "By Direction" for the Chief of Naval Personnel (CHNAVPERS) 9/25/2008
5230.7 Information Technology Systems Maintenance, Functional Degradation, Outage, and Urgent Situation Policy and Reporting Procedures 9/9/2010
5230.10 SharePoint Portal Policy, Guidance, Roles, and Responsibilities 4/11/2014
5230.11A Total Workforce Management Services 9/21/2017
​5230.13B ​System Authorization Access Request Navy 3/9/2019​​
5239.2 Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program Training, Certification and Workforce Management 12/13/2010
5239.4 ​Data Transfer ​8/24/2018
5300.11 ​Acquisition Workforce Management For the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​9/21/2017
5353.1 Use of Hand-Held Alcohol Detection Devices in the Bureau of Naval Personnel Claimancy 3/5/2013
5370.5A Chief of Naval Personnel Hotline Program 12/8/2010
5400.9M Manpower Management for the Bureau of Naval Personnel 3/9/2018


Bureau of Naval Personnel Millington Organization Manual 12/14/2014
5420.21A Administration of Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) Applications Within the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) 10/17/2011
5450.45E Mission and Functions of the Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity Washington, DC 7/28/2017
5450.46C Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Naval Consolidated Brig, Charleston, SC  7/28/2017
5450.47D Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar, San Diego, CA  7/28/2017


5450.49D CH-1

Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Manpower Analysis Center



5450.54C Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Personnel Command 3/1/2018
5450.55 Authority, Responsibilities and Functions of the Chief of Naval Personnel Inspector General 11/3/2010
5450.56A Reporting Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities of the Bureau of Naval Personnel Command Information Officer 5/4/2014
5450.57A Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Naval Consolidated Brig Chesapeake VA 7/28/2017
​5450.61A ​Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center ​3/1/2018
5510.61C ​​Bureau of Naval Personnel Command Security Program ​7/28/2017​
5530.2B Bureau of Naval Personnel Physical Security Program 5/13/2013
5530.3 ​Bureau of Naval Personnel Antiterrorism/Physical Security Plan 12/2/2019​
5720.7G Implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in Activities Under the Command of the Chief of Naval Personnel 7/13/2019



Alternative Dispute Resolution Program for Civilian Employees



5800.3A Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) 5/13/2003
7000.9 Use of Memoranda of Agreement, Memoranda of Understanding, and Interservice Support Agreements 12/3/2010
7040.6B Financial Management Guide for Permanent Change of Station Travel (Military Personnel, Navy) (MPN) 9/29/2010
7040.7B Financial Management Guide for Permanent Change of Station Travel for Reserve Personnel, Navy (RPN) 9/29/2010
7200.2A Collection of Bad Debts Incurred by Navy Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFIS) 9/4/2003
7500.2B Relations with External Audit Organizations 12/8/1999
12300.1A Employment of Retired Military Personnel of the Armed Forces 9/21/2017
12300.2A Bureau of Naval Personnel Telework Program 9/19/2017
12300.3A Student Loan Repayment Program 9/19/2017
12300.4B Civilian Merit Staffing Plan 1/3/2018
12410.25 ​Civilian Workforce Development Program for Bureau of Naval Personnel ​12/15/2017
​12430.4 ​Civilian Performance Management for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​3/27/2018
12450.4B ​Civilian Awards Program for the Bureau of Naval Personnel 7/12/2019​
12510.3A Position Management and Position Classification Authority 5/1/2017
​12600.1 ​Civilian Time and Attendance for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​1/4/2018
12600.2​ ​Civilian Work Schedules for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​12/12/2017
12600.3 ​Civilian Travel and Compensatory Time for Travel for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​1/3/2018
12600.4 ​Overtime, Compensatory Time, and Credit Hours for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​12/15/2017
12600.5 ​Civilian Leave for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​2/21/2018
12700.1 ​Administrative Gievance Procedures for Bureau of Naval Personnel ​12/7/2017
12710.1 ​Preventing Workplace Violence at the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​12/15/2017
12752.1A ​Civilian Disciplinary Actions for the Bureau of Naval Personnel ​5/25/2018
​12792.1 ​Drug-Free Workplace Program ​12/11/2017
12990.1A Manual for the Operation of Navy Civilian Morale, Welfare and Recreation (CMWR) Activities 2/6/2004



NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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