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Graduate Education

The Surface Warfare Community is committed to providing you a fully funded Master's Degree through one of our many popular programs.  

NAVADMIN 195/07  Officer Graduate Education Service Obligation 

Federal Executive Fellowship, SECDEF Corporate Fellowship, and Legislative Fellowship information is available on the NPC Education Placement page, PERS-440


Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
You must apply to NPS online--see the "APC Calculation" link below. 
If you change your curriculum desire after initial application, you must go back into your Admissions profile and select the new curriculum.



Due to significant demand for NPS, PERS-41 will continue quota competitions to ensure the most qualified officers are assigned to these high-demand programs.  Applicants will be selected for participation via a semi-annual screening process similar in nature to promotion boards, with reviews of the officer's qualifications, fitreps, and NPS-calculated Academic Profile Code (APC).  The officer's APC must meet the curriculum minimum, or an approved waiver must already be granted, in order to be considered by the board. 

Technical Curricula: The biggest sticking point here is your APC--once you have your APC calculated, view the NPS SWO Curricula link below to see which curricula requirements you meet.  

     APC Calculation
     You will not be assigned any NPS quota until your APC is calculated and
     forwarded to NPC by N
PS Admissions. 
     **APC Waiver:  We can request a waiver (PERS-412 via NPS Placement) 
if your APC does not meet the curriculum requirement.  Approval rests solely
     with NPS Admissions, and often comes with the requirement to attend a
     refresher quarter prior to curriculum start.  This may impact your
PRD/Availability date (how much earlier we need to get you a qualified relief, or 
     the need for your to extend onboard for a couple of months); be prepared to 
discuss a PRD adjustment with your chain-of-command and your Detailer.

     NPS SWO Curricula
     The SWO community does not hold quotas in every curriculum offered at NPS. 
     This link has the current curricula available to SWOs, to include the required
     APC and start dates.

     NPS Homepage

NPS Distance Learning

NPS also provides distance learning programs that allow students to pursue higher level education outside the classroom.  If you are interested in obtaining more information on these programs please visit the distance learning homepage (hyperlink above) or contact NPS.


NPS Master of Systems Analysis (MSA)  Similar to the EMBA program mentioned below, the MSA program is specially tailored for students whose career miletsones and requirements will not allow them to pursue full-time graduate education.  The MSA is a 24-month, part-time Master's Degree program delivered through a blend of distance learning methods.  Students take two courses a quarter for eight consecutive quarters: one using web-based instruction (ONLINE) and the other using video tele-education (VTE).  The web-based courses are paced week to week while providing students the flexibility to complete assignments at any point throughout the week.  The MSA curriculum begins in the spring and fall quarters.  Part way through the program, students are awarded the Certificate in Systems Analysis and, upon completion, receive a Master of System's Analysis degree.  In addition, graduates will be awarded the 3201P (Operations Research Analysis) subspecialty code.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

This is a 24-month, part-time, distance-learning program through the Naval Postgraduate School.  Students attend class during normal duty hours one day a week for 6-7 hours in their local duty area.  The primary course delivery mode is two-way video and audio video teleconferencing.  Students enter the program as a “cohort,” taking classes together and completing the program as a group.  All students are required to attend a one-week orientation session at NPS the week prior to the first quarter of classes.  Two cohorts convene per fiscal year (spring/fall).  Upon successful completion of the EMBA program, students are awarded an Executive Master of Business degree granted by the Naval Postgraduate School, as well as earning a subspecialty code of 3100P (Financial Management – Defense Focus).  

     EMBA Homepage

Purdue Military Research (PMRI)

Provides a fully funded PhD or MS degree by Tuition Scholarships at Purdue's Graduate School.  The program allows 10 graduate tuition scholarships annually for officers entering in-residence graduate programs.   

Applications are due NLT 15 January 2016 -

     PMRI Handout


USNA LEAD Program (Company Officer Program)
Historically, PERS-412 has 5-7 billets annually for the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Program. One year is spent working on a degree in Leadership from NPS while at the Naval Academy. Following the academic portion, two years are spent as a Company Officer. PERS-41 holds a selection board in late fall for the following year's program starting in May.  RJCSRB is required for officers in this program.

     USNA LEAD Homepage

      NAVADMIN 315/12 announces the FY13 program.

USNA Graduate Education Plus Teaching Program (GE+T)
The GE+T Program provides approximately 12 months of graduate education at either a selected civilian institution in the Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC area or the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), directly followed by a two-academic-year teaching assignment at USNA as an officer-instructor, resulting in a maximum 36-month combined tour. USNA GE+T offers both technical and non-technical degree programs.  RJCSRB is required for officers in this program.

      NAVADMIN 310/12 announces the FY13 program.

Graduate Education Voucher (GEV)

This voucher pays up to $20,000 per year for a maximum of two years for graduate school tuition, books, and most fees. The voucher can be used at any university of the officer's choice with approval of the curriculum from NPS. The curriculum must also meet the requirements set forth by Commander, Naval Education and Training. 

      GEV Homepage (Navy College)


      NAVADMIN 180/12  announces the FY13 program. may assist in providing information on the subspecialty for a pre-screen of degree plan meeting the quota requirement prior to selection. 


Instructor Program (24/12)

This is a 36-month tour that includes 24 months as an instructor followed by 12 months of duty to support graduate education at the school of your choice (however, no separate PCS move is allowed). This option exists for officers at any ATG in a TLO billet, ATRC Dahlgren, SWOS (to include International SWOS), and 5 billets at Nuclear Power School/Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit (21/12). This program is funded by GEV and restricted to its rules. RJCSRB is required for officers in this program.

If you choose to participate in 24/12, you’ll receive GEV (Graduate Education Voucher) funding (per each fiscal year GEV allotment plan) to pay for your masters.  GEV will give you up to $20,000 for two consecutive years.  You must apply for the GEV funds through the PERS-41 office and have your curriculum approved through Navy College and PERS-41.

You DO NOT have to participate in 24/12 to receive orders to ATG, SWOS, or ATRC.  If you want a tour at one of those commands, but are not ready to commit to DH, we can issue regular 24 month shore duty orders, with no DH obligation.

      GEV Homepage (Navy College)

      NAVADMIN 180/12  announces the FY13 GEV program. 

Tuition Assistance Program

The Navy's financial assistance program provides active duty personnel and some reserve personnel on active duty a percentage of the tuition costs for courses taken in an off-duty status at an accredited college, university, or vocational/technical institution. 


     Tuition Assistance Homepage (Navy College)

Olmstead Scholarship


Allows officers to study at an overseas university funded by the Olmstead Foundation.  Navy-wide selection board held each October.  

     Olmsted Foundation Homepage 

     NAVADMIN 098/11 announces the FY13 program.

Pol-Mil Masters Programs

Mix of one and two-year programs at Harvard, Stanford, Tufts, Georgetown, or Johns Hopkins.  Navy-wide selection board held each October.  Officers must be accepted to one of approved schools.

     NAVADMIN 202/11 provides recent guidance for the selection board process
     and includes the OPNAVINST reference for various programs.

Naval War College

The Naval War College Intermediate course of instruction is designed for Officers in the grade of LCDR or CDR.  PERS-412 does not have discrete quotes for LTs to attend NWC.  However, if we are short a LCDR/CDR for a quota, we have been able to place LTs into open quotas with a rank waiver approved by PERS-4.  THIS OPTION IS EXTREMELY LIMITED and Junior Officers must be highly competitive to receive a rank waiver. Classes convene in February, August and November of each year.  In 12 months, these LTs earn an accredited Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies along with JPME Phase 1. 
All interested officers must posses strong operational backgrounds to ensure they are capable of interacting in a classroom environment with senior officers. 

      NWC Homepage

Doctoral Studies Program
There are no discrete SWO quotas for doctoral studies.  Every year there is one URL quota to perform doctoral studies at NPS in the Political Strategy and Intelligence subspecialty. 

      NAVADMIN 186/11

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