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What does it mean now that I am screened COSS or XOSS?

Navy Personnel Command > Officer > Officer Detailing > Pers-42 Submarine > FAQs and Answers > What does it mean now that I am screened COSS or XOSS?


(a) OPNAVINST 7220.11E, Nuclear Officer Incentive Pay Program
(b) OPNAVINST 7220.15, Submarine Duty Incentive Pay Program
(c) BUPERSINST 1540.41D, Qualification and Assignment of Personnel in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program 


COSS = Commanding Officer Submarine Support
XOSS = Executive Officer Submarine Support
SUBPAY = Submarine Pay
CONSUBPAY  = Continuous Submarine Duty Incentive Pay
OPSUBPAY = Operational Submarine Duty Incentive Pay
NOIP = Nuclear Officer Incentive Pay
COPAY = Nuclear Officer Continuation Pay
AIB = Annual Incentive Bonus
AQD = Additional Qualification Designator


- A COSS/XOSS is fully qualified to undergo PCO/PXO training and serve as CO or XO should additional officers be required.  XOSS officers are prioritized for assignment by the screening board.  As XO billets become available during the subsequent fiscal year, officers will be assigned in priority order from the list.  COSS officers will be selected for assignment to CO billets based on performance as a squadron deputy.
- The "Submarine Support" screening status can be maintained until 1 October of the year the officer completes 15 YCS (XOSS) or 21 YCS (COSS).  At that time, the officer will be administratively descreened and placed in a “Not Cleared” status.  TYCOM or screening board action can result in an earlier transition to “Not Cleared” status (e.g. Failure of the PXO or PCO training pipeline).


- As a COSS/XOSS, full eligibility for NOIP and CONSUBPAY is maintained so long as the officer remains fully qualified in accordance with references (a), (b), and (c).  The two most common ways that COSS/XOSS officers lose eligibility for these pays are:
- Being placed in a "Not Cleared" status as described above. If still serving in a nuclear billet at the time of being placed “Not Cleared”, the officer will retain his nuclear AQDs and eligibility for NOIP until he detaches from that nuclear billet.
- Loss of nuclear AQDs.   Reference (c) details numerous ways   that an officer can lose his nuclear AQDs, but the most common     for COSS/XOSS is by not having served in a nuclear billet within   the previous 3 years.
- Loss of nuclear AQDs will result in loss of both NOIP and CONSUBPAY eligibility.  Before refusing orders to a nuclear billet or requesting to extend their PRD in a non-nuclear billet, officers should review the pay consequences with their detailer.  Geographic flexibility and foresightedness are keys to being able to find qualifying nuclear billets within your particular PRD window.  In some cases, when officers exhibit geographic rigidity, assignment to a qualifying billet may not be possible, resulting in the loss of nuclear AQDs when three years have elapsed since the officer served in a nuclear billet. This will result in the loss of eligibility for CONSUBPAY and NOIP.
- Detailers maintain a list of nuclear billets for their constituents. The following list is indicative of the types of nuclear billets to which a COSS or XOSS could be sent:

Squadron Deputy (COSS)
Naval Nuclear Power School and Prototype (XOSS)
OIC 571 (XOSS)
Submarine Group Material/Training Officer (XOSS)

- Officers screened as COSS and assigned to a Squadron Deputy tour will attend the full PCO pipeline (Naval Reactors and Type Commander portions).  This will provide them with the background necessary to more effectively assist the Squadron Commander in maintaining readiness. Contact your detailer to discuss availability.


- PERS-42 is responsible for detailing COSS/XOSS officers.  COSS/XOSS officers are assignable to any billet commensurate with their rank and any special training or subspecialties they have. 
- Submarine Support Incentive Pay.  Submarine Support Incentive Pay (SSIP) is made available to COSS officers with at least 20 years of commissioned service in pay grades O5-O6. COSS officers not eligible for NOIP may be eligible to sign SSIP agreements of $20K or $25K per year for a 2 or 3-year agreement.  NAVADMIN 293/10 contains eligibility requirements for SSIP.


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