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Acquisition FAQ


What is DAWIA?

 DAWIA stands for the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act. DAWIA, passed in 1990, was enacted to improve the overall effectiveness and professionalism of military and civilian personnel charged with management and administration of Defense acquisition programs. DAWIA emphasized improving the education, training and experience levels of acquisition professionals.

 What is the Acquisition Corps (AC)?

 Established in 1990, the purpose of the Acquisition Corps (AC) is to create a pool of highly qualified AWF personnel to fill Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) and Key Leadership Positions (KLPs).  The Department of the Navy (DON) AC is an elite group of acquisition professionals with the skills and attributes required to lead and effectively manage the defense acquisition process.  Selected Reserve Officers (SELRES) are not eligible for membership in the Acquisition Corps.

What is the difference between Acquisition Corps and DAWIA certifications?

Being a member of the Acquisition Corps (AC) means that you have completed acquisition training and certified to Level II in respective career field of designated position, have minimum 24 business credits and are O-4 (LCDR) or above in rank. All Military Critical Acquisition Positions must be filled by O-5 (CDR) and/or above and must be members of the AC.  DAWIA certifications indicate that you have completed specific career field training and experience and have been awarded a certification (Level I, II, or III).

Do I really need to become a member of the Acquisition Corps?

 YES! Apply for Acquisition Corps membership once you have been promoted to LCDR and have attained Level II certification in your position designated career field.  Many acquisition coded billets, especially our CDR and CAPT billets are coded as "Critical Acquisition Position (CAP) billets.  An officer must be a member of the Acquisition Corps to be assigned to one of these billets.  You cannot be assigned to a critical acquisition position if you are not a member of the Acquisition Corps.

 How do I become a member of the Acquisition Corps?      

 What are DAWIA certifications?

 Certification is the process through which DON management determines that an Acquisition Workforce (AWF) member meets the mandatory (Core) standards (experience, education, and training) established for a career field.  All personnel occupying acquisition positions have a primary certification requirement which is determined by the position category and certification level assigned to the position. There are three levels of career field certification.  The certification level assigned to the position is based on the duties, responsibilities and authorities of the position.  Once AWF members become certified, they remain certified even if the certification requirements change.  Certified AWF members shall maintain currency in their career fields.

What are the three levels of DAWIA certification?

 Level I (Basic Level): Basic level training standards are designed to establish fundamental qualifications and expertise in the individual's job series, functional area or career field. It is appropriate for entry level and other positions that require a basic knowledge of the acquisition systems. Development at the basic level lays the foundation for career progression and is designed to prepare qualified, motivated personnel for positions of increasing responsibility. This level is required for all O-1 through O-3 positions (see exceptions for NACO, ILS and FMCP Developmental Programs identified in Level II above below).This level (or Level II) may also be assigned to Enlisted positions at the E-4 grade level and above if in Contracting, and E-6 and above if other than Contracting. 

 Level II (Intermediate Level): This level is appropriate for those in Intern development programs and journeymen or senior positions (non-KLP/CAP) that need an intermediate level of acquisition knowledge and skills.   This level is required for all O-4 positions. This may also be assigned to positions in the Naval Acquisition Contracting Officer (NACO), the Naval Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), and Financial Management Career Program (FMCP).  This level (or Level I) may be assigned to Enlisted acquisition positions at the E-4 grade level and above if in Contracting, and E-6 and above if other than Contracting.  Example of a civilian position, Level II would be appropriate for a GS-14/15 manager working in a Warfare Center or field activity who has subordinate acquisition technical experts.

 Level III (Senior Level):  This level is required for all KLPs, CAPs, O-5 and O-6 positions, and positions in the SPRDE-PSE career field.  For other positions, this level is typically assigned to positions located in organizations with a major acquisition mission, e.g. the systems commands. Level III would be appropriate for acquisition technical experts whose duties require a high level of knowledge and skills associated with major defense acquisition programs.  For example, a GS-12/13 working in an ACAT I and II program office may require a Level III designation whereas a GS-14 (or equivalent) working in an Echelon III or IV activity may require Level I or II.

What are the requirements for DAWIA certifications and how do attain them?

 DAU Catalog has all the details on Career Fields Certification Standards.  An online copy of the catalog is available at Once you have completed the requirements for a certification you need to apply for certification.  Submit certification requests online via eDACM, select 'Manage Career’ and select ‘Manage Certification Requests’.

How do I know what certifications are in my service record?  

Your level of certification for each career field is entered in your service record as an Additional Qualification Designator (AQD). AQD’s appear on your OSR/PSR cover sheet and on your ODC. 

 Where do I start?

First you should take ACQ-101 and LOG-101. These are available on line. You can register for these courses online via eDACM, select 'Manage Career’ and select ‘Training’ and select ‘Search for DAU training’.. ACQ-201 is also partially available on the web. Once you have completed these basic courses, you should work to complete the remaining requirements for career field certification designated to your position. You should also aim to become a member of the AC as soon as you are a LCDR

How can I update or make changes to my eDACM profile?

Contact eDACM Support Team with your request.  PERS-447 does not have the capability to make changes in individual's DAU record.   You can email via your eDACM profile by clicking on the "Help" tab or by calling 717-605-2357.

 Can I get DAWIA training enroute between duty stations?

First, ensure your detailer knows what DAWIA training you want enroute. If the detailer indicates that the training is possible considering other time constraints, go to the DAU:

 web site and register for the class you desire—in the remarks indicate that this will be enroute between PCS duty stations.  PERS-447 will verify enroute status to an acquisition coded billet.  

Where can I go to learn more about DAWIA and AC?

Visit the ASN(RDA) Acquisition Workforce website at:

 I currently am not in an acquisition coded billet. Can I request certification?

At this time the DACM office is only processing requests for military certifications and/or acquisition corps membership for officers that have previously held an acquisition billet, are en-route to an acquisition billet, or are required to meet the AQD for a promotion board within the next 4 months.  All other requests are on hold until further notice. 

 I'm a Navy Selected Reserve officer.  Can I apply for career field certification?

 SELRES community managers must coordinate Reserve officer certification and waiver requests with PERS-9 and the Office of the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) for approval.  SELRES AWF members may be certified at the career field level required by their position (only Level I or II) and are not authorized for subsidiary certifications




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