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404 Rating Health

 Airframes Ratings  Slide
 Aviation Machinist's Mate  
    (AD-FTS) slide
 Aviation Structural Mechanic   (AM) slide

(AM-FTS) slide

 Aviation Boatswain's Mate Ratings  Slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate   (AB) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Launch/Recovery   (ABE) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Fuels   (ABF) slide
 Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Aircraft handling   (ABH) slide
 Avionics Ratings    Slide
 Aviation Electrician's Mate   (AE) slide
    (AE-FTS) slide
 Aviation Ordnanceman   (AO) slide
  (AO-FTS) slide
 Aviation Electronics Technician   (AT) slide
    (AT-FTS) slide
 Aircrewman Ratings  NEC  Slide
Naval Aircrewman Mechanical  Overall (AWF) slide
   Overall (AWF FTS) slide
   G16A (8209) AWF FTS (G16A) slide
​ G20A (8235) AWF (G20A) slide
​ G22A (8245) AWF FTS (G22A) slide
​ G25A (8252) AWF FTS (G25A) slide
​ G28A (8279) AWF (G28A) slide
   G53A (8220) AWF FTS (G53A) slide
   G54A (8227) AWF (G54A) slide
   G57A (8241) AWF (G57A) slide
   G60A (8251) AWF (G60A) slide 
   G60A (8251) AWF FTS (G60A) slide
   G63A (8278) AWF FTS (G63A) slide
Naval  Aircrewman Operator  Overall (AWO) slide
   G06A (7841) AWO (G06A) slide
   G07A (7842) AWO (G07A) slide
   G08A (7861) AWO (G08A) slide
   G09A (7862) AWO (G09A) slide
   G29A (8284) AWO (G29A) slide
Naval Aircrewman Helicopter Tactical   Overall (AWR) slide
   G11A (7875) AWR (G11A) slide
​Naval Aircrewman Helicopter ​ Overall (AWS) slide
​ G13A (7886) AWS (G13A) slide
​ G34A (7805) AWS (G34A) slide
​ G30A (8367) AWS (G30A) slide
Naval  Aircrewman Avionics  Overall (AWV) slide
   G19A (8229) AWV (G19A) slide
   G32A (9401) AWV (G32A) slide
   G33A (9402) AWV (G33A) slide
 Environmental / Survival Ratings    Slide
 Aviation Structural Mechanic-Safety Equipment   (AME) slide
    (AME-FTS) slide
 Aircrew Survival Equipmentman   (PR) slide
    (PR-FTS) slide
Flight Line Ratings  Slide
 Air Traffic Controller (AC) slide
 Aerographer's Mate (AG) slide
 Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS) slide
(AS-FTS) slide
 Maintenance Admin Rating  Slide
 Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) slide
(AZ-FTS) slide
 MCPO Ratings  NEC  Slide
Aviation Maintenance Material Control Master Chief  724B MMCPO slide
​Aviation Airframe Master Chief  (AF) Slides
​Aviation Avionics Master Chief (AV) Slides
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