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HM Enlisted Assignments



 Hospital Corpsman (HM)



Notes from the HM Detailing Team


Please route all HM Community 1306s with valid CO designated signature and accompanying printed/stamped signature block to askmncc@navy.milonly vice 1306P407 to ensure processing in a timely manner.  

  • HM 0000/L03A, please apply for billets that meet your current pay grade only. NO one up one down.

  • Although we are a Shore intensive rating, we are still encouraged to start and maintain a “Sea/Shore rotation”. The Sea/Shore flow guidelines are on the HM ECM website.

  • There has been an influx of calls right after submitting applications in CMSID. If your applications were submitted successfully wait for results to post, before contacting your detailer.
  • Review the new NAVADMIN 231/17 on detailing guidelines, link above.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What constitutes a "valid" application for orders?
-A valid application is defined as the right rank/NEC in accordance with the member’s sea/shore flow. For an example, if I am a HM1 0000/L03A, coming from sea duty, I should be applying for HM1 0000/L03A shore duty billets ONLY (not HM2 L02A because I desire the location). Additionally, because sea duty is limited for the majority of HM's, those serving on sea duty should not apply for back to back sea duty unless in a critically manned "sea going" NEC (i.e. Surface, Submarine, Dive Independent Duty Corpsman). We recommend Sailors who are not selected for sea duty based on competitiveness while in their negotiation window communicate with their detailers a choice of location/coast to align with a potential shore command.    
2. I did not get selected during my three selection cycles, now I am Needs of the Navy, what can I expect to happen?
-As long as members have applied each cycle in accordance with NAVADMIN 231/17, they will roll to the next cycle and still have options. The system may show an application gate not allowing the member to apply. If this happens, Sailors need to communicate with their detailer and email their five valid applications, at which time the detailer will apply them in CMS/ID. Those who have rolled beyond their negotiation window who have not followed governing instructions may be selected for a billet they do not desire. Best advice is to reach out to your detailer and discuss options.    

3. I would like to stay in my current location. I have looked in FLTMPS and I see that someone has the same PRD as me at the command I want to go to, but I have not seen it advertised in CMS/ID. What can I do to get the billet?
-Detailers do not set the priorities of billets or advertise billets on CMS/ID. Billet Based Distribution and priorities may prevent a billet from ever being advertised while members are in their negotiation window. Additionally, billets may be issued for Exceptional Family Member (EFM), spouse colocations, immediate AVAILS, and school graduates, meaning the billets are never advertised on CMS-ID. Therefore, we recommend Sailors apply to five valid billets each negotiation window to prevent being detailed as "Needs of the Navy.” Communicating their intentions with detailers is vital! Detailers cannot promise Sailors will not be detailed while in their window to "wait for a billet,” but communication proves to help in every situation. Detailers are bound by NAVADMIN 231/17 to fill all billets each cycle and therefore rolling Sailors is not always an option.   
4. I see five choices to the same billet for the same rank and NEC, should/can I apply to all five of them to better my chances to get exactly what I want?
-No, detailers recommend applying to billets in accordance with sea/shore flow across different UICs/platforms/locations. If found not to be a good fit for a specific billet, location or platform, applying to it repeatedly only wastes other options for the Sailor to be selected for another career enhancing assignment.  
5. I hold an NEC, I have entered my 12-month window and do not like any of the available options in my first look. I would like to submit a NAVPERS 1221 to archive my NEC. Will a request like this be approved?
-No, all requests which affect the distribution of a Sailor should be complete the month prior to their first negotiation window. In order to archive your NEC a NAVPERS 1221 will need to be submitted at least 13 months prior to your PRD. 
6. I do not hold an NEC, just entered my 12-month window and do not like any of the available options, I would like to submit for a C-school now. Will a request like this be approved?
-Typically, the answer to this question would be no. However, there is a list of critical C-schools one may be offered. This means the Sailor would only be limited to the list of critically manned NEC's (Submarine IDC, Surface IDC, Laboratory Tech, Diving Medical Technician, Dental Laboratory Technician, Search and Rescue Technician, etc…). Communication with member's detailer is strongly encouraged to find out what C-Schools they may qualify for prior to their 12-month window
7. I am stationed overseas and just entered my 12-month window (or less), I took a look at what is available for orders and do not like what I see, I would like to now submit an Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program (OTEIP) request. Would a request like this be approved?
-Not usually, since many overseas billets are advertised as soon as the member enters their first negotiation window. If the billet is advertised in CMS/ID, attempting to extend on station would negate assignment of another Sailor who faithfully negotiating for the billet during their negotiation cycle. In some cases, if the billet has not been advertised, the request may be approved. Best practice is to have all OTEIP requests submitted in ample time ahead of Sailors negotiation window to prevent any issues.  
8. Looking at billets, I notice next to my preferences the stop light is red or yellow, should I still apply to this billet?
-Yes, still apply if you desire the billet. The color for preferences is based off what each Sailor puts into the system when creating their profile. If a Sailor desires the billet they should apply and add a note so the detailer can see their intentions. Communication with the detailer is ideal for situations such as this. Detailers will still select Sailors based off of their applications not necessarily off of their preset preferences as preferences do change overtime.  
9.  How does this new spouse colocation process work? 
-The Sailor who is up for sea duty will be the one applying in CMS/ID, the other Sailor will receive shore duty orders after spouse is selected for sea duty. Please be advised, the shore going Sailor may still play a vital role in location based on rate/NEC. If both Sailors are coming from shore duty, please contact your detailers; NECs and prior duty stations may determine which Sailor will be going to sea duty.
10. Why are some of my Shipmates going back to back shore and I can’t?
-Rate/rank/NECs play a large role in sea duty availability. Contacting your detailer to see what the current sea duty manning is for your rank/NEC will help to explain why you, verses your peers may be going back to back shore.
11. I want to do special programs (Navy Drug and Alcohol Program/Detailer/Recruiter/RDC), but my detailer is telling me no? Why?
-Being released to special programs will depend on your current NEC manning, as well as if there is a valid HM billet available for the program. If you’re in an undermanned NEC, you will likely not be released to any special program. Also, special programs have specific rates assigned to the billets, we are only authorized to fill HM assigned billets.
12. Why can't I go to a C-school after I’ve been selected for orders?
-Once selected for a billet, a Sailor is no longer the detailers asset. There has to be a valid reason to un-post a Sailor from a billet.
13. Why do I have to move my family with me for my C-school?
-Some C-schools are longer than others and require the orders to be costed as a PCS move. Per the JTR, “TDY Orders for Training, training courses for Service members that are scheduled to last 139 or fewer days (less than 20 weeks) are considered TDY. If the scheduled duration is 140 or more days (20 weeks), then it is a permanent duty assignment.”
14. Why do I have to OBLISERV when I am not eligible for an OBLISERV-To-Train (OTT)?
-MILPERSMAN 1306-604 governs the required OBLISERV time per course length. OTT is used when the NEC has a Selective Reenlistment Bonus(SRB) (found on the most up to date SRB NAVADMIN). Either way, all C-schools have a required OBLISERV time based on the course length. 
15.  Can I still go to C-school if I don’t meet the education requirements? 
-The education requirements are not negotiable, and are determined based on the school accreditation.
16. Why do I have to apply for five billets?
-Every billet advertised in CMS/ID has to be filled each cycle. Failure to apply to five billets gives the detailer the authority to place you into a billet you may not desire. Please be advised, per NAVADMIN 231/17 “Detailers will attempt to find a match using the desired selections of the Sailor first.  However, Fleet readiness will ultimately be the guiding factor and detailers may have to select Sailors who have not applied for an assignment or are early in their orders negotiation window, if they are the best fit.”
17. Why do I have to go to sea duty?
-Every NEC have a prescribed sea/shore flow. Some NECs have longer shore requirements than others, and some NECs have zero sea duty opportunities. The sea/shore flow chart can be found at:
18. Can I change my PRD, or modify my orders to transfer so I can receive a ranked evaluation?
-No, we do not change transfer dates based on the current Navy evaluation cycle.
19. How do we know a 1306 has been completed?
-An email will be generated to the email address(es) on the 1306 request.
20. Is there a number to contact MNCC?
21. Can an encrypted 1306 be submitted to ASKMNCC?
NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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