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Secretary of the Navy
Tours With Industry (SNTWI)
Frequently Asked Questions
Current as of: October 2015
Who provides administrative support?
-      Nearest NROTC or NOSC.  You can always reach out to Director, SNTWI
Who writes my FITREP?
-     Director prepares with your input.  Fitrep/Eval signed by Community Leader and it will be Not Observed. 
Who provides my paycheck?
-     You are an employee of the US Navy and you will be paid by the US Navy accordingly.
-     Section 209 of Title 18, U.S. Code prohibits you from accepting compensation or salary for performing your official duties from any source other than the Navy.  This means you may not accept salary or bonuses from your sponsoring institute/organization.
What will I be doing?
-     This is also subject to where you are working.  However, be prepared to lean forward to take advantage of the opportunities to learn all that you can from your industry experience.  You could be leading a team or working solo or somewhere between the two.  As is the case with many tours in the Navy, the more you put in the more you will get out.
Can I accept gifts?
-     Covered in our ethics training.  Rule of thumb: always be aware of the optics of the situation you are in—if the situation would not play well in a public news forum, it is well worth it to reconsider your engagement in the scenario.
-     You may not accept gifts from prohibited sources (companies who are doing or wish to do business with the DoD) or gifts that are given because of your Navy position.  As an SNTWI participant, you may accept gifts given or benefits provided on the same basis as similarly situated company employees.  You may accept gifts of $20 or less, with a $50 aggregate limit per year from a single source.
Will I incur an additional military service obligation?
-     Officers must sign an agreement that states they will remain on active duty following the SNTWI for 3 months for each month spent in the program. (ex. 11 months in program X 3 months for each month = 33 months of service required)
-     Enlisted personnel must extend or re-enlist such that following SNTWI they will have at least 3 months remaining on active duty for each month spent in SNTWI.
-     Companies are required to sign a no-hire clause that prevents employment of participants for a period of at least three years.
How will I communicate with the Department of the Navy?
-     The best way is to ensure that your personal computer is CAC-enabled to allow access to many DoD sites, particularly Defense Travel Service (DTS) and SharePoint for required reports.
Will I receive a clothing allowance?  What will I wear?
-     Appropriate civilian business attire (in accordance with the sponsoring organization’s policies) will be worn during TWI.  There is no clothing allowance.
-     Civilian business attire is defined by the company you are with – so, it may be suits or it may be business casual or their own version of a “uniform.”  While your are in the SNTWI Program, you are still governed by all Department of Defense and Department of the Navy laws, directives, and regulations.  As such, regulations such as the DoD 5500.7-R (Joint Ethics Regulation (JER)), DoD Directive 1344.10 (Political Activities by Members of the Armed Forces), and DoD Instruction 1334.01 (Wearing of the Uniform) among others still apply.
How long will I be in the program?
-     ­SNTWI will normally be 11 months, but not longer than 12 months.
How will this affect my career?
-     Proposed language is being provided to statutory promotion boards to emphasize the value of this opportunity. 
How do I travel when in SNTWI status?
-     If you are required to travel by the sponsoring organization during your SNTWI participation, the organization may pay for your travel.  You may accept the organization paying for business-related travel if other employees similarly situated to you are also receiving company-paid travel.  All SNTWI-related travel must be approved by the Director, SNTWI.
Is this program the same as the SECDEF Corporate Fellows Program?
                -  No, this is a Navy-specific program aimed at junior officers and senior enlisted Sailors across all communities. 
What should I do if I am contacted by the media?
-      Any requests for media interviews of SNTWI participants should be first coordinated through the Director, SNTWI and then local public affairs channels.
Do I need a government travel charge card (GOVCC/GTCC)?
-     Yes.  You will need to apply and have an active Government Travel Credit Card.
What can I expect for follow-on tours?
-     Utilization tours will occur immediately upon completion of your tour with industry.  In particular, your next tour will be established by your community leader with the intent of using the skills you acquired while with your industry partner.
Does my healthcare change?
-     You will remain with Tricare and use the nearest MTF (Military Treatment Facility) for your care.  However, in some circumstances when no MTF exists within a reasonable distance, you will be enrolled in Tricare Remote. 
Can I take leave while assigned?
-     Any vacation time will need to be coordinated with your sponsoring company.  Given the short duration of tours with industry and the fact that you will receive time-off that is specific to your sponsoring organization, try to limit your leave.  You will be given ample time to settle into your new duty station during your PCS move and arrange your affairs at the termination of your TWI.
What are my working hours?
-     Working hours will be established by the sponsoring company.
Can I go to school at the same time?
-     There is no prohibition against it; however, due to the short tour length, possible travel, and intent of the program, it is not encouraged.
Who pays for travel?
-     Company related travel will be conducted per sponsoring company guidelines.  The Navy will typically pay for your per diem expenses.
Do I have to move my family?
-     The Navy encourages families to participate and learn from the experience as well.  If circumstances do not support this, you do not have to move your family.  There are currently no separate allowances for unaccompanied CONUS tours.  BAH will be based on duty location.


(Updated on 26 Sep 16)

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