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1.  How do I submit a Fleet Reserve/Retirement request?
Members with commands that have access to Navy Statandard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Web are directed to submit requests through the Retirements and Separations self-service function.  Afloat commands without access are permitted to submit requests via the Officer Personnel Information System (OPINS)or the NSIPS Career Information Management System (CIMS) until upgraded to NSIPS Web-Afloat capability.
2.  When can I submit my Fleet Reserve request?
Per MILPERSMAN 1830-040, pay grades E7 – E9 should submit requests 6 months to 24 months prior to the requested Fleet Reserve or retiement date.  Pay grade E6 and below should submit requests 6 months to 18 months prior to the requested Fleet Reserve transfer date.
3.  How long before I receive an answer to my request?
Normal routing time for a request takes 30 – 60 days from the time it’s received and routed for a final decision. 
4.  How can I check the status of my pending request?
For requests processed via NSPIS RnS, the member or command personnel with access can check status by selecting the “History” tab atop the request.  For commands without RnS access, the status of pending requests are posted to the member’s and Command Career Counselor’s Bupers on Line account under the section APPLICATION – FORMAN – STATUS.  The current message pertaining to the status will be posted there.  Once the final authorization/statement of service message is released it will remain accessable for 1 year.  If the status states, “Actively Working Request”, it means the request has been received and is processing for a decision. 
5.   When will I receive my final Fleet Reserve/Retirement message?
Per MILPERSMAN 1830-040, PERS 836 will issue the final Fleet Reserve authorization/statement of service message NLT 120 days prior to the Fleet Reserve transfer date. Retirement authorization messages will be released 1 year in advance of the approved retirement date.
6.  How do I request to cancel/change my request?
For requests submitted via NSIPS RnS, access the approved request and select the “Modify/Cancel” tab and follow procedures.  Change or cancellation requests cannot be made to pending requests in NSISP RnS.  For commands without RnS capability, the member must submit an approved and signed 1306/7 (Personnel Action Request) with justification for cancellation or change to PERS 836.  The same procedure applies for those members who have pending or approved requests due to High Year Tenure and are subsequently selected for advancement.  Email requests to 
7.  How do I receive my retirement/Fleet Reserve orders?
Official retirement/Fleet Reserve orders are issued by the servicing Personnel Support Activity Detachment or the command Personnel Office for commands that have separation capability (I.E. aircraft carriers).
8.  Can I receive my retirement/Fleet Reserve orders earlier than 9 months?
Yes.  Member(s) can request a waiver to receive their orders for the purpose of relocating dependents and moving household goods prior to their Fleet Reserve transfer date.  Sample waiver format is listed in MILPERSMAN 1800-020.  Waivers may be authorized on a case by case basis pending availability of funds.  Submit waivers via email to
9.  If I submit my Fleet Reserve transfer request based on my  High Year Tenure (HYT) date, will I remain eligible for advancement?
E6s with HYT dates after 1 September remain eligible for advancement.  E7 – E8 with HYT dates after 1 July remain eligible for advancement.  Those with dates before will not be eligible.
10.  I contacted DFAS and they don’t have any information regarding my transfer to the Fleet Reserve, why?
Following your transfer to the Fleet Reserve, your servicing PSD/Personnel Office for commands that have separation capability (I.E. aircraft carriers) is responsible for releasing/reporting all loss information to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) via NSIPS.  It takes approximately
2 – 3 weeks from the reported loss date for the system to update at DFAS.  Upon update, your retirement pay account will be established and you will receive your retainer pay on the 1st day of the following month.  (Ex., transfer to the Fleet Reserve on 31 July XX you will receive retainer pay on 1 September XX).  If you do not receive payment when due, contact PERS-836 for assistance. 
11.  How much retirement pay will I be entitled to?
PERS-836 is not responsible for providing any pay estimations.
Direct ALL pay matters to the local Disbursing Office or DFAS.
Retirement calculators are available on the PERS-836 web page but they can only provide estimations.  Official calculations to pay will be completed by DFAS who will notfiy the affected member accordingly. 
12.  If a member is reduced in rank will he/she still receive high 36 months retainer pay computation?
No.  U.S. Code Title 10, Chapter 71, Section 1407 refers.  Any member who is reduced in grade and not advanced prior to transfer to the Fleet Reserve will receive retainer pay based on Section 1406 of same Code (final pay).  Member must be in a pay status.
13.  I received a message stating the request I submitted was incomplete or in error, why and what needs to be done?
If you received an “incomplete” message wait 48 hours and if BOL doesn’t change to reflect “Actively Working Request” contact PERS 836 for assistance.  This is due to request being submitted through NSIPS (CMSID) program which is missing the “prior service” indicator that OPINS has.  If you received an “error” message that is because member or command are attempting to make a change to an existing request or OPINS reflects a previous action on the member.  Contact PERS 836 for assitance.
14. How do I submit a time in grade (TIG) waiver?
Members submitting requests via NSIPS RnS should attach and submit a TIG by selecting the “Waiver” tab and completing the information.  For members without RnS capability TIG are submitted to the member’s Enlisted Communtiy Manager (ECM) via 1306/7 prior to submission of their Fleet Reserve request.  Members time in grade may be waived up to one year (12 months).
15.  My ID card expires in two weeks, I have received the second message (Message of Intent), can this be used as an approval to extend me through to my FLTRES date?
Per MILPERSMAN 1830-040, the message of intent will authorize the execution of required obligated service (OBLISERV) in order to obtain sufficient service to transfer to the Fleet Reserve.
16.  Can the Message of Intent serve as an approval for transmission of my terminal leave?
All leave policy questions need to be addressed with member’s command.  PERS-836 does not have the authority to grant and/or approve terminal leave requests.
17.  I submitted a Time in Grade waiver to my ECM, and my entire FLTRES request was dissapproved, why?
Time in grade waivers are submitted directly through the ECM, PERS-836 does not make the decision. if the time in grade waiver is disapproved, the request must be resubmitted once the member has enough time in grade to be transferred and receive benefits of that paygrade. 
18.  When can I submit a retirement (30 year) request?
Requests should be submitted 24 months prior to the requested retirement date, no message of intent will be released, the final statement of service will be released 12 months prior to the request retirement date.
19.  Am I required to submit a Fleet Reserve request via NSIPS RnS if I arleady received a message of intent or final authorization message?
No.  Previously processed and/or approved requests do not to resubmit via NSIPS RnS.
20.  All questions with a Legal or Medical conotation should be directed to one of the clerks in the Enlisted Retirements Branch.
NOTE:  If the members ADSD falls on the 1st of any month, the Fleet Reserve request should be submitted for the end of the previous month (example:  ADSD = 1 Jan 1998; request should be submitted for 31 Dec 2017.  Retirement request should be submitted for 1 Jan 2028.




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