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Career Progression

Navy Reserve Status and Categories

Members of the Navy Reserve who are not on the Active Duty List are placed in one of three categories:

  1. Ready Reserve (USNR-R)

  2. Standby Reserve (USNR-S1 or USNR-S2)

  3. Retired Reserve (USNR-Retired)

Chapter 1 of BUPERSINST 1001.39F provides a detailed description of each of these categories.

Navy Reserve Participation Requirements / Earning Retirement Points

Once an officer has served his/her initial 8-year Military Service Obligation (MSO), he/she must earn at least 27 retirement points (including 15 gratuitous points) during an anniversary year to remain in an active status.  If the officer does not meet these requirements, his/her record will be screened and he/she will be transferred to Standby Reserve-Inactive (USNR-S2) status.  Note: Members must earn 50 points per anniversary year in order to have a qualifying year for retirement.

Once an officer has earned 20 years of qualifying service, the minimum participation requirement increases to 50 retirement points (including 15 gratuitous points) per anniversary year in order to remain in an active status.  If the officer does not meet these requirements, his/her record will be screened and he/she will be transferred to Standby Reserve-Inactive (USNR-S2) status.

Members will not be allowed to stay in USNR-S2 status for more than one year.  Options include returning to the Ready Reserve via a Recruiter (if eligible), retirement (if eligible), or Honorable Discharge.

Retirement points may be earned in a variety of ways including drilling, AT/ADT, and correspondence courses. 

Blue and Gold Officers participate in a civilian status (and do not earn retirement points) unless they request and are issued an "Authorization to Participate in Reserve Status Letter" from the Naval Academy Information Program (NAIP) Reserve Coordinator.  Additionally, those in a paid billet or VTU must have current ADDU orders to the USNA Director of Admissions on file with the NAIP Reserve Coordinator in order to earn retirement point credit.

If you need to update or correct your retirement points, contact PERS-912 at 1-866-827-5672.  Active duty points do not update on your point record until you submit a copy of your DD Form 214 to PERS-912.

Military Service Obligation

All service members incur an eight-year Military Service Obligation (MSO), during which they normally will not be discharged or removed from an active status (10 U.S.C., Sections 651 and 12645).  Officer commissions do not expire, and officers are not automatically discharged from the Navy Reserve upon expiration of this obligation.

Reserve Officer Physical Risk Classification


  1. Physical Qualification, BUPERSINST 1001.39F (Chapter 2)

  2. Physical Risk Classification for Officers on Inactive Duty, MILPERSMAN 6110-020

  3. Retention Criteria, MANMED Article 15-5

When an officer’s medical status comes into question, his/her reserve center must initiate a Medical Record Review (MRR) package. This package should be forwarded via the REDCOM to BUMED.  BUMED will issue a recommendation letter to Pers-95.  Pers-95 must have the BUMED recommendation letter and a copy of the MRR package in order to make a final determination of the member’s physical risk classification (PRC).  The final determination letter is sent to the Reserve Center to be placed in the member’s medical record.  A copy is sent to RCC, BUMED N32, and CNP N1RM.

Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP)

Reserve officers eligible for ACIP should review Aviation Career Incentive Pay, OPNAVINST 7220.18.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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