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Enlisted Separations



Send all Enlisted Administrative Separation cases and correspondence to our mailbox at

1. Merge required documents using Adobe Pro software into as few PDFs as possible commensurate with available bandwidth. For packages requiring multiple PDFs due to size, label the documents using the Sailor’s name and part number.              

                For e.g. LN2 Smith Part 1, LN2 Smith Part 2 etc.
2. Please DO NOT mail physical packages to PERS-832. We will ONLY accept electronic packages.
3. Do not send official PERS-832 correspondence to the personal e-mail addresses of PERS-832 staff members.

Ensure all documents are encrypted and redacted for PII IAW BUPERSINST 5211.7A.  When submitting a report via e-mail, please ensure your input is sanitized for PII.  We are required to reject any report containing sensitive PII.  Do not alter any DD FORM-214 service copys. At a minimum, remove the following prior to delivery to PERS-832:

1. First 5 digits of the social security number

2. Birthdates

3. Home addresses

4. Home phone numbers

5. Personal cell phone numbers

6. Any and ALL third party information

NOTE: For general enlisted separation questions (including status requests), please contact the My Navy Career Center at 1-833-330-6662. 

Favorable Separations

Favorable Enlisted Separations has cognizance over voluntary separation requests, as well as favorable administrative separation cases.  Reasons for separation include: early out requests for education, being in an alien status, pregnancy, conscientious objector, surviving family member, parenthood, conditions not amounting to disability, and erroneous/defective enlistments.

Due to NAVADMIN 288/17, members requesting to separate or obtain a conditional release more than one year prior to his/her EAOS/SEAOS, need to submit an "Exception to the Policy" request to OPNAV (N13).   

Requests should be submitted as an "Exception to Policy," on letter head, from the Commanding Officer (CO) to Director, Military Personnel, Plans and Policy (N13).  The letter must provide the CO's rationale, in detail, to include the member's extenuating circumstances.  Following guidance provided in MPM 1910-xxx (applicable MPM article), include the member's request, applicable documents, NAVADMIN 288/17 (which cancelled all early out programs), and MPM 1910-xxx (applicable MPM article).  OPNAV (N13) will consider each member's request on a case-by-case basis.  Scan then email directly to OPNAV (N13).  POC is Mr. Glenn Arrington.   Commercial:  703-604-5089/DSN:  664-5089.   Email:

Unfavorable Separations

The Unfavorable Enlisted Separations Section is responsible for the receipt, processing, and maintenance of cases involving separations for misconduct. Reasons for separations include: In Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial, Fraudulent Entry into the Naval Service, Minor Disciplinary Infractions, Pattern of Misconduct, Commission of a Serious Offense, Civilian Conviction, Drug Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Failure, Entry Level Performance and Conduct, Unsatisfactory Performance, Supremacist and Extremist Conduct, Family Advocacy Program Rehab Failure, Fleet Reserve in Lieu of Admin Separation Processing, and Detach For Cause.



This is the only form that will be accepted for ADSEP processing:


Board's finding sheet can be accessed below on the last page:


Medical Release Form (DD2870) can be accessed below:$FILE/Authorization%20for%20Disclosure%20of%20Medical%20Information%20(DD2870).pdf

1. Ensure block 6a. reads "PERS-454"

2. Ensure block 6b. reads "5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-6712"

Submission Policy 

When case is submitted, you will receive a case number to verify receipt.  If you do not receive a case number within 7 days, please contact the My Navy Career Center at 1-833-330-6662

If packages are incomplete or missing critical documents they will be canceled and will need to be resubmitted in their entirety. 

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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