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SRB SDAP Enl Bonus


Selected Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) NAVADMIN 305/18, has been released.  It provides for a grandfathering period for previously submitted SRB requests leveraging CZTE and EP evals to reenlist up to a year from the Sailor’s EAOS that met all requirements of NAVADMIN 119/18.
SRB requests for newly added skillsets do not require a 35-Day Waiver if the Sailor’s EAOS is less than 35 days from the date of submission.  Simply make a note that the SRB that it is for a newly added skillset.
Reductions in SRB award levels will be effective 16 Jan 2019.  If a previously submitted SRB reenlistment request can be moved to a date prior to 16 Jan 2019, and still meet 35 days from original submission, then the SRB reduction can be avoided.
35-Day Waivers will not be entertained for the sole purpose of avoiding SRB reductions.


Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) Program
OPNAVINST 1160.8A and the current SRB NAVADMIN govern the SRB Program.  Please refer to the NPC Reference Library/Messages/NAVADMINS for the most recent SRB NAVADMIN.        
IMPORTANT- CCCs and Sailors are strongly encouraged to read the ENTIRE NAVADMIN, POLICY UPDATES as well as AWARD LEVELS. 
SRBs are re-enlistment incentives used to maintain desired manning in specific ratings and NEC'S.  SRB levels are subject to change in response to the needs of the Navy in managing community manning.  SRB Shutdowns will be promulgated by memo.  You can view the status of all SRB shutdowns by viewing the SRB Shutdown Addendum linked below.




 SRB ceiling caps are governed by the current SRB NAVADMIN and Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1304.31.  In no case can an SRB exceed $100,000.00.  Current federal policy further limits SRBs to a maximum of $30,000.00 per year of additional obligated service (AOS).  The below linked table is provided as a tool to help determine the maximum SRB payable under the $30k cap broken down by months of AOS.

SRB requests must be submitted between 35-120 days prior to reenlistment date via FORMAN / OPINS or CIMS(NSIPS).  An SRB request submitted greater than 120 days will not properly upload into OPINS and cannot be prescreened.  Requests passing the prescreening process will normally be processed for approval approximately one week prior to re-enlistment.  Once the request is approved, DFAS and the command will be notified via message traffic.  Any request failing to prescreen will be rejected and a message will be sent to the command.  Please refer to the POC section at the end of the current NAVADMIN for questions and concerns. 
Please note:
Prior to submitting an SRB request, the CCC is responsible for ensuring the requested NEC is in the Sailor’s inventory. Sailors can only re-enlist under NECs they actually hold, except as noted in current SRB NAVADMIN. If the NEC is missing from the Enlisted Master File, please fax a NAVPERS 1221/6 to (901) 874-2027 (DSN 882).


BOL does not reflect changes in real time as OPINS does.

For the most up to date status of any SRB request, please contact your CCC.
35 Day Waiver Guidance
SRB requests must be submitted at least 35 days prior to the reenlistment date.  A waiver request should be viewed as a significant course of action, and should be used in the rare case of Command Retention Team oversight.  35 Day Waiver Requests must include the following IAW the below Decision Memorandum:
·         A CO endorsed request for a 35 Day Waiver on command letterhead
·         A copy of any reenlistment request chits and any other supporting documentation to help explain why the request could not be submitted on time
·         An ISIC endorsement to the CO’s request


          35 Day Waiver Letter Example  

Forward 35 Day Waiver request to ETNCM(SW/AW) James Gale at INCENTIVE PAY <> and ensure the subject line states "35 Day Waiver Request ICO MEMBER".



Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR)Program

MILPERSMAN 1160-100 and Career School Listing (CSL)    

The STAR program offers career designation to first term enlisted members who enlist or reenlist and thereby become eligible for the following career incentives:

      • Guaranteed assignment to an appropriate Class “A” or “C” School (but not both).
      • Possible advancement from petty officer third class (PO3) to petty officer second class (PO2) upon completion of a Class “C” School or a Class “C” School package, which is listed in the Career Schools Listing (CSL), MILPERSMAN 1510-020, and the latest NAVADMIN in effect on date of reenlistment, if otherwise eligible.
      • Advancement to PO3 upon completion of Phase I of an Advanced Electronics Field (AEF) Class “A” School under automatic advancement procedures for the AEF program.
      •  Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), if eligible (not guaranteed).

Must be on first enlistment, with more than 21 months active duty and less than 6 years active duty. Must also have above average performance.

Opens SRB window to one year prior to EAOS.

May result in automatic advancement to E-5 if school is listed on most current Career Schools Listing NAVADMIN on date of reenlistment.

SUBMITING STAR REQUEST:  Submitted via OPINS, DO NOT USE the 1306 via BOL (it does not provide all the data required to have data transferred into OPINS).  If CCC does not have access to OPINS, email the completed 1306/7 with the last three evaluation information filled in, last two PRTs annotated in the remarks, and Commanding Officer's signature to STAR Input POC.  



The career schools listing, which establishes specific eligibility requirements for automatic advancement via the Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR) program.  In keeping with the Navy's total force integration, these programs further the training of our high-quality Sailors and reward them for their valuable contributions.  This update supersedes all previous career schools listings.

    Click on the below Link to view the current CSL:

Effective: 18 October 2018 Career School Listing (CSL)

Point of Contact for CSL: HMCS James Carbone,



Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)

                             SDAP POC:  PSC Kisha Granger at


NAVADMIN 093/18 Released 12 April 2018

​Current SDAP Levels:


SDAP Pay Decision Logic Chart IAW NAVADMIN 139/18 Para. 6



OPNAVINST 1160.6 (series) and current SDAP NAVADMIN governs the SDAP program.

The NAVADMIN is directive in nature and applies to SDAP levels for both USN and FTS personnel.  Specific policy guidance associated with this plan, as well as assignments authorized to receive SDAP, are contained within.  Commands and servicing PSDs are responsible for administering all applicable changes to SDAP in accordance with referenced policy and this NAVADMIN.

SDAP is a monthly incentive pay used to entice qualified personnel to accept designated assignments and to sustain adequate manning levels.

In order to qualify for SDAP, member must be assigned to and working in a valid billet on the Enlisted Distribution Verification Report. The NEC/Billet must be authorized on the current NAVADMIN. Member must hold the NEC or be filling billet type in order to qualify for SDAP and be authorized by the Command Officer.  The CO's signature verifies the command is not exceeding BA, member is working in a valid NEC/Billet type on the NAVADMIN, and holds the NEC (if paid based off of NEC vice Billet Type).




The Special Duty Assignment Pay Recertification is conducted annually to ensure commands are maintaining an accurate account of member’s eligibility for SDAP. 


The recertification begins with release of NAVADMIN 139/18 and must be received by BUPERS 328 by 31 August.


**NAVADMIN 139/18 released 31 May 2018 **


Commands will be able to download the spreadsheet that covers their respective UIC and verify the re-certification was received and correct.  Commands with subordinate commands are strongly encouraged to check on their tenant and subordinate commands.


Click on below link to view data

SDAP Recert Status

 ***If prompted for CAC cert hit cancel and it should pull up file***

                 ***Updated *** SDAP ANNUAL RECERTIFICATION UIC LISTING    

SRB/BCNR Opinions

OPNAVINST 1160.6 and MILPERSMAN governs.

Works with existing laws, legislation, regulations, and directives relating to Reenlistment/Enlistment Bonuses as they apply to the BCNR.

Is not a member of BCNR but writes advisory opinions on BCNR petitions and forwards to higher authority for signatures.

Provides technical advice on policy and procedures for submitting SRB related BCNR applications.


Phased Enlistment Bonus (Phased EB)


Phased EB Processing Checklist

Phased_EB is an enlistment bonus payable (in two ~ four installments depending on program guarantee) upon successful completion of the training pipeline as specified on the "Enlistment Guarantees" form (NAVCRUIT 1153/52 - Annex "A" to DD Form 4) in the member's enlistment contract.  OPNAVINST 1160.9, paragraph 14 discusses payment proceedures.

If the member does not complete their training pipeline (for any reason) - the member's servicing PSD will begin recoupment of any Phased_EB entitlements already received by the member.

View this flowchart that describes the payment calculations and the timeline for payment of Phased Enlistment Bonuses to be received by the member


Phased Enlistment Bonus Payout

Non-NUCLEAR Program Selectees NUCLEAR Program Selectees
No College Kicker Bonus * 100% EB payable at completion of training pipeline.  The single payment bonus is a standard bonus (i.e. not a "phased" bonus) and should be processed normally by the servicing PSD.
2 EB payments
  1. (NPS Completion): 33%
  2. (Training Pipeline Complete): remaining 67%
College Kicker Bonus Authorized *
2 EB payments
  1. (RTC completion): 20%
  2. (Training Pipeline Complete): 80%
3 EB payments
  1. (RTC completion): 20%
  2. (NPS completion): 27%
  3. (Training Pipeline Complete): remaining 53%


* indicated as an OPTION on Form 1133/52 "Annex to Form 4"


SRB/STAR/Phased EB/SDAP Information


Mailing Address

ATTN: (BUPERS 328) BLDG 453 RM 338
MILLINGTON, TN 38055-0003


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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