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  FY-20 Reserve Enlisted Selection Board Convening Dates

MCPO/SCPO Board - 04 March 2019

CPO Board - 20 May 2019

                                         Enlisted Selection Board Brief                                    

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Command ESOs can verify candidates' advancement and continuation board eligibility at
Individual candidates can verify their own eligibility status through NEAS at  Check the advancement or continuation board profile sheet.  If candidates have questions about their eligibility, they should contact their ESO.  If a status states "BUPERS Invalid" or there is no profile sheet, the candidate, ESO, or CCC should contact PERS-802 to verify the reason for the invalidation. 
CPO selection board eligibility policies for personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa can be found in NAVADMIN 336/07.  Candidates and commands must take action to validate candidates as selection board eligible for the in-theater exam waiver.  Candidates can verify that they have been validated by viewing their profile sheet.
 Board Member / Recorder Application Information
Personnel who desire to apply for participation as a Member/Recorder on any enlisted board must complete the NAVPERS form 1400/02.  Route the NAVPERS form 1400/2 via your chain of command to your FLTCM and/or FORCM for review, endorsement, and submission to PERS-805.  Refer to NAVADMIN 250/17 for guidance.  Questions about board membership should be addressed to PERS-805.  
Fleet Reserve / High Year Tenure (HYT) Amplification
E8/9:  Those who submit a voluntary (not HYT mandated) request for transfer to the Fleet Reserve (for AC/FTS) or the Retired Reserve (for SELRES) render themselves ineligible for selection board consideration and advancement.  Final approval of the request is not required.  The act of applying for voluntary retirement renders the Sailor ineligible for selection board consideration.  The only exception is those who request transfer to the Fleet Reserve or Retired Reserve at or beyond their HYT date and who will still be on active duty (or in drill pay status for SELRES) on 1 July.  Personnel who already have an approved or pending retirement request and desire consideration by the selection board must have the retirement request cancelled or disapproved prior to the board convening date.
E7:  Personnel who exceed HYT on the first day of the advancement cycle (1 September) are ineligible to take the examination or be considered by the selection board, unless they received an HYT waiver that extends them on active duty or drill pay status beyond 1 September.  
Record Review and Communication with the Selection Board
The board will only review the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) (Field Codes 30-38) and Performance Summary Record Parts I, II, and III, as well as items submitted by candidates.  Any missing items from the candidate's OMPF should be addressed in the candidate's Letter to board (LTB).   Candidates are encouraged to review BUPERSINST 1430.16G, chapter 11 and MILPERSMAN 1070-080 concerning selection board record review, selection board correspondence, and OMPF corrections.  Board eligible candidates should review their OMPF via the "OMPF My Record" option on BUPERS Online (BOL) or by ordering a CD-ROM of their complete OMPF record either via BOL or per MILPERSMAN 1070-150.  In many cases, up-to-date information viewable in NSIPS electronic service record (ESR) may not be contained in a candidate's OMPF.  Therefore, documents that candidates want the board to review that are not viewable or have been verified as missing via "OMPF My Record" must be submitted, under a signed cover letter, to the selection board president to be reviewed by the board.  LTBs forwarded for consideration by the board will not be added to the member's OMPF, except for award citations accurately reflected in Navy Department Awards Web Services per NAVADMIN 016/13
There is no requirement to submit a LTB if a candidate's record is up to date.  The time and date LTB's are received in the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Customer Service Center (CSC) inbox using Central Standard Time is the time and date used for deadline verification.  Candidates should review the applicable board NAVADMIN to verify the LTB deadline. 
    Candidates should check their evaluation continuity via BOL.  Any evaluation gaps should be resolved by either submitting the missing evaluations in an LTB or a statement in lieu of missing report.
    Communication to the board must originate from the individual candidate and must be under a signed LTB.
        (1) The LTB may address any information that the candidate considers important.  Candidates should not include items in their LTB that are already included in their OMPF or PSR unless the OMPF version is unreadable or the PSR is incorrect.  Submission of an LTB to only state that the candidates OMPF and PSR have been verified and is correct is not desired.
        (2) The LTB must either be digitally signed using the candidates military identity certificate or have a hand-written signature.  Unsigned LTBs will not be presented to board members.
        (3) Third party correspondence is any communication to the board which is not accompanied by the candidates signed LTB and will not be permitted.  Commands are not authorized to submit a message to NPC requesting information be presented to the board.  
    Information received that is not under a signed LTB or not received by NPC CSC by the deadline will not be presented to the board.  To verify receipt of your LTB, go to or call the NPC CSC.  Although late or unsigned LTBs may be accepted by the NPC CSC, they will not be presented to the board and no feedback will be provided to the candidate.
    All LTBs and each enclosure must contain the candidates full name and full 10-digit DoD identification number.  Candidates verify that the correct board number is on their signed cover letter.  
    The preferred method to submit an LTB is by encrypted e-mail to  E-mailed LTBs must be encrypted to protect personally identifiable information.  Trouble with file encryption or certificate issues does not justify a late LTB.  For efficient processing, the subject line of email should be "FOUO: Board Package; Board # xxx" (xxx represents the actual board number).
    If unable to e-mail, candidates may use regular mail to the addresses below.  Mailed LTBs should be on plain white paper and paper clipped (no staples, binders, folders or tabs).
    Certified or registered mail is not advised due to delays in handling.
    Candidates are authorized to submit more than one LTB, vice waiting until the deadline to submit one all-inclusive LTB.  Although multiple LTBs are authorized, candidates should not duplicate previously sent information.  Early submission of LTB is highly recommended.
    The same LTB deadline applies to candidates who gain eligibility after the LTB deadline and before the convening date.  If a candidate is working to fix an eligibility issue and expects to be selection board eligible prior to the board convening date, they may submit a LTB but it still must be received prior to the deadline.
         LTBs must be addressed to:
         Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
         FY-XX Active/Reserve E7/8/9 Selection Board #XXX or Enlisted Continuation 
         Board #XXX
         5720 INTEGRITY DRIVE
         MILLINGTON TN  38055
All "commercial" (FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc.) express or overnight mail should use the following address:
         Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center
         FY-XX Active/Reserve E7/8/9 Selection Board #XXX or Enlisted Continuation 
         Board #XXX
         5640 Ticonderoga Loop BLDG 768 RM N301
         Millington, TN 38055
Enlisted Selection Boards Number:
E8/9 Reserve: 205         E7 Reserve: 335        Senior Enlisted Continuation: 478
E8/9 FTS: 206               E7 FTS: 336         
E9 Active: 210               E7 Active: 360
E8 Active: 235 

Sample LTB  

To:     President, FY-XX Active / Reserve E7/8/9 Selection Board (#XXX)
To:     President, FY-XX, Senior Enlisted Continuation Board (#478)
Encl:   (1) Item 1
          (2) Item 2
          (3) Item 3
1.  Please consider this package for the XX rating.
2.  Per reference (a), enclosures (1-X) are forwarded for consideration.
3.  Please be aware that upon review of my service record, I discovered two records of NJP proceedings from a different enlisted Sailor.  These documents do not refer to me and I have sent correspondence to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-313) to have them removed from my permanent service record.

                                                                (Ink Signature here)
                                                                JOHN S. DOE


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
 Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###
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