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Test Pilot


There is a delay in the release of the official USNTPS Board FY20-1 NAVADMIN.  Until its official release, please use the below guidance for TPS application submission.  If there are any questions, please email CDR Kyle Bockey ( or


U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) selection board convenes on 12 December 2018.  This board will select highly qualified Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers (NFO) for USNTPS. 

To be eligible for board consideration must be received by MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) no later than 26 November 2018.  Additional documentation (including Wing/CAG endorsements, letters of recommendation, FITREPs, etc.) will be accepted until 7 December 2018, but must be submitted by the applicant, as a letter to the board, in accordance with subparagraph 3a below.  The command endorsement shall address whether the applicant, if selected, will be available to report for initial training by the following dates: 

11 March 2019 for Fixed Wing pilots

20 May 2019 for Rotary Wing pilots

17 June 2019 for NFOs 

Endorsements with availability dates after these respective dates may be removed from consideration and not reviewed by the board.  Inability for the applicant to meet the above dates may be mitigated by conducting initial training in a temporary additional duty (TAD) status at the expense of the endorsing command.  If this is required, it must be explicitly stated in the command endorsement that the endorsing command will provide TAD funds until the applicant can officially detach.  Due to TPS Board FY‑20‑1 timing, endorsing command’s projection of applicant’s periodic FITREP performance is highly encouraged.  The e-mail address(es), phone number(s), college transcripts, and post-TPS test squadron assignment preferences of the applicant must be included with the application.  Contact information of commanding officer must be included to expedite notification, if selected.


The preferred method of application submission is electronic.  E-mail encrypted PDF submissions to cscselboard(at) and carbon copy kyle.bockey(at)  If you are sending your board package from a non-NMCI network (,, etc.), please visit to download the required mailbox certificate.  To download the “cert” (please note, you must be using MS outlook with a CAC reader, including “activclient” software and have internet explorer or Netscape 7), go to, type in the “e-mail address” field, then click “search.”  Click the “CSC” link under “last name.”  Click on the link “download certificate(s) as vcard.”  Click “software certificate for cscselboard(at)”   Click the “open” button for the file download popup.  The certificate will then open.  Click “save and close.”  The certificate is then saved to the profile and can be used to send your encrypted e-mail.  If unable to send encrypted, please contact  for assistance.


Applicants should confirm receipt of their application package and all correspondence by selecting the customer service link at or by calling the MNCC at 833-330-MNCC or 901-874-MNCC (DSN 882-5672).​



The NAVADMIN for USNTPS Board#220 (FY20-1) is still in routing.  For planning purposes, applicants may reference the following dates for application submission:
To be eligible for board consideration, a command endorsed application must be received by Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Customer Service Center (CSC) ( no later than 26 November 2018.  Additional documentation (including Wing/CAG endorsements, letters of recommendation, FITREPs, etc.) will be accepted until 7 December 2018, but must be submitted by the applicant as a letter to the board.



TPS Board #380, Class 156 has adjourned.  Link to view the Convening Order, results, and class 156 takeaways are provided below. 
The next TPS board: FY20-1 is scheduled to convene 12 December 2018.

CDR Kyle "Spool" Bockey, PERS-434B, email:



FY20 Board Announcement

The TPS Board Schedule for FY20 will be changing in order to allow selectees more time between notification and start of training.  

The FY20 Board Schedule will be as follows:

-FY20-1: Convene 12 December 2018​

-FY20-2: Convene 29 May 2019


Application due dates will adjust accordingly; deadlines will be posted on this page when available. 

There will be no change to TPS class start dates.​



 Timing Requirements

The optimum time to begin applying to TPS is just prior to or at the completion of your J.O Sea Tour.  The semi-annual selection boards (May & Dec) meet between two and five months prior to commencement of training (for NPS, TPS or pre-TPS training tracks).  So, ensure your detailer is aware  of your intention to submit an application so he/she can assess community requirements and the possibility of delaying your PCS transfer until the TPS Board results are released.

Interested candidates should coordinate application plans with their respective community detailers, and should prepare an application in the format described in BUPERSINST 1500.62D.

Additional Application Notes

Selection for the NPS/TPS Cooperative program is no longer being offered via the TPS program.  


  • Apply for TPS! 
    • Do not mistakenly use the number of pilots/NFOs chosen from your community on one or more previous selection boards as an indication of what opportunity will be available on future boards.  Selection opportunity always changes, so YOU SHOULD APPLY regardless of past board results or perceived "trends".
  • Apply often... 
    • Continue to apply as long as you have career timing available (as described above).
  • APPLICATION PACKAGES and ALL BOARD CORRESPONDENCE will only be accepted if submitted to the NPC CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER (CSC).   ( Ensure that your application package is received by the NPC CSC no later than the due date in the NAVADMIN.  Hard copy is desired, but if your package is delayed in delivery, fax or PDF attachment to make the deadline is acceptable.
  • Items that must be received by deadline date:
    • Signed application letter:  must include TPS Program Priorities and POC Info (email & phone # for the applicant and his/her CO)
    • Command Endorsement:  CO's endorsement required; other chain of command endorsement(s) optional.
    • College Transcripts
  • Applications sent via U. S. Postal Service and via FedEx/UPS/DHL require use of different mailing/delivery addresses; see NAVADMIN for details.
  • Letters of Recommendation & Endorsement: 
    • Letters from outside the applicant's chain of command are Letters of Recommendation.  To be accepted, they must be referenced in applicant's Application Letter or accompanied by a Cover Letter from the applicant, requesting President allow board consideration of that/those letter(s).
    • Letters from the member's chain-of-command are Endorsement Letters and do not require a cover letter of any kind.  Note that a positive command endorsement indicates the command can/will release the selected officer for training and may not have a numerical relief until the original PRD.
  • Most recent FITREP:  If not yet posted to your permanent record, most recent FITREP should be submitted with original application.  If not available at that point, fax to NPC not later than one week prior to the board convening date.
  • FITREP Continuity, Award Citations, Special Qualifications, etc.:  Visit your record via the Web-Enabled Record Review feature of BUPERS Online.  Do not rely on Assistant Recorders to find and notify you about discrepancies in your record.  They will be scrubbing a very large number of records in a very short period of time.  As you have always heard, it really is YOUR responsibility to ensure YOUR record is correct and up to date.
  • You should send all correspondence so it is received by the NPC CSC by the application deadline, not the convening date of the board.

CONFIRM RECEIPT of your application and all correspondence with NPC CSC!  Confirmation is available online (choose "Selection Board Status" from the NPC CSC webpage), via phone or email.



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