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Commander, Naval Air Forces > PATROL SQUADRON EIGHT > Command Philosophy

Command Philosophy


Be the world’s preeminent Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) squadron.
1. Provide combat ready aircraft and aircrew on-station, on time, to carry out the tasking of our commanders.
2. Train our Navy’s future leaders
Guiding Principles
Integrity First – Honesty is a precondition for success
·         Character, Moral courage – Do the right thing when nobody is looking and have the courage to act in the face of adversity.
·         Trust and Confidence – We must be able to trust our shipmates to know and do their job.  We admit our mistakes and learn from them.  We do not hide our problems.  We seek out problems and fix them.
Leadership – Lead by example
·         Presence – Lead from the front and be a leader of consequence – make a difference every day.
·         Communicate Communicate leadership plans and expectations down the chain and communicate problems and innovative solutions up the chain.
·         Personal Responsibility – We are FIGHTING TIGERS 24/7 – we must all make good choices, act responsibly, and take care of each other.
Profession of Arms – Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence
·         People Invest in the personal and professional success of every FIGHTING TIGER.  People are our most valuable resource.  Strive for work / life balance – take care of yourself and your family.
·         We are a Team – We value the opinions and contributions of all our shipmates up and down the flight line.  We must help each other out so when the call comes we are ready to fight and win.
·         Be brilliant at the basics Demand a high standard and be good at the small things. Safe and professional execution expected at all times.
·         Aircraft Execute by-the-book maintenance and in-flight procedures.
J. N. Lyon
“We are the World Famous Fighting Tigers”