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Command Philosophy


Fighting Tiger Command Philosophy
Our Mission:
  1. Provide combat ready aircraft and aircrew on-station, on time, to carry out the tasking of our commanders.
  2. Train our Navy's future leaders.

Although the above objectives may seem simple, how we accomplish our missions defines who we are as a team.

Command Philosophy:
  • Honor the Truth: Find the truth and carry it forward to others. Our Squadron can only succeed with demonstrated trust and confidence up and down the chain. Always seek the truth and always say the truth - honesty is a precondition for success.
  • Courage to Do Right: Do the right thing when nobody is looking. Doing the right thing is easier said than done. We ALL benefit when an individual chooses to do right, even in the face of challenges. If you don't know what is right - seek guidance.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Take pride in your efforts EVERYWHERE. Your work is a measure of your pride and nothing separates squadrons other than pride in ownership. Own your Squadron. Own your actions, at work and in your personal life - be the best!

We are a team of men and women from every corner of this country and many other countries around the world. We are more effective because of our diversity and will only succeed together.


Aircrew can't fly without Maintenance. Maintenance can't fly the missions. Neither Aircrew nor Maintenance will succeed without Combat Support. Teamwork is the ONLY way.


Earn the reputation we have built for the past 76 years.

We are the World Famous Fighting Tigers!


With the Greatest Respect,

Skipper Erler