The VFA-81 SUNLINERS are an East coast Strike Fighter Squadron employing the F/A-18E
Super Hornet, assigned to Carrier Air Wing ONE (CVW-1) aboard the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN
(CVN 75). Their mission is to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations from the sea,
putting fused ordnance on target, on time, “Anytime, Anyplace.”
The SUNLINERS were originally commissioned as Fighter Squadron EIGHT ONE (VF-81), an
all weather fighter interceptor squadron, on July 1, 1955, flying the Grumman F9F-8 "Cougar."
Originally called the CRUSADERS, the Squadron participated in two Mediterranean cruises
before their mission, designation and aircraft changed with a transition to the A4D-2 "Skyhawk"
in March 1959. After becoming Attack Squadron EIGHT ONE (VA-81), they made multiple
deployments within the SECOND and SIXTH Fleets aboard USS SHANGRI-LA (CVA 38) and
USS FORRESTAL (CVA 59). During this time, the orange "Supersonic Nothing," a prominent
portion of the current Squadron insignia, adorned the vertical stabilizer of three different types of
A-4s. In 1963 the Squadron adopted the name SUNLINERS and the motto "Anytime, Anyplace."