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Steps to Take

Before the Emergency

1. Admin must have an up-to-date and accurate Emergency Preparedness Information Sheet.
2. Find out where your spouse and kids would go if there was an emergency while you are deployed.
3. Learn who to contact for muster in the case of an emergency.
4. Always keep a copy of the new VFA-34 emergency contact information card on you at all times.

More information on Hurricane Preparedness: Hurricane Prep Tips (

After the Emergency -

Following a natural disaster, terrorist event, or mandatory evacuation, proceed to a safe location/safe haven.

All personnel should report status and whereabouts ASAP to:

1. Direct Chain of Command (LPO or LCPO), or

2. VFA-34 Squadron Duty Officer: (757) 433-9010

3. Emergency Coordination Center (ECC)
(877) 414-5358; ECC TDD (866) 297-1971

If necessary, repeat steps 1 thru 3 until contact is made.

Please visit to:
a) Update evacuation information
b) Complete a Needs Assessment Survey after a disaster
c) Utilize the vast amount of references located in the Reference Libra