PEOPLE        ~         PLANES       ~         PROGRAMS
OUR MISSION - Our primary mission in VFA-32 is to provide combat-ready aircraft and personnel to conduct missions in support of U.S. Foreign policy objectives ranging from presence operations to delivery of ordnance, on target, on time.
OUR FOCUS - We will achieve our mission through excellence in all we do.  We must be critical thinkers and have a questioning attitude.  Everything we do is in support of our primary mission.  We have some of the most talented people in the Navy and we must continuously set the standard for strike fighter aviation through a focus on people, planes, and programs while upholding the principles of Gypsy Pride, Professionalism, and Purpose.
MY VISION - We will continue to be a premier combat unit committed to global security and prosperity, defending our Nation’s vital interests around the world and defeating any adversary. 
People: we will ensure our Sailors are personally and professionally fulfilled. 
Planes: we will ensure we have combat-ready aircraft to bring the fight to the enemy. 
Programs: we will foster an environment of procedural compliance.
GUIDING PRINCIPLES - The following will continue to guide and shape our activities:
Pride: Take pride in the fact we safeguard the freedom, security, and prosperity of our nation.  Be proud to be a Gypsy! 
Professionalism: We represent our nation at all times, both on and off duty, at home or on foreign soil.  Sustained excellence requires a balance between physical strength, mental fortitude, and moral courage. 
Purpose: Everything we do must support our primary mission and make us a better, more cohesive fighting unit.  Gypsies lead from the front!
Mission accomplishment is our top priority.  Developing our Sailors and providing combat-ready aircraft are key to executing our mission.  We have all answered our Nation’s call and are privileged to have the honor to serve and to be called Swordsmen.  GYPSY ROLL!
                                                                        STACY L. UTTECHT