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Welcome Aboard


 Welcome Aboard



“Welcome Aboard!” Congratulations on your orders to VFA-106.

If you are a new check-in at VFA-106 and you have not received a command sponsor, please email us at

Upon your arrival to Virginia Beach, report in appropriate dress uniform for the season, dress blues or dress whites,  and a regulation haircut to:

1760 1st St. Suite 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23460

Squadron Duty Officer: (757) 433-9067

Arriving by Car

   If arriving by car from the west, proceed eastbound on I-264.  Turn right and proceed southbound on First Colonial Rd.  First Colonial will turn into Oceana Blvd.  Then turn right onto Tomcat Blvd to enter NAS Oceana.  Follow Tomcat Blvd and then turn right on D St.  D St will turn into 1st St, and the VFA-106 hangar will be directly in front of you.

Arriving by Plane to Norfolk International

   Norfolk International Airport is located 20 miles to the west of NAS Oceana.  Prior to arriving at the airport, call your command sponsor to coordinate transportation.  A Military Information Booth is also available at Norfolk International.  Transportation can also be coordinated at this booth.  The contact number for the Military Information Booth is (757) 444-3040.


   To coordinate lodging, please call 1-800 NAVY INN (628-9466).  Military Housing can also be viewed from the following site: Lincoln Military Housing.

Check-In Procedures

   New personnel are strongly advised to coordinate assistance with their command sponsor for the check-in process.  When checking in during working hours (0700-1600, Monday through Friday), new check-ins should proceed to the Admin Office on the third deck E/F side of the VFA-106 Hangar (the E/F side is to the right side as you look at the hangar from the security gate).  

   If you arrive during non-working hours, proceed to the Ready Room to check-in with the Assistant Squadron Duty Officer (ASDO).  The Ready Room is located on the third level of the C/D side of the hangar (this is the middle of the hangar between E/F and VFA-87).  Make sure the ASDO endorses your orders for the date and time of your arrival to the command.  Report to Admin as described above during the next normal working day.

   To contact Admin prior to check-in, please call (757) 433-9026 or (757) 433-9036.  To contact the Ready Room, call (757) 433-9067.  If you are unsure of who your sponsor is, contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator at (757) 433-9026.

   Note:  Bring all records, orders, endorsements, travel-related receipts, new address, etc.  After hours, please make sure you leave a good contact number (i.e. cell phone/relative/friend), in case we need to reach you prior to the next work day.