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Welcome to the Bluetail Safety Department


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Who is responsible for safety?

The straightforward answer is EVERYONE, of course!  We must all work together to enhance operational readiness.  This means safeguarding our human and material resources while still accomplishing our mission.


Recreational Off Duty Safety (RODS) 

Keep in mind that preventing injuries and mishaps does not stop when we leave the workplace.  Whether you are riding your bicycle around town or taking your family on a road trip, you should employ the same safety mindset as you do at work.  Be proactive about risk management in everything that you do.

Navy TRiPS (Travel Risk Planning System)

If you are planning on taking a road trip please utilize Navy TRiPS.  It is an online tool that will assess the risks associated with your travel and will provide suggestions on how to mitigate those risks.  It will take 5-10 minutes of your time and is a valuable tool that will help ensure your safety.  Simply log into NKO ( and click on the "TRiPS" icon on the left side of the page to get started.

 Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

FOD is our enemy!  You will become intimately familiar with the VAW-121 FOD program.  FOD walkdown is an ALL HANDS evolution conducted at 0730 each day.  For maintainers, tool control is vital in the war against FOD.  For aircrew, all accessories in your vest and flight bag should be tied in and accounted for before and after each flight.  Before going out on the flight line, count your pens, secure your spare change and pocket lint, and zip your pockets.  It is called taking a "personal inventory" and everyone should do it.  When walking out to an aircraft, scan around for FOD in the hangar and on the flight line.  Be sure to bring double hearing protection to every FOD walkdown. 

Prop Arcs

If you never walk through a stationary prop arc due to a conscious decision to avoid it, when you hurry across the flight deck it is less likely that you will walk through a turning prop arc.  FACT: People who have been killed by prop arcs were familiar with the aircraft and flight deck around them, but a momentary lapse of concentration caused them to stray into a turning propeller.  PROPS KILL.  Pay attention to safety chains, always be aware of your surroundings and look out for your shipmates.  Make it a habit to walk around prop arcs - turning or not.

Safety Articles

If you have valuable safety advice or lessons learned from a recent event, write a synopsis of the occurrence and what you can improve upon in the future.  Submit the article to the Ground Safety Officer via email.  The articles will then be submitted to Mech, Approach, or any other Navy-wide safety related magazine for review.  If your article is published you may be able to receive a 48-hr special liberty chit!




The ANYMOUSE Program is designed for anyone who has a safety or health related concern to be able to anonymously come forward and have that concern addressed.  Subject matter may include both safety or health related concerns and suggestions, or hazard reporting.  Anyone may anonymously submit a concern using the ANYMOUSE box located in the entryway stairwell or the Ready Room.

Bluetail Safety Pro

The Bluetail Safety Pro is awarded to squadron personnel who have identified and/or corrected potential or real safety hazards ashore or afloat.  The Bluetail Safety Pro will be nominated to Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic for the COMNAVAIRLANT Safety Pro.  If selected as CNAL Safety Pro, the member will be awarded a Flag Letter of Commendation that earns ONE point towards advancement.  Please submit your Bluetail Safety pro nominations to the Safety Department.

Safe Ride Card Program

Make sure that you get a Safe Ride Card at Command Indoc or from the Safety Department upon check-in.  This card ensures that you a taxi ride in the event that you do not have a method of payment on hand and you are either too intoxicated to drive, have car trouble, or are stranded.

 VAW-121 Safety Department: 


Safety Officer - LCDR Price Pilot NATOPS Officer - LT Pelikan NFO NATOPS Officer - LT Gamelgaard Aviation Safety Officer - LT Stone Ground Safety Officer - LT Whippo Petty Officer - AM1 Lane