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Commander, Naval Air Forces > ACCRON ONE TWO ZERO

Commander, Naval Air Forces > ACCRON ONE TWO ZERO
The Quarterdeck of the Hawkeye/Greyhound Community  
Victory in the air, from the sea, begins here!

The mission of VAW-120 is to fly and train Naval Aviators, Naval Flight Officers, and Naval Aircrewmen to safely and effectively operate E-2 and C-2 aircraft, preparing them to join the fleet. 


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E-2C/D Hawkeye

The linchpin of naval aviation operations, the mission of the highly-valued E-2C/D Hawkeye is to provide command and control leadership to aircraft carrier strike groups.  Manufactured by Northrop-Grumman, the Hawkeye is flown by eleven fleet squadrons stationed in Norfolk, VA, PT. MUGU, Ca, and Atsugi, Japan.  A highly flexible aircraft, the carrier-based Hawkeye has a trio of detection systems which are able to detect ships and aircraft in excess of 300 nautical miles.  When this "over-the-horizon" detection capability is combined with a suite of communications equipment and a highly trained aircrew, the Hawkeye is a potent airborne weapon for any mission in which the carrier air wing takes part, from strike and air-intercept-control to close-air-support for ground forces as well as search and rescue missions.  Regardless of its assigned mission, the Hawkeye is a priceless player in the airborne command and control of the United States Armed Forces. 


C-2A Greyhound

The mission of the highly-valued C-2A Greyhound, manufactured by Northrop-Grumman, is to provide high priority logistics support to aircraft carrier strike groups.  Flown by the VRC-30 "Providers" at San Diego, Ca, VRC-30-Detachment Five stationed at Atsugi, Japan, the VRC-40 "Rawhides" and the VAW-120 "Greyhawks," both stationed at Norfolk, VA, the Greyhound delivers throughout every region of the world. 

A highly flexible aircraft, the Greyhound, also commonly referred to as the Carrier On-Board Delivery (COD), lands aboard aircraft carriers principally to deliver cargo, mail, and passengers.  Additionally, the Greyhound is an approved special warfare asset, capable of airdropping a SAAL (Sea Air Land) platoon's inflatable combat rubber raiding craft out of its ramp, and deploying the platoon after its release.  This enable the SEALs to operate in close proximity to enemy shores.  A similar capability allows the Greyhound to be used as a viable search and rescue (SAR) platform, capable of airdropping life rafts and provisions to people who are in peril on the sea.  Regardless of its assigned mission, the Greyhound is a priceless player in the logistical support for the United States Armed Forces. 


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