DIW:  The Directorate for Information Warfare Directorate at NAWDC is responsible for ensuring command leadership and personnel are provided the full capabilities of the Information Warfare Community (IWC) to support combat readiness and training of Carrier Air Wings and Strike Groups.  The Directorate is comprised of two areas of focus: The N2 which is comprised of Air Wing Intelligence Training and Fleet Targeting Support and the N26, Command Information Services (CIS).  The Air Wing Intelligence Training Division is responsible for training CVW Intelligence Officers and Enlisted Intelligence Specialists and Cryptologic Technicians in strike operations.  The Targeting Division trains and certifies all CVW Targeteer personnel, provides distributed reach-back support for deployed units worldwide regarding target development, and serves as the executive agent for all Navy targeting.  CIS provides cyber security and computer network operations for the entire NAWDC enterprise.  Additionally, the DIW hosts the Fleet Weather Center San Diego Fallon Detachment and the Fleet Intelligence Detachment – Fallon.