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 Liaison Officers (LNO)


The purpose of this day and a half course/training is to give the Liaison Officers (LNO)'s insight to NALO's staff and their concerns with the pertinent theater that Officer will be going to. Having face to face meetings with NALO's staff is very important to achieving both CFLSW's and NALO's goals seeing that the LNO will be working independent from these commands in each respected theater. LNO training is recommended for all LNO's prior to arriving in theatre. The LNO training is conducted on an as needed basis. To schedule this training, contact COMM 504-678-1185 or DSN 678-1185 and ask to be transferred to the Training Department. The schedule is as follows:


 DAY 1





Meet and greet with NALO's Operations Office/Mr. Giesey.


Conference with CO/XO independently or both at the same time.


JALIS training. Overview of how JALIS requests are generated. (Training Dept.)


Lunch with NALO Officers.


JALIS training. Quick overview of status and how it works in JALIS. (Training Dept.)


JALIS training. How JALIS is used to generate flight cards. (Training Dept.)


JALIS training. How JALIS is used to input LFR's.








Meet and greet with NALO's Operations Office/Mr. Giesey


How to use JALIS Dashboard and can be used to maintain situational awareness of aircraft scheduled by other scheduling agencies (NALO, CTF 53, CTF 63, CFWP). (Operations Officer/PMO)


How to integrate local lift on transiting aircraft through LNO's theater. (Operations Officer/PMO/Operations Chief)


Lunch with NALO Officers.


How LFR close out is performed in JALIS. (Operation Analysis)


Review end of year report with Operations Analysis.