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Integrated Resource Management Team


The Integrated Resource Management Team (IRMT) works with NAE stakeholders to develop a balanced risk approach to Naval Aviation resource and investment decision-making, and offers strategic cost and variance analysis recommendations to NAE leadership. The IRMT supports Naval Aviation by coordinating and facilitating the fiscal interface between NAE stakeholders, other CFTs and the applicable resource sponsors. The IRMT uses the NAE Strategic Plan as a road map to support Naval Aviation’s near-term and long-term priorities.

The IRMT plays a vital role in informing NAE leadership and fostering their engagement with the PPBE process; facilitating the exchange and analysis of financial and performance data from a focused Enterprise view down to the TMS level; and identifying and leveraging advanced technologies, and modeling and simulation tools (such as the Integrated Logistics Support Management System and OPNAV N43’s Strategic Cost Management Model) to support Enterprise-level budget and cost transparency. Additionally, the IRMT acts as the focal point for the development of the Enterprise’s Strategic Cost Management Tool efforts.

The IRMT is led by the Executive Director, CNAF, a senior executive service member, and includes membership from NAVAIR, HQMC DCA, OPNAV, NAVSUP WSS, CNAP, CNAL, CR CFT, FR CFT and the TF CFT.


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